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    Welcome to Messianic Evangelicals and to the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY). This short introduction answers some of the most frequently-asked questions that people direct to us. For more extensive answers with scripture references, see the other FAQs listed on the opening page.

    Q1. What are the New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh (NCAY), what is the difference between them and Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT), and what is 'NCCG'?

    A. NCAY is an international association of self-governing apostolic congregations united by a commonly accepted Constitition organised in December 2013. 'MLT' is the name given to the central or mother congregation located in Sweden which serves as a model or template for all the others. Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon is a Hebrew term meaning 'Family of the Heart of Zion'. 'Lev-Tsiyon' was originally the name of the founder describing his ministerial calling to establish the 'heart of Zion', and the 'family' are all those who have been led by Yahweh to this ministry to support and build it up. 'Zion' here refers not to the modern political movement of 'Zionism' (which MLT does not support) but to Mount Zion, otherwise known as the Heavenly or New Jerusalem (Heb.12:22) which is the heart beat of Messianic Israel. NCCG.ORG is the name of our international website, an amalgam of various websites and online groups from different stages of the evolution of the ministry into its present form. Today 'NCCG' means 'New Covenant Christian Gathering'.

    Q2. Are you Messianic or Evangelical?

    A. Both and neither. We are Messianic (but not Messianic Jewish) minus all the Rabbinical Jewish traditions (Talmud, kaballah, racism, etc.) and we are Evangelical (but not Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Methodist, etc.) without all the pagan Roman traditions (Christmas, Easter, antinominanism, etc.). We call ourselves 'Evangelical Messianic Israelite'.

    Q3. Do you accept the orthodox creeds?

    A. We accept only the Apostles' Creed because the others are Catholic in origin and go beyond what the Bible teaches.

    Q4. Do you acept any other Scriptures than the Bible?

    A. We used to, but don't any longer. Now we accept only the Protestant Canon as Scripture and the infallible Word of Yahweh in their original autographs. We believe that the New Testament was originally written in Hebrew or Aramaic and then later translated into Greek. This means we accept Hebraic primacy.

    Q5. Do you believe in all the spiritual gifts?

    A. Yes, all of them.

    Q6. Do you accept tongue-speaking? And do you accept them as evidence of baptism of the Spirit?

    A. As understood by Pentecostals and charismatics, no. Scripture says that speaking in tongues is one of many gifts and not for everyone, so it can't be evidence of Spirit-baptism which is to be found in the fruits of the Spirit such as love, patience, long-suffering, etc.. We believe that genuine tongue-speaking is the gift to speak foreign languages supernaturally for the purpose of communication only.

    Q7. Do you believe in the deity of Christ?

    A. Absolutely and without compromise. Accepting that Yah'shua (Jesus) is Elohim (God), uncreated, and a separate Person from the Father, is perhaps the first and most important test of true faith.

    Q8. Are you a part of the Sacred Name Movement?

    A. We believe that Scripture teaches that we are to honour the true Name of the Father which is Yahweh once we have been shown what it is. We believe we should use the true Name of the Son too, which is Yah'shua (or Yahushua). We do not believe that those who continue to use the names 'Jehovah', 'God', 'Lord' or 'Jesus' are not true believers though, but that if they are refusing to use the true names having discovered the truth about them that this shows a lack of proper respect and repentance for which they will be answerable.

    Q9. Do you believe you are the one and only true church or organisation?

    A. Absolutely not. We are a part of the scattered nation of Messianic Israel or the 'Universal Church' with a specialised mission which others may have as well. We believe that Yahweh is operating, and using people in, every part of the Body of Messiah for His own ends.

    Q10. Is it true you believe the Holy Spirit to be female and to consist of seven persons? Do you worship her?

    A. Yes, we believe She is our Heavenly Mother. Yes, we believe there are seven Ruachs or Spirits of Elohim, as Scripture testifies. No, we only worship the Father through the Son as Yah'shua taught in the Lord's Prayer.

    Q11. Do you observe the Law? Do you think you will be saved by doing so? Why do you observe it.

    A. Yes, we observe the Torah or Law. No, we do not believe that anyone can be saved through obeying the Torah, but only by trusting in Yah'shua. We do not believe anyone can earn their salvation. We observe Torah because Yahweh and Yah'shua told us to as evidence that we are saved and because we love Elohim (God). We believe that those who refuse to but who trust Yah'shua will, at best, become least in the Kingdom of Heaven, and at worst may be demonstrating that they are not really saved at all because of their lack of trust and obedience.

    Q12. Do you require your members of be circumcised?

    A. No. Paul says that it has no religious value in the New Covenant and that those who practice it for spiritual or religious purposes are denying Christ. It belongs to the Old Covenant Torah which has been superceded by the New Covenant Torah that requires water baptism by complete immersion in its place for all those of both genders and all races capable of making a commitment to Messiah.

    Q13. Do you believe in male headship or patriarchy?

    A. Yes. Yah'shua did not change the Old Covenant Torah in that area and Paul upheld it too.

    Q14. Do you believe in women ministers? Can they lead congregations?

    A. Yes, we believe that women have diverse ministries for the body as pastresses, prophetesses, teachers, deaconesses, etc.. No, they cannot preside over a congregation as a whole except in emergencies as a temporary measure in the absense of suitably qualified men. Just as we believe that the father is the head of the home with the mother having delegated authority to manage certain areas of domestic life, so we believe the congregations should have a spiritual mother under the overall headship of a spiritual father, the pastor. Ideally the Pastress is the Pastor's wife.

    Q15. Is it true that you believe in, promote and practice polygamy?

