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    The SAI "Interviews" Part 3

    I hope that "Isis" is reading what I write here for she is either misinformed about, or covering up, the early life of her husband. Whether she is honest or covering up the truth is a matter between her and her god, but I shall, for charity's sake, give her the benefit of the doubt. For all I know Clark has reformed over the 11 years she has known him and "settled down" to a more or less monogamous way of life - or else words like "marriage" and "monogamy" have been redefined in order to convey a deceptive meaning.

    She has clearly not read, or paid close attention to, all of the scanned material that I have placed up on the site, or is otherwise ignoring it in order to present a politically correct front to the world. As I said, I do not know for sure where she is coming from.

    This question I will ask her and, indeed, the rest of SAI: If I had a grudge against SAI and was somehow possessed to mud-rake, why was I silent for ten years before making this site? Why did I not write this exposé earlier? Why now? I let the reader judge for himself.



    Do you mind honestly and candidly answering a few questions about you and Davied Israel?

    Who is this anonymous interviewer? Her husband, perhaps?

    "No I dont mind sharing the honest truth about Myself and my relationship with Davied."

    Do you have a mind of your own and are you comfortable expressing your own opinions.

    "Of course I have a mind of my own! and I am very capable of sharing my opinons."

    Are you brainwashed in any way or under undue influence, either overt or covert, from your husband or any others?

    "No this is a really Stupid question, and anyone who knows Davied & I Understand why. We both encourage free thinking. I believe in expressing who and how I am wihtout any influence from anyone."

    Are you aware of the deeper feelings and beliefs of your husband, and do you understand what his deeper motivations are and how he thinks on all subjects?

    "Yes, His intent in all area's of his life have always been pure and extremly honest. His motivations are always amazing to me because of the pureness and the spirit he surrounds himself with. I have spent alot of time in my life on a spiritual quest, and have met alot of so called good spiritual people. But out of all those that I have incountered he has always shown the most real and sincerly PURE aproach."

    Do you believe your husband is in control of his thoughts, feelings and actions?


    Does your husband ever loose control of himself, engage in activities he later regrets, or engage in any activity that you find unwholesome, devious, or self serving?


    Have you ever seen or known your husband to get angry, feel vindictive, or wish ill on anyone?

    "I have never! ever! seen him take part in this behavior"

    How long have you been married to Davied Israel, and how would you characterize your marriage?

    "We have been Married for 11 years, we have a beautiful relationship. In all the years I have been with Davied, I have never met or talked to Mr Lev-Zion( Warren ) . This shows how much he (Mr Lev-Zion Man) knows about my personal family life with my Husband and children. "

    I don't recall ever having claimed to have known who Isis was or anything about her.

    Do you beleive Davied Israel believes in the covenant of marriage and has Davied Israel been faithful to you during your marriage?

    "Yes Most sincerly!!"

    Does Davied Israel have any other wife, concubine, or sexual partner other than yourself?

    "No "

    Do you have any other husband, paramour or sexual partner other than your husband Davied Israel?


    Do you think the term "polygamist" fits your husband?

    "No, Not in the least. "

    Does your husband flirt with other woman, come on to them in any inappropriate way, try to seduce them, get himself alone with them, or use inappropriate or sexually inviting language in their presence?

    "No Never"

    I have to congratulate Clark for his clever phrasing of all these questions - there is little doubt that he is the interviewer! Again, either Isis is completely ignorant of Clark's history or she is as terrible a liar as he is.

    Where is Clark's earlier wife Faith? Who is the mother of his son "Joe"? Who does Isis imagine was the mother of Alesha's daughter, Nirvana? What of Roxanne? And Mem? What of his relationship with Pattie? Is she really so ignorant of all these relationships? And of the earlier polyandrous circle? What has happened to Pattie and her half-husband Delbert? To Hava and all the others? Absent witnesses tell no tales but I can't believe for a second she is ignorant of all of her husband's previous relationships. It is a matter of record that he "married" my wife "Alesha" and has a child with her, both of whom have since left and returned to Europe. Would she like me to scan and put up some photographs, show documents, etc. here? Or is she and Clark counting on my protecting my ex-wife's honour?

