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    D8. Spider in the Web:
    Hecate and the False Mother

    The folowing is a collection of experiences with the demoness Hecate.

    It all began with a most unusual vision. I looked up into the sky where the sky should have been and I saw water - the earth was surrounded by a canopy of sea, and in that sea was a ship ploughing its way through the water. It was very beautiful and 'esoteric' but it was so obviously unnatural and absurd. And yet this highly demonised planet of ours has been trained to think, write and even paint the absurd and give it fancy-sounding and self-justifying names like 'abstract'. What almost nobody realises, though, is that this "alternative world" of fantasy and imagination is actually a part of an elaborate demonic set-up to subvert the mind and lead it into an alternative reality and thus away from the signposts to salvation.

    As I looked at this vision I recalled a vision I had had some years ago in which I was swimming with my wife in a crystal clear pond in our garden. But this was no ordinary pool for it was bottomless. Moreover, undernearth our feet in the water was the blue sky which went away into infinity. It was quite frightening at the time and made me swim to the other side of the pool as quickly as I could to get onto firm land. When I did, though, I noticed that our house started to collapse. I was being persuaded to believe in an alternative reality which would result, if I continued to believe, in reality crumbling. And when that happens, people retreat into their make-believe world and start living out unreal lives. What they don't know is the way demons get them to do this.

    Your average human being who has not been brought up in the righteousness and holiness of Yahweh from childhood tends to believe in alternative realities which have been constructed within the mind by demonic forces. This applies as much to believers as non-believers especially if they are attracted to things occultic or New Age that are so obviously the product of a spiritual universe diametrically opposed to biblical reality. Look at the picture to the right, for instance, which is supposed to create a human idenity and merging with the earth, or alternatively, to persude you to believe that the earth is a living female being like 'Maia'. New Age art in particular depicts this alternative reality in such vivid colours and with such apparent beauty that it can not only be stunning to the natural eye but seductive, for it leads you into a 'better' world which, though not real, is much more appealing that the dark world of problems and unhappiness around those who do not know Yahweh. Whole websites exist to persuade people to leave the 'illusion' (maya) of this world (a demonic lie) and to inhabit in your mind a 'higher' psychic reality (in truth, demonic theatre designed to trap you).

    Hecate Triformus, ancient image of Hecate The demoness Hecate and her demonic underlings are adept at spinning alternative 'realities'. The picture at the beginning of this article shows a very demonised alter in an SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) victim spinning a spider's web. The eyes are dark, vacant and hypnotising and perfectly represent the Hecate spirit at work. However, you don't have to be an SRA victim to get demonically programmed into alternative realities. All it takes, for example, is a lonely environment and a desire to find comfort and security in an alternative and 'better' world. When that happens, Hecate is usually fast onto the scene spinning her trap.

    One day while my wife was theophosticising me I started regressing into childhood. I had reached an inner crisis point in my life and didn't know what was happening. Nothing that usually gave me pleasure or satisfaction did so anymore and I was beyond frustration. The vision of the upside-down ship in the sky had alerted me to the need to begin probing deeper into my own psyche to find out what was going on.

    What I saw was a little boy, perhaps 7 years old, yet half his natural size, asleep on a pillow facing the wrong end of the bed. He was lying flat on his chest. He was very beautiful and innocent to look at and my heart at once went out to him as I was reminded of one of my own sons who has a very sweet temprement. He was fully dressed and in particular was wearing a red-and-white striped shirt, the kind of clothing I never wore as a child and which I knew was therefore symbolic. I knew at once that what I was witnessing was a slumbering spirit and that about this time in my life a part of me went to sleep spiritually. The question was, how and why?

    As we went into prayer I began a long journey back into my past. During it, my wife saw a vision of two islands connected by a bridge in the middle of a vast and lonely ocean. As she was watching this scene I was describing my own scenes, of which there are too many to relate here. One of them, depicting my loneliness as a child, was of a desert of endless dunes which joined onto another world along a straight line consiting of a huge rapidly moving glacier - they were the two 'desert islands' that my wife was watching in parallel. As I looked at them I recalled numerous dreams I have had over the years in which I have been in similar landscapes. The ice one was of more recent provenance for the sandy desert one was clearly the one from the time I was small because I could see my toys being buried in it.

