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    Section PWNC 990822

    To the Six Gathered at Kadesh-biyqah

    Revelation for the Six Members of the Patriarchate of the New Covenant Church of God. For the first time in nearly a year following the serious automobile accident that nearly crippled the Second Patriarch and Presiding Matriarch the Six gathered in Sweden, renewed covents, and gathered for prayer and praise. During this time direction was sought concerning a number of issues facing the Church. In the revelation that follows, the Lord explains the purpose of the unusual course followed by the Church in its establishment by using the illustration of the Seven Churches of Asia Minor given the apostle John. Various false prophets and their movements in Norway and Sweden are identified and a former pastor from Bergen is called back to service. At the time this revelation was received, the Second Patriarch and Presiding Patriarch made the decision ot gather to Zion [Kadesh-biyqah, Sweden].

    1. The Word of the Lord to the Six {Patriarchate} assembled together in Kadesh-biyqah for praise and prayer: hearken!

    2. Be ye not as the prophet Urijah but stand firm as Jeremiah, and behold, ye shall always be preserved and escape the sword of your enemies (Jer.26:20-24).

    The New Covenant Church Will Not Fall

    3. For it is not My will that this Covenant {Church} fall, neither have I ordained it to pass from the hands of the Six who have been faithful even unto the borders of death, for I have established My covenant, and My Word cannot be made void.

    4. Therefore doubt not, but enter into the chamber of prayer that your purification may be completed.

    5. Verily, verily I say unto you, that the [prophetic] Word given unto My servant Herman Rustad is true, and ye must yet endure another year that all may be completed according to the pattern

    6. Now this is the pattern, that ye may understand and be edified, for all things have a purpose, for I am in all, saith the Lord.

    The City of Bergen and the Call of Chedvah

    7. I, the Lord Yahweh, deigned that My Word should begin in the city of Bergen {Norway}, and behold, it shall return unto that city after the twelve years of preparation are completed.

    8. And I called My servant Chedvah to be the Pastor of this work in Bergen, but he was afraid, and denied My call two times.

    9. And behold, I shall call him a third time in [these] days of preparation, and if he turneth away his call, he shall no longer be called again, but must be left to walk the lower road.

    10. Send this unto him, calling him to repentance, for he who will not offer everything for the Kingdom is not worthy of the Kingdom, and cannot walk the Way of the Firstborn.

    11. Therefore let him choose. And if he chooseth aright, let him be instructed and endowed until he is ready to resume the Pastorate of the Bergen Colony, having [first] become one in mind, heart and Spirit with the Six, being obedient unto all the statutes and ordinances of My Gospel, that his salvation may be full.

    12. And when these things have been done, let him return unto the city of Bergen to gather the elect in that place, for I have ordained this city to be the Jewel of the North[ern Crown], for praise and prayer (NC&C 93:11).

    13. And when he hath fulfilled his stewardship in the season thereof, I shalls end him forth as an Evangelist unto the dispersed of Israel in many places, to eventually be numbered amongst the apostles.

    The False Prophets in Norway and Sweden

    14. Let him choose whether he will follow Me or the traditions of men, which I hate, for in them is no life;

    15. And the Spirit therein in corrupt, leading souls into bondage and death.

    16. Therefore I shall burn and destroy the works of all false prophets, feign though they would call upon My Name, for they mislead the children of men and make them worse prisoners than they themselves are.

    17. Go not into the assembles of Flåten, Åleskjær and Eckman, for they are as death.

    18. Call them unto repentance for their works shall burn as stubble, their flocks shall be scattered, and their fine buildings shall be taken away.

    19. And they shall become a hiss and a byword amongst men.

    20. Many shall be saved from amongst their followers - therefore minister the truth unto them that they may be nourished and prepared against the day of tribulation.

    The Three Restoration Phases of
    the New Covenant Church of God

    21. Now this is the pattern of Restoration, they ye may comprehend My Work, and the ministry of discipling required of these dark days.

    22. Now the restoration of this Church hath taken place in three stages.

    Stage I: The Zadokian (Independent) Church

    23. And the first stage was the Zadokian Church, which was imperfect and after the Law, having many corruptions on account of the children of men and the traditions thereof.