    I am afraid I cannot believe that Isis is completely ignorant of these relationships unless SHE has been brainwashed. Would she like me to scan and place on the net letters from her husband to me describing his committment to polyamory (what he calls "patri-matriarchal" marriage)? You see, the word "polygamist" means different things to different people, depending how you define it, so I can well understand how he would deny being a "polygamist" (at least in the fumdamentalist Mormon sense).

    But you see, SAI has relations with other groups (or did) which are committed to monogamy-only and for whom any kind of polygamy/polyamory beliefs would be a stumbling block to fellowship. I know this to be a fact from my contacts in a group he has been associated with.

    Clark is not a "flirt" in the worldly sense of the word so the question above is misleading, but he is certainly committed to what he has always called "patri-matriarchal marriage", a group of men and women all married to each other and who have sexual relationships with each other. It is possible, I suppose, that he has suspended or put this practice "on the shelf" in the interim for he is not beyond going along with the stream of belief of those who are with him, showing much "tolerance" of their beliefs in order to win them.

    Do you know other men who do such things, and if so, how do you feel about such behavior?

    "Yes, Some Men I have Met Outside our Community & Circle of Friends tend to display this behavior. It is not attractive or valued."

    Has Davied Israel ever tried to "prostitute you" or get you to be intimate with another man?


    Does Davied Israel ever try to make other people's sexuality his bussiness, or attempt to convert others to non-monagamous relationships?


    How do you feel about others taking an interest in, and thinking they are an authority on, your private sex life?

    "It is disgusting and arrogant that Mr Zion thinks he has any clue of what happens in my life or my married life. He does not know who I am. He does not know the truth behind my relationship with Davied . He doesnt even know who I am . He has me labeled in his photo section as someone else. I have been Here for 11-12 years and He doesnt have any idea. This goes to show all what kind of authority he really is."

    Does your husband claim to be able to cure homosexuals?


    Is it? Does Isis mean to say that she has no idea about the "Isaac-Sarah Revelation" or of Clark's aborted attempts to cure two homosexual men at SAI by getting them to sleep with various married women ("matriarchs")? I have written testimony from both these men who refer to each other in their correspondences. Though I doubt either would want to come forward (because of the intimate sexual contact they had at SAI) I do have their written testimonies (which Clark, of course, claims I "pressurised" them into writing). Not only that, but I have a letter from one of the "matriarchs" who slept with them, whose breasts they sucked in order to supposedly get more "Ra-mem energy" to "cure" their homosexuality, and who also had full intercourse with them. Do you think I would make up these statements if I did not have the proof?? Why do you think I have held back the better part of the evidence? It is to let SAI spout off its lies and be shown to be the deceivers they are.

    If anyone would like to see the "Isaac-Sarah Revelation" I will happily scan it and place it on this page.

    More than likely, Clark has abandoned this "revelation" (like so many others) because of its failure. Of course he will claim that the homosexuals concerned were not cured because they did not follow the "program", and to some extent that is true at least of one of them. I also have the taperecorded testimony of one of them (an American) - would they like to hear that too?

    Does your husband have a high opinion of himself and think he is a great and holy man and the only one with the truth?

    "No, anyone who knows him trully will see how humble he really is."

    Has Davied Israel ever used drugs or narcotics during your marriage?

    "No Never."

    How would you characterize your husbands relationship with children and has your husband ever been inappropriate toward any child or teenager, or shown even the slightest interest in doing so?

    "NO THIS IS SUCH A TERRIBLE ACCUSATION ON MR LEV-ZION (WARREN) PART. This is absoultly Unbeleviable that Mr Lev-Zion (warren) Would lie about such a terrible thing. We are devoted to are children and raising them well. I have been a Educator Teacher for a few years in the past, children are vital and important to me and my Husband. I would never inappropriatly expose any child, let alone my own child to such horrible behavior."