    A. We believe that polygyny is a biblical principle for those called into it such as the biblical patriarchs were. However, we believe that in contemporary society it is open to massive abuse and is not needed. We believe that monogamy is the normative ideal for the vast majority of the human race and for the members of this ministry, and it is that we exclusively promote. We absolutely do not promote polygyny but actively discourage it, believing it to be a principle for wider practice during the Millennium when Yah'shua returns but not generally today. Where it is practiced (e.g. in Africa and Asia) and converts come practicing it, then we will receive them and their families into full fellowship. We are not a part of, and are by and large opposed to, the contemporary 'Christian Polygamy Movement' which we believe to be harmful and little more than a licence for self-indulgence and oppression.

    Q16. What Bible version do you favour?

    A. We have no version that we have singled out though we have favourites. These include Hebraic versions like the ISRV, HRV, and OJB and non-Hebraic ones like the Amplified Version, Jerusalem Bible, Concordant Literal New Testament, NKJV and NASB. We believe there is profit in studying many versions.

    Q17. Are you associated with any other organisations or ministries?

    A. We have had various associations in the past, including the Messianic Israel Alliance (MIA). Currently we have loose associations with a number of independent congregations.

    Q18. What makes you different from other messianics?

    A. We don't believe the Republic of Israel is the restoration of biblical Israel, we don't believe that the majority of Jews are actual descendants of Abraham, we don't believe in cicumcision, we don't believe in Jewish tradition such as the use of yarmulkes, prayer shawls and headcoverings for men, phylacteries, or the idolisation of Jewish culture generally. We believe that true Israel exists wherever anyone accepts Yah'shua as Messiah and is striving to live Torah. We do not celebrate Hanukkah or Purim or some of their non-biblical feasts (e.g. Rosh Hoshanah, Chag B'Omer). We do not observe the Jewish Saturday Sabbath (or the Orthodox Christian 'Lord's Day' or Sunday) but observe the luni-solar Creation Calendar. Neither do we think that Trinitarians or those who use the Romanised names of deity are going to hell but accept that they are a part of the Body of Christ. We do not believe in any Jewish master race but that all men and women are equal before Yah'shua.

    Q19. What makes you different from other evangelicals?

    A. We don't celebrate pagan festivals like Christmas, Easter, Lent, Halloween, etc. and we do not believe that the Trinitarian creeds are a valid, biblical test of faith because they contradict the Sola Scriptura doctrine and go beyond what Scripture says. Neither do we believe that the Law (Torah) has been nailed to the cross but rather its penalty for sin. Therefore, unlike evangelicals, we follow the biblical kashrut or dietary codes, the seven annual festivals, the Creation Calendar and Seventh Day Sabbath (not 'Sunday' or 'Saturday'), and so on, as Yahweh has always required, not in order to be saved, but as obedient sons and daughters who are already saved by the blood of Messiah.

    Q20. Do you believe in the rapture?

    A. Absolutely not. We believe it is a non-biblical escapist myth for those who don't want to go through trial and tribulation. We believe the saved survivors of the Tribulation will meet Yah'shua in the air when He returns and come back with Him to earth for the Millennium.

    Q21. Do you believe the Millennium will be in heaven or on earth?

    A. On earth as resurrected beings for the children of the first resurrection, in the spirit world as spirits for the children of the second resurrection until their resurrection at the end of the Millennium. The earth will be glorified at the end of the Millennium and become the eternal abode of the righteous.

    Q22. Do you believe in a spiritual or literal physical resurrection?

    A. Both. But not all will be physically resurrected until the end of the Millennium. Only those of the first resurrection will be resurrected when Yah'shua returns to earth.

    Q23. Do you believe we are unconscious after death?

    A. No, we believe we are alive and conscious to varying degrees depending on the extent of our sanctification.

    Q24. Do you believe in baptism for the dead and the necessity for physical temples?

    A. No. Baptism is for the living, not the dead. Physical temples such as the original Tabernacle or Solomon's Temple have no further use religiously-speaking. Today's temple is the physical body of each believer.

    Q25. Do you believe in the solar or lunar Sabbath?

    A. Luni-solar.

    Q26. Do you believe that believers can be demon-possessed?

    A. No, only unbelievers can be completely possessed. But believers can be demonically oppressed.

    Q27. Do you believe in military service? Are you pacifists?

    A. We discourage military service, recommending involvement with non-combattant divisions of the armed services (e.g. medical) but leave it to each member's personal conscience.

    Q28. Do you believe in paying taxes to the government?

    A. Yes. Scripture is quite clear about that, even if the taxes are unjust.

    Q29. Do you accept homosexuality?

    A. We believe that every individual has been given free will to choose Yahweh's lifestyle or any of the other lifestyles the world has to offer. As Bible-accepting and -implementing believers, we do not believe that the homosexual lifestyle is either valid or an option for us. Those who unite with this ministry do so on the understanding that this is not a lifestyle we accept or practice.

    Q30. Do you regard smoking as sinful?

    A. Yes. It violates the temple of the Holy Spirit (physical body) as a narcotic and is harmful to both smokers and to those forced to passively smoke around them.

    Q31. Do you drink alcohol? If not, why not?

    A. Under the Old Covenant, Priests were not allowed to consume alcohol while on duty in the Temple. Today all believers are a Royal Priesthood 'on duty' 24/7 in their physical bodies, the temple of the New Covenant Melchizedek Priesthood. We uphold the Rechabite Covenant as the ideal. Therefore we do not drink alcohol.

    Q32. Why should I join NCAY?

    A. Firstly, and most importantly, because you have an absolute conviction that Yahweh has told you to. If He has told you to join some other group, join that; Secondly, because it is doctrinally true to Scripture, and you are satisfied in your mind that is more doctrinally correct than other churches, assembles or ministries. If you think it is way off doctrinally, don't join; and Thirdly, because Yahweh's heart is visibly and experientially present, and it answers the call of your heart and spirit to serve and be served.

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