    As we prayed that Yahweh reveal and connect the boy to me, I was taken in vision to a landing in a house on which were piled various assorted rugs ontop of one another in a haphazzard and untidy sort of a way. They were of many colours, but mostly, as I recall, green. Carpets, of course, are added to homes to make them more comfortable and cosy and so these were symbols of things that I had carpeted my life with to make it more comfortable and appealing. They lay outside a huge door which was slighly ajar. I went into it and found myself inside a small, bare attic with dull wooden flooring, rafters and one tiny window no more than about a foot across and about six inches high on floor level. There was nothing scary about the place, nor was it dirty or dusty even, just empty and lonely. This was clearly the mind of this little boy within. And when you get bored and have nothing to do, the tendency is towards sleep. Such a child is primed for the seduction of alternative realities.

    I next saw what looked like a pipe which replaced the scene of the attic. I was lookig at the opening out of which was dripping the last drops of a fluid. I knew it was my psychic force and that it was nearly gone. I asked Yahweh to tell me what to do next and He showed me a watch reading 10 past 1. It was way past 12! And I knew what it meant for I have had visions of clocks before showing me, for example, 10 to 12. When a body is not getting enough nourishment, it starts dissolving itself, breaking down body reserves of fats and finally protein. This results in Auschwitz-like dishevelled persons who are heading towards death. In this vision I was told that I was beyond my reserves psychically and was now eating into my very fabric! This was serious. So I asked Yahweh to act to stop this. The vision returned to the pipe and He capped it so that no more fluid escaped. No wonder the enemy concentrates on psychic attacks to drain the soul of its life-force and to lead it gradually to its death. And how does the enemy succeed in doing this? By using Hecate as we shall see. Hecate sets herself up in you so that she drains you of your life energy.

    As we prayed that I be shown where to go next, I started going through this drain pipe which at length turned into a rock hewn tunnel, not very long, which lead to a bright light into which I entered. As I entered into it I found myself in a new scene.

    I could see a book, and pressing down hard on the book was a very hairy left hand. I asked to see what was being concealed from me and was taken down to the book which had goldleaf guilded pages. The hand was forced to withdraw and I could see that it was my boyhood King James Bible! I had tried to read it when I was about 10 and had forced my way through the whole of it but I could not understand it. This was the hand of a demon preventing me gaining access to the Word of God which would have been my deliverance from what was holding me back. Having seen the book, the demonic hand fell upon it again so that it could not be accessed. [This is not an endorsement of KJV-Onlyism - this was simply the only Bible version I knew of as a youth].

    I asked Yahweh next what He wanted me to see or understand and another vision opened up to me. I was behind a very large tree and from behind it shone a very bright light which was being shielded by the tree. I asked Yahweh to explain this to me and He told me that this was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which was obscuring the Tree of Life which it was concealing. I asked to be taken to the light so that I could understand better how this was revelent to my own life. This time I was shown another book in place of the dark tree. This one was much larger and was covered in a thick though highly ornamental silver metal binder. I was allowed to open the book - it was very, very old and I could see that once again it was the Bible written on thick parchment. I am sure it was the King James Bible which was the one I had been brought up with but had never understood because of the archaic language. The book closed again and then I saw, in the ornate silver covering, an eye. It was alive and I understood this to mean that this was a satanic eye used to interpret this book, the interpretation I had been given in the Church of England (Presbyterian) which had been so lifeless to me and from which I had never gained any spiritual nourishment. Thus the Word of God had become dead and unattractive to me, reinforced by the cruelty and hypocrisy I had experienced at a supposedly 'Christian' school. So Hecate had successfully sabotaged my coming to a knowledge of Christ by wrapping the gospel in cold ritual (Anglican, represented by the thick ornate silver metal covering), satanically interprating it to me through false priests, and blocking my access to the Bible in such a way so that I could find out the truth for myself. All of this led me into a hatred of Christianity and into atheism when I became a young man until Yahweh once again broke into my life and set me off on a long search for truth and salvation (see A Glimpse into Heaven).