    How would you characterize your husbands relationship with investigators and visitors to SAI?

    This is really a straw man since I knowing nothing about Isis or her children and have never claimed to. The only children I know about are those of Faith who was never an "educator" and in fact had very little education herself (this is all in letters I have from Clark, and indeed a couple from Faith herself) ... unless "Isis" and "Faith" are one and the same?? The photos of the two do not in my view, or others who have seen them, "match", the intervening years of ageing notwithstanding. However, it would be a simple matter for SAI to confirm whether these two women are one and the same. But how can they be? According to Isis, she has only been married to Clark for 11 years, and I know Clark and Faith 14 years ago. So the two CAN'T be the same unless Isis is lying.

    "Aima Isis Israel" (left) vs. Faith Israel (right)

    So my question remains: What of Faith and her three (that I knew of) children (two through Clark)? Has Faith left SAI? And if so, why? What of the child that Faith had with another man (Ted) who was in the polyamorous/polyandrous circle .. the one she wrote about in her letter to me about paternity? What about all these people? Or have they, like some of the Egyptian pharaohs who fell out of favour, been extirpated from the official SAI history? Where are "Mem", Pattie Cummins "Israel", and Roxanne?

    "Visitor are respected, and treated courteously. Nothing inappropriate has ever taken place. Those who come visit often have many questions, Davied & I spend time answering them honestly."

    Have you ever done any rituals and ceremonies with Davied Israel, and if so, what was their nature?

    "Yes and they are all centered on Christ."

    Of course, what else could she say? Clark has ALWAYS claimed that his rituals have centred on "Christ", including the sexual ones. He claims to have had sex with the resurrected Mary Magdalene who passed on the light-seed of the Patri-Matriarchal Priesthood, the same way John Brant supposedly obtained it from one of the wives of the Book of Mormon Nephite apostles. Everone who was around in the later 1980's knew about these teachings and practices. Hava Pratt (Jean Poulson) herself told me that she had received this "light" from Clark through a sexual ritual with him in order to make her a "matriarch". I guess Clark hopes that all these early SAI members "die off" as soon as possible if he has truly abandoned his earlier teachings, but I don't believe he has for one moment.

    Have there ever been any rituals at SAI, in the last 10 years, which you have not participated in?

    "No not one."

    What about ones that took place before she joined SAI?

    Are you aware of the types of ceremonies and rituals which have existed at SAI from its beginning, and are you aware of all levels and all ceremonies of Sons Aumen Israel?


    Then either Clark has concealed these from her or she is lying about the nature of some of them.

    Have you ever seen or heard of any rituals or ceremonies at SAI that involved sexuality, sorcery, or satan worship?

    "NO . Mr Warren Lev-Zion Seems to me like he is projecting his sexual fantasies or shadow personality on others. We know first hand that Mr. Warren uses his own semen to try to heal people.

    Clever of Clark to lump these three together since obviously the latter is ridiculous - does he think that everyone is ignorant of his psychological tecniques? As for the last statement, it will get the contemptuous silence it derives. The only physical ordinance of healing I have ever acknowledged or practiced as a minister is anointing with oil with the laying on of hands with prayer, per pro the New Testament teaching. The juxtapositioning of these two statements shows the deviousness which Clark (or Isis - they no doubt "planned" this interview carefully) is prepared to use.

    Is there anything in them of a sexually impure nature or which worship anyone other than a loving Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother of Christ?

    "No. We are very spiritually focused on our Heavenly Parents."

    What is the definition, from SAI's point-of-view, of "sexual purity"? For quite obviously they would regard, and promote, their "sexuality" as "pure". If you don't define terms, you can make them mean almost anything you want them to.

    Like certain kabbalists who believe that sex is a part of worship (they used to insist on having sex to purify the Sabbath Day) Clark is just playing around with words here, and he knows it. For Clark, worship and sex go hand-in-hand, and always have done. That is not to say that worship has to include sex, but it is very much to say that sex, and sexual ordinances, are part and parcel of SAI concepts of worshipping their "heavenly parents". Readers will remember the quotes made by Clark of the visions he saw for many hours on end of Christ, the apostles, and their wives having a polyamorous sexual relationship - in short, an orgy. If anyone would care to challenge me on this statement, ask, and I will scan the document and paste it here.