    24. And the Zadokian purification took four years {1988-1992} and was the Independent Church [of Jesus Christ].

    25. Behold, I established My Law through this [Zadokian] Church; therefore despise it not, for it is the foundation of this Work.

    26. And the greater part of the Olive Branch was given unto the saints at this time, not withstanding the imperfect vessel.

    27. For through imperfection, I, the Lord, bring forth perfection, that all may glory in Yahweh and know My works.

    28. And this was the Zadokian Church, which is after the Order of the Deaconate.

    Stage II: The Enochian (NCCF) Church

    29. The second stage was the Enochian Church, in which I, the Lord, cleansed it of its former [Zadokian] spirit.

    30. For though I, the Lord, established My Law in the Zadokian Church by the hand of My servant [Lev-Tsiyon], the cleansing of the spirit did not take place until the completion of the Enochian Church.

    31. And the Enochian Church was perfect in Law but imperfect in spirit.

    32. And behold, the cleansing of the Enochian Church took another three years, even unto the days of the Third Rebellion.

    33. Therefore the Zadokian and Enochian Churches, which are One Church, was established after seven years {1988-1995}.

    34. Those who would not obey the Law of the Zadokian Church fell away after the first four years;

    35. And those who would not obey the Spirit of the Enochian Church fell away after the first seven years.

    36. And those who rejected the Spirit of the Enochian rejected the Law of the Zadokian until they were left entirely naked.

    37. And though they declared that they were rich, yet they were left poor and desolate.

    The Seven Churches of Asia Minor and the New Covenant Church of God

    38. It was My will that this Church pass through the seven spirits of the seven congregations that were in the days of My servant John, that ye might comprehend these spirits, for these seven spirits are the spirits that have plagued the Body of the Messiah throught the world in all generations.

    39. Therefore I sent souls unto you {the New Covenant Church of God} that were afflicted by these seven false spirits, that ye might comprehend them for the labour that lieth ahead.

    I. The Spirit of Ephesus

    40. And in the first days of this work {Independent Church} I permitted false apostles to be sent by the Evil One who were of the spirit of the Ephesians (Rev.2:1-7), who brought false gospels, even the ‘Gospel of the Holy Twelve’, and others, that ye might be tested.

    41. And even ye yourselves {the Six} brought in a false gospel from the land of Manasseh {USA}, which I permitted, knowing that through it ye would learn to discern the truth from error.

    42. Ye cast out this false gospel {Oracles of Mohonri, etc.} and her sisters {LDS standard works}, and were saved., but had ye retained them, ye would have been destroyed as Balaam, for this was the serpent in the New Covenant Eden.

    43. Therefore ye hated and despised the doings of the Nicolaitians, and were saved (Rev.2:6), and ye received the Tree of Life {the pure Word}.

    II. The Spirit of Smyrna

    44. And behold, I suffered you to be led through the temptation of the spirit of Smyrna (Rev.2:8-11), and sent you troubles of divers kinds, even the spirit of persecution.

    45. And ye were afraid, and dreaded what ye were to suffer, and shall suffer in the days ahead for My Name’s sake.

    46. There I, the Lord, tested your loyalty, and shall test your loyalty again, that ye might be worthy of the crown of life.

    47. Many were not loyal, and departed from you, and betrayed you unto your enemies.

    48. Therefore ye came to hate and despise disloyalty, that ye might never fall into the ways of the Smyrnans again.

    49. And to those who were faithful gave I them a crown of life.

    III. The Spirit of Pergamum

    50. And behold, I suffered you to be led through the temptation of the spirit of Pargamum (Rev.2:12-17), for Satan’s throne remained in the hearts of some;

    51. And they threw stumbling blocks before the children of righteousness.

    52. For many held to false and pernicious doctrines, denying the deity of My Son, having been blinded by the traditions of their former churches.

    53. Nevertheless some remained faithful, holding fast to the double-edged sword of My Word in faith, and blessèd are they.

    54. Therefore I have unto them the white stone in My House.

    IV. The Spirit of Thyatira

    55. And behold, I suffered you to be led through the temptation of the spirit of Thyatira, which is the spirit of Jezebel (Rev.2:18-29), even the doctrine of the feminists.