    Having seen this metal-bound Bible with the demonic interpreter's eye I was taken back to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil through which I had been taught the Gospel at school. And now the branches were not branches at all but black tentacles moving and swaying in the air looking for something to entrap them like an octopus or a squid. When Christianity is presented intellectually apart from the Tree of Life, which is the direct revelation of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) Himself, it appears dead and revolting ... just the way Satan wants to represent it, and just the way most unbelievers, who have never encountered the living Christ, experience it.

    We continued theophosticising and at leangth I suddenly found myself in a world of warships and planes. It was evident they were not real by the unnatural way they were moving about - the destroyer on the ocean seemed to be elevated off the water as if on skiis or like a catermeran. The planes were involved in dogfights and were burning as they fell from the sky into the sea. I heard an eerie, human-like echoing sound in the background that was evidently encouraging this world of make-believe. In the world, the satanist-dominated media supports this kind of fantasy world with a never ending stream of movies, comics, and rôle-playing games to cater for bored young minds with nothing better to do, whose God-shaped vacuums remain unfilled owing to the atheism of their parents, or because their partents didn't have enough time for them. I had mine - World War 2 comics, model planes with which I fantasised, cowboy comics in which I rôle-played, and so on. And so, gradually, over time, with parents nowhere around, I created my islands of escape - two, in fact, so that I could hop from one to the other as I tired of one.

    When you fantasise, you invest emotion and psyche into your games. You 'love' the good guys and 'hate' the evil ones. What is 'good' and 'bad' is shaped by your upbringing, and if you have not been brought up, then you create your own. Satan is a master at creating out of evil 'good evil' and 'bad evil' and has shaped a religion around them which we know as 'white occult' and 'black occult'. Here we are enticed to sympathise and identity with one or the other (as in the Star Wars movies) and live out a psychic and spiritual life in the rôle we have chosen, usually blissfully unaware that we are simply playing in a world of demonic illusion that is progressively getting more and more power over us. And if we have been raised in a Christian home - nominal or otherwise - the result is to draw us away from the 'dull' life of Christian realism with its daily responsibilities, hard work, and on occasion drudgery, and into a world of excitement which we wished was real. And so we preferred the fantasy to reality, the thrill and kick of being able to be whoever we wanted to be and, of course, always winning. This is, though, just a step towards initiation into a world which seems not only realer but which confers upon us tangible occultic power. Children raised on a diet of Disney fantasy (for example) are the more easily sidetracked and seduced into such things as Wicca and (ultimately) raw Satanism and Devil worship, depending on the way their conscience has been shaped and also depending on how much they allow evil to chip away at it.

    As we were in prayer about the visions Yahweh was giving me, I was taken to an extraordinary scene. Living as I had done thousands of miles from my mother and father, I had noone to mother me for 10 months of the year for many years for I was away at boarding school. Thus I retreated into my play. Moreover, unknown to me then (and indeed until I entered deliverance ministry), was the fact that I had been raised in an Hecate spirit. Father was not head of the home remotely and was largely absent from my life, unable or unwilling to relate, though never cruel or unkind, I am happy to say. Neither was my mother unloving but she found herself in an unnatural rôle and one for which she had been prepared, I suspect, by her own mother before she got married. Without Christ or the Gospel, she acted as best she knew how, never dreaming that she was spinning me in a Hecate web.

    During the theophostic session I had with my wife, I saw a vision of a woman's skirt. It was suspended in the air and had no-one in it. Inside it was pitch black and into that blackness things were dropping and disappearing. When I asked Yahweh to shine His light of truth on it and expose the illusion, if there was one, the skirt began to dissolve away leaving a skirt-shaped lattice of inter-connected brown spiders. They were alive. And once they 'saw' me, they started to run away and the lattice slowly began dissolving. Clearly each one of them had been lies that Hecate had persuaded me to believe throughout my childhood and adult life about motherhood.