    Have you ever seen Davied Israel lie about his name, or about anything else for that matter?

    "No, People get there feathers so ruffled about names and changing them. It is a common practice in all monastic orders. Davied is not hiding anything and is devoted to a life of spritual discipline and worship. Mr Warren, who often uses many names, is one who should Not be pointing fingers."

    I have no objection to the use of spiritual names and never have. However, I come out of a biblical mindframe which insists on honouring one's parents with the names they gave. Even Jesus was known as Yah'shua ben Josef in honour of his step-father and Jacob, who was renamed Israel, was still Jacob/Israel ben Yitzshak/Isaac. But Clark insisted that his "real name" was not ever "Gilbert Clark" and was so obsessively secret about it, not wanting it to leak out for some reason until my ex-wife prized it out of him.

    Does Davied Israel hide or misconstrue certain things in his communications and correspondances with others, or otherwise misrepresent himself?


    I have folders of documents which easily refute that answer.

    Are you aware of any facade perpetrated by Davied Israel?



    Is Davied Israel obsessed with sex and does it form the center of all his life and beliefs?


    Were this not a serious matter it would almost be laughable hearing that answer!

    Do the official websites of SAI reflect her true focus and interests, or are they simply fronts for more secret activities and other teachings?

    "Yes they accurately describe our true beliefs and focus."

    What else could she say (unless SAI and Clark have turned over a new leaf)? Again, I repeat, I do not know how much, if any, of his former beliefs Clark has now rejected, modified, evolved or changed over the years, for he was always the theological chameleon.

    Why would someone think that there was something sinister behind the public front of SAI, unless there was?

    "Because of Mr Warren's dishonesty, He has no idea what takes place in our lives or in our community."

    Dishonest, no - I have presented SAI's own statements and the statements of Clark and other SAI founders. They are in black and white for all to read. What SAI gets up to TODAY, true, I cannot be sure of, and don't pretend to know - I only know what they USED to practice and I cannot but help to observe that the things that Clark continues to say that in all probability nothing has changed very much.

    I know how occultic organisations work - the teachings of which Clark has been intimately schooled in, as confirmed not only by what he has told me himself but in the VOLUMINOUS writings I have by his own hand. Occutic organizations, including the Mormon Church environment which via Bryant and others birthed SAI, always have an inner esoteric (non-public, secret) doctrine and an outer exoteric (public, open) doctrine. I have letters from Clark and early SAI founders stating as much themselves and confirming that this was the SAI practice as well. Would anyone care to challenge me on this? If so, I will scan and paste these documents up here for all to read. Indeed, if Clark really IS the honest man he claims to be, he will surely be BEGGING me to do just that.

    Is it possible that you would not be aware of some dark secret hiding at the core of SAI?


    How can anyone claim to know another human being 100%, especially an occultist accustomed to concealing deep esoteric secrets? Is she so sure?

    Are you or your husband anti-government?


    Not now, perhaps (though I find that hard to believe), but back in the late 1980s, without a doubt. Would Isis like to read a letter written by one Delbert Cummins Israel, an early SAI follower, who described IN GREAT DETAIL and with great VITRIOL how SATANNIC all human government was?? (Of course, Clark will ALWAYS come up with the standard cultic answer that he was merely expressing is own "opinion" which he had the "freedom" to do so, but that such was never "official" SAI doctrine - I hear this sort of nonsense from Mormons defending their faith ALL THE TIME when it comes, for example, to Joseph Smith's moonmen, Brigham Young's sunmen, and much of the other tripe that once was passed off as "inspired"). However, SAI was always anti-government and showed nothing but contempt for it. But no doubt they now wish to be "politically correct" having learned the hard way not to mess with the state.

    Do you consider yourself a follower of Christ and is Davied Israel a believer in Christ, or does he secretly worship the devil?

