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    Section 10

    Revelation on God's Call
    to the North Countries

    Revelation received in response to a petition respecting the work of the New Covenant in Norway and Europe [Eiger°y, Rogaland, Norway].

    1. The word of the Lord for the Church of God gathering in the north countries and to all those who have desires towards God and His Christ:

    2. Behold, I am the Lord thy God, yea, the Eternal Father, whose sons and daughters groan in sin in the land of Edom, which ye call the world.

    3. I have loved you with an everlasting love, and have led you unto this land, thatye might be gathered against the day of vengeance, saith the Lord.

    4. But ye have been slow to hearken unto My voice, saith the Lord, but have been quick to listen unto the precepts of men and unto the enticings of Satan.

    5. And I have blessed you with riches, that in your repentance you might bless Zion, which I the Lord shall raise up in the nearness of time.

    6. And in days past I have called you, and gathered you, O ye sons and daughters of Israel of the north countries, that I might try you, even as with fire, that you might be found worthy of the Kingdom.

    The Ten Tribes in the North

    7. O ye of the north countries, in whom doth flow the blood of thy father Jacob, forsake the perishable idols of the world and return unto Me, thy Father and thy God.

    8. Behold, ye people of scattered Israel in the north, even Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Iceland, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland, yea, and all the lands of the north wherein the blood of the covenant hath been scattered1: come ye unto Me and My rest, and I will confirm upon your heads the priesthoodof the Holy Order of God, that once more ye may offer unto Me righteous sacrifices, even those of a broken heart and a con- trite spirit.

    9. Therefore, ye sons and daughters of Ephraim, Manasseh, Dan, Napthali, Asher, Issachar, Gad, Reuben, Zebulun and Benjamin2 -- cast down your idols and receive unto yourselves the covenant of God, that ye may be gathered together to meet your Redeemer.

    Build Up the Church in the North

    10. It is My will that ye build up local Colonies of My Church in the lands of the north, which ye shall then gather as a [firstborn] colony.

    11. Send out men of the Priesthood whithersoever My Spirit shall direct.

    12. Behold, I am well pleased, saith the Lord, that My children in Norway begin to receive My Gospel, and I shall bless the land for their sakes, and for the sakes of their children, that the desolating scourge, which cometh, may pass them by, if they will hearken unto My voice and obey My commandments in all things.

    13. Let My word be published about, and sent from those cities wherein I have been received, saith the Lord, even Bergen, Stavanger, and Oslo. Send ye unto the inhabitants round about, to Hauge- sund, Christiansand, Arendal, Drammen, and to all the cities which are by the borders of the sea.

    14. And send ye forth My Word unto Stockholm, Helsinki, Berlin, Copenhagen, Vienna, Amsterdam and London,that I may raise unto Myself righteous branches {colonies}, from Dan even unto the borders of Benjamin.

    15. Forbid no man from coming unto Me, saith the Lord, for all are alike unto Me, black and white, bond and free, male and female.

    16. Therefore withhold My Gospel from no man, but rather let the Word be as a healing balm, to the blessing of all mankind.

    To the Presiding Patriarch

    17. My son, seek thou learning through study, and prayer, and faith, and I will bless thee in the calling whereunto thou hast been called [as Church Patri- arch].

    18. Thou shalt be a father unto these My people in the north countries.

    19. Nevertheless, thou shalt abase thyself and learn more perfectly to be a son, for no man became a father before he was a son.

    20. Remember, the least shall be the greatest in the Kingdom Heaven.

    21. And thus, if thou wilt humble thyself all the days of thy life, and take virtue and holiness as thy raiment, behold, saith the Lord, I shall give unto thee a sword, and thou shalt divide rightly the Word, and speak unto My people words of wisdom, even unto salvation and eternal life.

    22. Be thou perfect, even as the Father is perfect. Cleave unto Me, thy Saviour, and I shall give unto thee every needful thing. Amen.

    To the People of the North Countries

    23. O ye My people of the north countries, lift up a warning voice as an ensign, but not unto boasting.

    24. Yea, ye shall be gentle and mild in all things, but ye shall also be firm as a rock, that ye may not fall.

    25. Let the solemnities of heaven embrace your thoughts continually, and let Christ the Saviour dwell in your hearts, that you may be of Him, and He in you.

    26. Let your hearts be filled with love for all people, and seek not to condemn those who reject your testimony, save ye be filled with the Holy Spirit, and I command it3.

    27. For that which ye seek to bind which is not My will, saith the Lord, shall turn unto your condemnation.

    28. Therefore remain humble and seek to be imitators of your Master, who died without protest that He might fulfil all righteousness.

    29. Yea, follow Me, saith the Lord, that ye might come unto the fullness, and unto the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn (Heb.12:23).

    To the Children of Zion

    30. And now, verily, verily I say unto you, and to all who have desires for Zion, that ye shall live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Dt. 8:3).

    31. I have given you a multiplicity of Scriptures4 that you might be blessed, therefore study them that ye may be approved as wise and diligent servants. For behold, within them ye have the words of eternal life.

    32. Unto whom much is given, much is expected; therefore, be diligent, and let not sloth overtake you in the hour that I would gather you, for those who are not gathered shall become a prey unto the enemy, who seeketh to destroy and to delay the coming of Messiah.