    56. For many of the women sought to rule their husbands and to govern the Church after their own fallen lusts, which thing is an abomination unto Me.

    57. I gave these rebels time to repent, but they would not forsake their spiritual unchastity and I cast them out.

    58. And behold, I extinguished her children from the Church, which are the abominations of the Jezebel spirit which sought authority and pre-eminence.

    59. And to those who remained faithful I, the Lord, gave the morning star, which is the star of faithfulness.

    60. And such a star shineth more brightly than the others because it hath the Light of the Messiah.

    V. The Spirit of Sardis

    61. And behold, I suffered you to be led through the temptation of the spirit of Sardis (Rev.3:1-6), for after the trials and tribulations of the earlier years, ye {the Six} grew weary and sleepy.

    62. Ye have been afflicted by thos spirit at sundry {different} times, saith the Lord, because of the hardness of the days.

    63. And ye were few, yet ye remained clean, and ye ceased not to confess Me, but remained true.

    64. Therefore I did not erase your names from the Book of Life.

    VI. The Spirit of Philadelphia

    65. And behold, I suffered you to be tempted by the spirit of Philadelphia (Rev.3:7-13).

    66. Ye kept your clothes clean and remained true unto the covenants;

    67. For whilst ye possessed little strength, ye observed My Word in strictness and purity, and did not renounce My Name.

    68. Therefore blessèd are ye.

    69. Many imposters came unto you, claiming the keys of the Kingdom, but ye discerned them and admitted them not through the gates of the Church, though ye were small and weak and yearned for the fellowship of more souls.

    70. And because ye observed the Word that I have given unto you, to keep My Church clean, I shall preserve you from the hour of trial that is coming upon the world {the Great Tribulation}.

    71. Secure what I have given unto you, and let no-one rob you of your treasure, saith the Lord, for it is precious beyond measure.

    72. Behold, I am coming soon.

    73. See that ye remain firm and true, for I shall make you as pillars in the Temple of Yahweh, to support the praises of He who hath called you.

    74. Therefore I will inscribe upon your heads the Name and the City, that ye may know to whom ye belong, and where ye belong.

    VII. The Spirit of Laodicea

    75. And behold, I suffered you to be led through the temptation of the spirit of Laodicea (Rev.3:14-22), which is the spirit of lukewarmness.

    76. And because ye were afflicted by the spirit of the Philadelphians, ye often gave way unto the spirit of the Laodiceans.

    77. Nevertheless ye have seen your poverty and repented, and because ye have seen these things, ye have been delivered.

    The Rise of the Abrahamic or Patriarchal Church

    78. Now, thus saith the Lord: I established the Zadokian {Independent} Church over four years, and purged it. Therefore it standeth {as the Deaconate of the New Covenant Church of God}.

    79. And I established the Enochian {NCCF} Church over seven years, and it standeth {as the Eldership of the New Covenant Church of God}, for it hath been purged.

    80. And now I am purging the Abrahamic Church, which is the Patriarchal or Apostolic Church - and ye have stood firm inspite of your trials.

    81. And the Devil hath assailed you, they ye might be destroyed, because at sundry times ye suffered the spirits of the Philadelphians and Laodiceans to come upon the Six, and have hearked unto young and immature spirits who are not [yet] of the fathers.

    82. Nevertheless ye are repenting, for ye desire the fullness, and will not embrace poverty of Spirit.

    83. Therefore ye are justified.

    84. And now I say unto the Six: Hold fast, stand firm, and enter into the House of Prayer and Praise, that I may complete the Work that I began in the lands of the North {Scandinavia}.

    85. Be ye not divided but gather into one place, doing all that is expedient.

    86. Hearken unto Me, and after the twelve years are at an end, or before if I will it, I shall endow you {the Patriarchate} from on high, and ye will have fully entered the Abrahamic {Patriarchal/ Apostolic} Church.

    87. Rejoice and be glad, for I have not forsaken you.

    88. Stand ye upon the altar, for for ye are the Church fathers and mothers {Patriarchate}, ordained to carry this Work unto the four corners of the world.

    89. Ye are the banner upon the temple altar, for ye are My witnesses. Therefore understand and be glad. Even so. Amen.

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