    "We are both Very devoted to Christ the Essene. No one arround here has anything to do with any devil or the worship of devils."

    Of course not, what else can she say? If you were to ask ANY religion if they worship the devil they would categorically deny it. What a silly question. The other day I had a Satanist deny that he was a devil-worshipper and he was right - technically he did not worship the devil but himself. And yet from a Christian perspective that would constitute devil worship.

    There are many "christs" out there and Jesus Himself warned His disciples of many claiming to be "christs" in the last days, and not just those in human flesh. They worship "Christ the Essene" whoever or whatever that is. I have no doubt that SAI do NOT directly worship the devil, any more than a Moslem worshipping Allah is directly worshipping the devil. But these are all relative terms. From the point-of-view of the Bible, most of which SAI repudiates, they are indirectly devil-worshippers. However, getting into that debate is quite fruitless. The purpose of this line of questioning is in any case to present a squeaky-clean image.

    Are you aware of any "victims" of SAI, or broken families that resulted from behavior or actions of Davied Israel?


    Then she must either be blind or brainwashed. I can name several, including my own. Where, for instance, is Clarks earlier wife "Faith" (I was never told her real name) whom supposedly he wasn't married to? Or "Alesha"? Or "Mem"? What about Hava Pratt's (Jean Poulson's) earlier family (though admittedly Bryant is in part to blame for this)?

    Do you, or Davied Israel, ever do any service work for your neighbors? If so, can you give an example?

    "Yes, As an example we have an elderly seveneth day adventist couple that lives next to us. We help till their garden, grow food for them, take them to the hospital when needed. Run errands for them ect.."

    If they are actually doing this, then I am very happy for them, and congratulate them. But then so do the Moonies. It doesn't prove one way or the other what SAI's sexual practices exist or not.

    Does Davied Israel deceitfully live off the labors and donations of others, or does he work and provide for his own family himself?

    "He provides for our family well, by working hard at our family bussiness (pottery)."

    Perhaps he does now, I don't know. He is certainly a very talented artist and could make good money painting. But in the early days his family lived off welfare stamps/coupons and others worked while he spent his days locked up in his room meditating and reading. That's why he was called the "closet prophet" by the early SAI people.

    Does Davied Israel show any interest in money, materialistic possessions, or in being wealthy?

    "NO, Yet he is practical about money and our worldy needs."

    That's probably true - except to live like other people. It's not clear, of course, whether he actually makes and sells pottery or whether the others do it and he simply "owns" the business. Who knows, perhaps he is doing an honest day's work now, though I should like to see for myself before I believe it.

    Does Davied Israel have an inflated ego or show any interest in status, in being famous, being a great leader, or being thought of as wise or wonderful?

    "No, He has always shown true humbleness. Anyone who really knows him recognizes this."

    If the "interviewer" wishes us to picture someone who is a brag and show-off, then Clark was certainly never this. He was always a very introvert person and rarely revealed his feelings on matters. He would rather turn tail than deal with a hard question. Whether this is "humility" or "cowardice" is another matter altogether. He certainly had little idea of how to resolve human conflicts as generally understood except within his own mental world.

    Does Davied Israel leave his children unattended and unsupervised during meditations, meetings, and other activities?

    "No, we both share in the tending of our beautiful children."

    Are children, or adults, allowed to watch x-rated movies or view pornographic material in your house or community?

    "No Never!!!"

    No, and I never said that he did, or that he would. I merely pointed out that there was once a family at SAI who had at least one teenager who was allowed to watch X-rated videos and that on at least one occasion the small children wandered into their caravan when the parents were too busy to supervise them. Perhaps they are better organised now - I don't know.

    Does Davied Israel show any genuine concern or compassion for others, including past associates of SAI?

    "Yes He really is kind."

    No doubt. But he has major weaknesses which have led him to deny the truth about many things and, in this Rebuttal or Official Response, to openly lie about myself, as you will see.

    Has Davied Israel ever tried to interrupt or discourage communication between SAI members and their families and friends in the world?