    33. Those who approve themselves by diligent study shall be sanctified by theby, for they shall be given wisdom and intelligence whereby they might be saved.

    Abandon All Foolish Traditions

    34. Seek no longer after the traditions and foolish sayings of the world, but be ye conformed unto My righteousness.

    35. Ye shall forsake the abominations and whoredoms of the mother churches who gave birth unto you, yea, even the churches of the Gentiles, for their fellow- ship is as death [unto the elect]5, that bindeth the infant to the cradle, that it perish.

    36. Yea, keep the Light which ye have received from them, but cast out the darkness, and their creeds, and their false doctrines, which I hate, saith the Lord6.

    37. Ye shall drink pure waters from the fountain of scripture7 wherein is My doctrine established.

    38. And if ye shall teach more or less than this, saith the Lord, ye shall be accursed.

    39. Therefore be wise stewards, and seek Me while it is yet day, for there cometh a time of darkness, yea, even a very great darkness, where only they who are built on My Rock and My Righteousness shall see.

    40. And, behold, many shall fall, even of the House of Israel, and great shall be their lamentation on account of the sores that shall infest their hearts.

    41. Therefore, partake of My waters, which are the waters of eternal life, thatye faint not and are not weary when the trumpet shall sound, and the angel shall declare:

    42. "Gather ye unto Zion: stand in holy places, for your Redeemer cometh.

    43. "And behold, He cometh in much anger, to punish the high looks of this people, and the stout hearts of their reb- ellions.

    44. "Gather ye, gather ye, into the [local] colonies, and when Messiah calleth, ye shall be gathered up [to firstborn colonies], and it shall be said, as in days of old:

    45. "Zion hath fled! And this that ye might be preserved from the tribulation, and dwell in safety with God and the Lamb for ever and ever."

    46. And it shall come to pass in that day that I, the Lord, shall gather Mine elect from the four quarters of the earth unto the colonies of Zion, into firstborn communities of Light, that ye may more fully be sanctified unto redemption.

    47. And I shall take hold of the weak man, and the faint woman, and the little child, and shall put them on the mount of the Temple.

    48. And I shall fill their mouths with everlasting words, and their garments shall be Light.

    49. And the children of Zion shall rebuke kings and queens, magistrates and principals, and great shall be the tremblings of Babylon!

    50. Yea, and Zion shall arise and be made secure, and My people shall singsongs of everlasting joy, and the earth shall be tamed.

    51. But if ye are not faithful and not obedient, saith the Lord, then ye shall have no promise, but shall be delivered unto the buffetings of Satan, who seeketh to make you his.

    52. Therefore come unto Me, ye sons and daughters of Jacob, and I shall give you rest, and My Spirit shall abide with you.

    53. He who receiveth Me receiveth Light, and it shall be well with him at the last day.

    54. Come unto Me, that the fullness of the bonds of everlasting love may cover you as a robe, and holiness garnish you for ever and ever. Amen.

    The Blessings of the Zionic Quest

    55. Blessed are those who have desires towards the upbuilding of My Church, saith the Lord, yet there remaineth much sin and filthiness.

    56. Yea, for all have fallen short of My glory, and all are called unto repent- ance.

    57. Blessed are My servants who have wept sore tears for Zion, for I shall justify them, that Zion shall arise pure, and her abominations cast far from her.

    58. Cease your adulteries and your intercourse with the darkness of the world: cease your worldly entertainments, and desires, and carnal appetites, which are a snare unto Zion, and which do drag her down into bondage.

    59. Clamour no more, O ye My people, for the idols and fleshpots of Egypt, which are a canker unto your souls.

    60. Seek purity and wholeness or ye shall in no wise know Me. And those who do not know Me are not of Me, and those that are not of Me abide an exceeding great darkness, and great is their woe!

    61. And they shall say that they knew Me, and that they did works in My Name, and shall seek entrance in.

    62. But in that day I shall say: "I do not know you, and ye know Me not. Therefore, depart ye cursed unto the place that is prepared for the hypocrites and whoremongers of this world!"

    Norway: the First Call

    63. Let the work of gathering move apace, and let it begin in the land of Norway, for I shall build a City of Zion in this land for the consolation of My people [Israel].

    64. And, behold, I shall reveal the place of this gathering unto My servants in the Priesthood, that all may be done according to the pattern.

    65. And ye shall call this the Colony of the Land of the North of the Tribe of My People Ephraim, and it shall be an ensign unto the Ten Tribes of the land of the north.

    66. And ye shall live all My laws, saith the Lord, that ye may consecrate unto Me a City of Light.

    67. And if ye are faithful the city shall be called Kadesh, for holiness shall abide there;

    68. And when ye have been faithful in the commandments which I have given, behold, I shall reveal more, that a Holy House, even a Temple, may be built, that My presence shall dwell therein.

    69. Therefore, rejoice in the promises that have been given unto you, O ye of the Church of God, and no more droop in sin.

    70. Perform the tasks that I have given unto you, and I shall multiply you, and your Light.

    71. Stand ye in holy places: consecrate your homes unto Me; bless your little ones, that they may wax strong in your righteousness;

    72. And grow into sons and daughters of the Holy One who is, and was, and ever shall be, worlds and dominions without end. Amen.

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