    Again we prayed and Yahweh took me to another very unsual scene. It consisted of a square white bath and surrounded on all sides was this comfortable sofa so that the only way you get into it was by climbing over the continuous four-sided sofa. I was in the bath which was full of water but it had no plug or taps. It was dirty and my instict was to immediately clean it out. With a bucket I began emptying it but it landed on the sofa making that dirty too.

    I stepped back and asked Yahweh to explain this to me. This was the 'comfort zone' permitted to me by Hecate - the water being my permitted ration of emotions or feelings, and the sofa the the permitted area of rest and comfort ... all demonically set up. Tiny, restricted, a miniature prison where the feeling life was permitted and where one was allowed to relax. It was dreadful as I saw what it really was! I gave it to Yahweh and said I wanted nothing more to do with it.

    How does the spirit of Hecate work in practice? Let me give you an illustration and perhaps you will be able to identify with it. As I was writing this article someone who has the spirit of Hecate very badly and who has had a major influence over my life, telephoned me. It was perfectly timed. In a very polite but cold voice I was asked if I could bring down an item of food that had been requested the day before and which I had promised to do when we were next due to meet up. I replied that I would of course happily arrange for the item to be sent to her by a member of my family though. She then went on to tell me "not to hurry" even though she had been without this item for three days and had, in effect, been suffering because she had not had it. I reminded her that I had asked her the day before if she was out of this item and should I go and bring it down for her there and then, but she had replied that she did not need more until the following day. I then reminded her what she had told me the day before and she gently laughed with pity in her voice as though I had lost my mind and played for sympathy for her suffering in not having the desired item. The Hecate spirit in her, which had lied, triggered me and made my angry (though I suppressed it ... part of my training) and immediately felt the psychic energy drain out of me. I knew what was happening! It was the evil machination of Heacte who had successfully managed to plunder a little more of my life force.

    This demoness is a liar, a thief and an emotional abuser. She spins webs of deceit and control by using women to control and enslave men emotionally having first brought the women under her own control. She creates an evil dependency, posing as a nurturing mother but is, in fact, a vampire who drains psychic energy from those who believe in her lies and subject themselves to her. She operates in three modes - the young maiden, the mother and the old crone - and is the principal 'goddess' of the Wiccan religion as discussed in other articles on this website.

    Which brings me to my last vision as I was asking Yahweh to expose all the lies and machinations of this one of the consorts of Satan. I saw a sperm moving at great speed through a roasting fire away from me but which I was keeping pace behind. The flames were reaching out to destroy it. The potency, virility and life of the male principle is what Satan seeks to crush and destroy, empoying Hecate to deceive women into performing this task for him and at the same time robbing them of the life and safety which in their innermost parts they really want. So Hecate tries to keep the male (sperm) passive (like the egg), drifting aimlessly and hopelessly in a female orbit which can be manipulated and controlled, slowly dying as its life energy is drained from it.

    A couple of days later I was in vision again having felt totally drained. Hecate appeared as my wife in order to persuade me to listen to her and believe her. But my wife was right next to me so the deception was obvious - why should my wife need to speak to me in the 'spirit' when I could talk to her and not possibly be deceived? So I rebuked the manifestation and she was gone. Then I began to see visions of lesbian women walking hand in hand - lots of visions flashing by of the spirit behind such - and again rebuked the spirit that was presenting it/herself before me and these manifestations ceased.

    I prayed for some time and found myself in what I thought was a Christisn meeting and should have noticed that a woman was leading the worship contrary to Torah. It was the end of the meeting and she announced that everyone would now dance to the sound of tambourines and other musical instruments. A young woman standing next to me suddenly went into contrortions as the music (which I could not hear) began and I knew she was demonised. "Come out!" I commanded the demon in her. She slumped and I felt a change within me - like a huge weight had lifted off me. "You know what that was, don't you?" I asked the young woman, and she replied: "Yes". I knew that she was a part of me - my/a female aspect.

    Men who have not been seduced by the raw, vicious, cold and hard male side of evil, who chose instead to be enslaved rather than exhibit violence, tend to be victimised by Hecate.

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