    Has Davied Israel ever broken up a marriage that you are aware of, or encouraged divorce?


    Then Isis is either completely ignorant or blind as a bat. But then perhaps it is the turn of phrase that we should be looking at, for obviously he would not do such a thing in an obvious manner. But if, for example, a wife wanted to live at SAI and her husband did not, he would not encourage her to remain under her husband's authority per pro the teachings of the Bible. He's not that stupid. Clark is a very intelligent man, though he does occasionally lose his grip. It must be clearly understood that he rejects the patriarchal mandate of the Bible - a woman is not, according to SAI theology, supposed to be submitted to her husband, and the precedent he claims for that (or used to) is that SAI are now "above" the Fall. So would Clark directly and in an obvious manner "break up" a marriage? No. But would he intervene to STOP one from breaking up, having been the moving force that seduced one or other of the marriage partners? No, he would not, for he would claim that there was a higher precident for coming to the "truth" at SAI than remaining together with a spouse on a "lower level of light". So from a Christian, Biblical point-of-view, yes, he is very clearly to be seen as one who indirectly ENCOURAGES marriage breakup, repudiating the teachings of Paul (which he hates) who said that a believing spouse should remain with the unbelieving one if the unbelieving one wishes to remain with the believing one. Subtle difference.

    Has Davied Israel ever kept or opened others mail, or otherwise interupted communication between members of SAI?


    Do you, your church, or Davied Israel have anything to do with John Bryant or his teachings?

    "No, If we would of had any connections to this person or teaching I think I would of heard of it. I have definetaly not."

    No, she wouldn't have heard, for Clark and Bryant separated long before she came to SAI. I have never said that the two were still in contact, not even back in the late 1980s. What I have said is that many of Clark's and SAI's ideas were learned through Bryant and his church - that SAI wasn't formed in a vacuum (i.e. not "restored directly from heaven" la Mormonism) but that many key doctrines were derived. The evidence is incontrovertable, both from Bryant's Church's periodicals and from ex-Bryantites I chanced upon.

    Have you ever seen the so called Black Ordinance Book, and do you or your husband uphold it or use it?

    "No I have no idea what this is? I have been by Davied's side for 11-12 years I have never seen anything related to this so-called book of Lev's arround my home or community."

    This "so-called" book was there when I visited SAI and he showed it to me. Whether Clark still has it or not is another matter. That Isis has never seen it is more than possible. However, she claims to know EVERYTHING of her husband's beliefs, experiences and associations, and if this is so, then she is either a liar or plain ignorant and has been deceived by her own husband.

    Do you or your husband do any Aleister Crowley or witchcraft type rituals or ceremonies?

    "No, We dont. Lev-Zion (Mr. Warren) seems fixsated on darkness and the acts of darkness Why? It Makes you wonder about his intent."

    Nice try, but it doesn't wash. You might as well accuse a policeman of being fixated on crime, as though that made him a criminal. But the fact of the matter is that by his own testimony, Clark's own son "Joe" claimed his father refused to let him see the book, proving that it is there at SAI. And if that work of darkness is still at SAI, then why not Black's Ordinance Book as well? What is such a satanic book doing at SAI? Simply, because Clark always admired Crowley's occult knowledge and told me that the difference between Crowley's work and his was that the latter was focused around the number 777 whereas he (Clark) was focused around 888 (Clark's full name - 'Davied Asia Israel' adds up to 888 numerologically, just as the Greek for Jesus does - interesting, eh?).

    Do you and your husband try to keep the sabbath day?


    Back in the 80's they kept TWO Sabbath days - a "Greater" and a "lesser" Sabbath. Why this question should be asked I have no idea.

    Are you or your husband nudists or New Agers?


    In the formal sense, no, SAI are neither. But did SAI perform nude ceremonies? Without a shadow of doubt, and I have testimonies from the SAI leaders themselves that they did. Do they have beliefs common to the New Age Movement? Without a doubt (nothwithstanding some differences). Are they practicing nude ordinances today? I can't prove that, of course, but my guess is that the inner circle still does.

