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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 18

    2 Abraham 18

    Haran is consumed in the furnace but Abram is preserved because of his faith. Nimrod frees Abram and allows him to preach. Three hundred of Nimrod's court are converted to the Gospel.

    1. Now Haran, because his faith was not perfect in Yahweh his Elohim, was consumed in the fire that no trace of his body remained; but my faith remained firm in Yahweh, and He sent His angels to sustain me and release me from my bonds. And I was three days and three nights in the furnace with the angels, conversing with them, and being instructed by them.

    2. After the third day the king sent his servants to govern the fire that it might be used again for the making of bricks. But when they came up to the furnace, behold, I was sitting therein conversing with the angels whom Elohimhad sent.

    3. Therefore the servants of the king, being greatly astonished, went and told him of this matter, but he would not believe them. However, when the men persisted in their tale and showed great consternation, King Nimrod himself came unto the furnace, but the angels had departed and I sat alone in the flames.

    4. When he saw me therein unconsumed, the king cried out in alarm: O Abram, art thou a sorcerer greater than ours that thou shouldst live in the flames unconsumed? But I answered him, saying: No so, O king, but the Elohim of Heaven who is the true Elohim above all hath sent His angels unto me, and hath preserved me from this fire.

    5. Being much amazed the king exclaimed: Come forth then from the fire, for I see that no power of mine can harm thee. Whereupon I ascended from the furnace and stood before the king and his counsellors who examined me closely. But behold, even my hair was not singed.

    6. Wherefore the king caused garments from his own wardrobe to be brought and I was clothed thereof. And he caused me to be seated upon a throne at his right hand where my father was wont to sit, and said unto me: What of Haran thy brother who was cast into the furnace with thee? Did the angels carry him away to some far place that he might be saved?

    7. But I answered him: Nay, but the faith of my brother was not perfect in El Elyon; wherefore he was consumed in the flames.

    8. Upon hearing this the king marvelled and permitted me to speak in his court concerning El Elyon and the redemption which should be wrought in behalf of those who believed on His Name. Nevertheless the heart of the king was not changed, for he gloried in power and he thought to learn my power by pertmitting me to speak.

    9. But about three hundred men of those who sat in the king's court were converted to Yahweh and followed no more after the evil order of Nimrod; wherefore they were cast out of the king's presence. But as for me, the king gave me many gifts and sent me away in peace. And many were joined unto the believers in Yahweh from that day.

    10. For having heard of my salvation from the fire, multitudes came to my father's house to hear of the Elohim who could do such mighty things. And many were converted unto the truth.

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