    Do you practice animal or human sacrifice?

    "NO, This Is Nuts!! We are very strict Vegans and We have a deep reverence for life. We DO NOT Eat Meat or anything that comes from animals such as milk, cheese, eggs. Let alone Kill Animals or Humans or indirectly cause them harm by supporting the Meat and Dairy Industries that poision the resources of the earth which affects the lives of us all. Please Reader Educate yourself about the Ecological & Ethical & Health Reasons why you should stop eating Meat & Dairy Products. Be compassionate to the Earth and All creatures that live on it."

    Nice try, Clark, since I've never said that SAI did. However, animal sacrifice WAS DEFINITELY practiced in the Bryant Church and those SAI leaders who were a part of that (especially Hava Pratt) spoke approvingly of it even after they had left and were in SAI. That they would offer human sacrifices is ridiculous and I have never suggested that they would, nor that they have sacrificed animals.

    Are all children at SAI registered with the state?


    That's probably true, I have no idea, I only know that in the 80s SAI members felt strongly against this and said they would avoid registration if they could, Clark included.

    Do you and your husband believe you must be a good, honest and caring person to be acceptable to God and do you strive to do so?

    "Yes, This is our purpose for life."

    Do you feel Davied Israel has acted, and tries to act, honorably, fairly and honestly in his various dealings with members and non-members of SAI alike?

    "Yes, He always Has."

    Does SAI insist on and teach a high level of morality among its members?

    "Yes, this is always something we insist upon..

    Is Christopher Warren, the author of the disparaging site on SAI, an expert on SAI and its internal workings as he claims?

    "No, He has no idea. I dont' doubt, that he thinks he is an expert on everthing and everyone."

    How well informed do you think he is and what do you think are the sources of his more sensational information?

    "He is ill informed & he makes up lies apprently"

    It is easy to be dismissive but the evidence is overwhelming. Besides, we were there before Isis and know what happened. And it's not as though it is just a case of one "dissident" - how many of the original SAI people are there now, and why? Where have they all gone? Besides, the original documents can't lie - they are the writings of the SAI founders, and the words they wrote will not be silenced.

    Any fool can slander or give an abrupt denial. All the cults do it. I was once in one (the Mormon Church) and know how their mindframe works.

    Why do you think Christopher Warren is pretending to be an expert on SAI?

    "I dont understand how another human being that claims to beleive in Christ can act this way, lieing and doing the worst thing possible by trying to character destroy another person and a organization that loves light and truth.

    Why indeed should I waste my time when I have so many other things to do? It is simple: I have a duty to perform: "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them" (Ephesians 5:11, NIV). Naturally, SAI perceives its work to be "light", just as every religion and belief system does. The point is that contradictory systems cannot all be light - other wise God would not command them to be exposed. (Of course SAI rejects Paul).

    As I pointed out earlier, I let my SAI experience disappear into the mists of time until others came to me concerned about what was going on. We had one little article on our webpage as a warning sign for those who might be led by the Spirit to come our way. Only when I saw the trap that others were getting into did I feel strongly compelled to display the truth of SAI to the world, particularly as it was influencing more "traditional" Essene groups (not that I am my self an "Essene"). I was also asked by Mormon scholars, who were assembling a history of the break-off groups of Latter Day Saintism, to write something on the various Mormon sects I knew of, SAI being one of them. Others made independent enquiries and wrote their own short histories, but none with the "inside story", as it were - none who knew former members as I did like the Barlows, Aaron Stills, Erik Danielson, and the "Prophet of Parowan".

    I know that his wife left him (Get over it Lev!) and she onced lived here many years ago.

    Unfortunately Isis does not have the same perspective of marriage as Almighty God, Yahweh-Elohim, does (He whom SAI mockingly calls a "Demiurge"), nor Yah'shua (Jesus) for that matter, namely, that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHRISTIAN DIVORCE, and that the duty of all Christians is to repair and preserve marriages. Doubtless Isis would have advised me to "get over" my children as well. Shame on her! Well, Isis doesn't know my children, nor the terrible state they were in when I got them out of SAI. The cult had seriously damaged them (as I shall deal with in other parts of the "Response"). It is a serious matter for man to divide what God had placed together. However, for SAI marriage is merely an occult "convenience" (or inconvenience), the high-sounding theological statements on marriage notwithstanding. Marriage in SAI is a sham, at least as far as Clark is concerned. He told me that he was looking for his "Aima" or "Queen wife" and hadn't found her until my wife turned up. Then he lavished his praise and affection on her, virtually worshipping her. This drove his then wife Faith nearly crazy (perhaps Isis would like to see Faith's vitriolic letter to Alesha??) so in order to calm the waters he "demoted" Alesha. Obviously it wasn't enough. Where are Faith and Alesha today? Perhaps Isis was the "queen" he was looking for - but who knows what will happen if someone on a "higher plane" comes a long with whom he can share his deeper occultic secrets? He thought he had found her in Alesha, but Alesha didn't like his polygamist/polyamorist lifestyle and eventually left. And it looks as though Faith did too (I may be wrong here). Maybe, dear Isis, someone will tell you, "Get over it Isis" if and when you get booted out one day - but then maybe you're the lucky one - maybe you're the big "high" he's been looking for. Time will tell. In the meantime, Clarks's history remains, no matter how much whitewashing SAI may try to do.

    She told me personally she was never happy with him or her relationship with him. She told me that he coersed her into marrying him with a supposed revelation. Im glad for her sake that she left this man, she deserves better.

    You know nothing of my marriage, probably as little as I do of yours. I shall certainly not confide in one who is against marriage and what I had with my wife.

    Christopher Warren seems to me to have no love for others or basic christian behaviors. He must have a cold heart to claim truth on so many definite lies and it is very un-Christian to try to destroy someones life.

    I would rather let those who know me speak on my behalf for I shall not do so myself.

    I wish him Peace for he must be very unhappy inside. I feel sorry for him and I pray for him that the spirit will soften and comfort his lost heart.

    I have a very happy life, though naturally I grieve for the wife that the charalatan Clark destroyed. As to being lost, I am secure in the arms of my Saviour, the Lord Yah'shua haMashiach (Jesus Christ), the Son of Yahweh-Elohim, whose love, glory, truth and peace are revealed in His infallible Word - the Word that SAI has chosen to mutilate. My life is dedicated to His service.

    Do his attacks on the moral and ethical character of Davied Israel and SAI seriously affect the spiritual work you feeled called to pursure?

    "No I feel more determined to share light and truth with all. There is always opposition to face, You have to hold on to the path of further light and understanding."

    Such is the natural loyalty of a wife, and is understandable. And yes, there is always opposition, even to those who hold beliefs - but what's important is whether our stripes are received because of our own sins or whether they are suffering for the sake of Christ: "For it is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God. But how is it to your credit if you receive a beating for doing wrong and endure it? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God. To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps" (1 Pet.2:19-21, NIV)

    Is there anything you would like to add?

    "People should be careful in there search for truth. Persons like Mr Warren will always be there, trying to shade the truth. Pray and meditate , search for clarity and act out of peace & love. Speak the truth from your heart. I believe then the spirit of our Heavenly Father & Mother will grace you with the direction you should follow and give you the answers you seek. May you be blessed .........Isis"

    A noble sentiment but a false one, because it proceeds out of the human heart and defiled conscience. Human hearts are not pure enough to weigh all truth, which is why Yahweh has given us His Word, the Bible, as a standard against which to measure our thoughts and feelings, so that in time we may become transformed by it and so come to resemble God our Father all the more.

    I see Isis as a well-meaning but deceived woman who more than likely is perpetrating some sort of a coverup. I pray for her and for all at SAI that they may be free. May you too be blessed with the grace and love of Yah'shua, the Eternal Word, the Incarnate Yahweh, who was, and is, and shall ever be, the Eternal God.

    Isis Embraced by the Sorcerer

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