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    Understanding the True
    Origins of Mormonism

    The Incredible Story of a Race of Celestial Beings
    that once Came to the Earth...

    by Clare Gregory

    Chapter 9
    Truth Is Logical

    Truth is logical and is always consistent with observable facts. For example, the earth and the creations of God logically point to the existence of a Creator. There may be debates about assumptions and timeframes and how things came to be, but the things we see and observe—such as a beautiful flower—stand as a sure witness that God created this world and us.

    The moment we use illogical thoughts and carry our reasoning to the absurd, we err in our beliefs. For example, anyone can observe that plants, animals, and human beings reproduce after their own kind of species. That is a clear and observable fact. UNDISPUTABLE! However, if a scientific theory or assumption proposes that the world simply evolved out of chaos without a Creator, this then leaves the mind with a very illogical conclusion—that order came from chaos. That idea goes against all practical experience that we observe daily and is very illogical. Oh, we all know that it is not logical, but we can reason away our known experience by expanding the timeframe of creation to over a billion years and then believe: “Well, anything could have logically happened over that length of time”. Is that logical? Absolutely yes! But ONLY if we take our beliefs out of the observable context we can see first hand! And when we do, then people will believe the absurd and illogical thought that order came from chaos. Do we really want to base our beliefs on mental tricks like this? Would it not be wiser to allow our minds believe what they see and naturally understand to be true?

    Look at a flower! Watch a baby being born! Order came from chaos? An open-minded and reasonable person, one not tainted with sophistry and the bias of taking the mind into a fantasy universe using billions of speculative years that no one has ever seen or experienced, will logically conclude that order did not come from chaos. There is a Creator! His creations testify of His existence! That is the most logical explanation for the perfect order we can clearly observe in the universe today. The fact is most people believe in a Divine Creator in spite of what unseen theory “science” may dream up to the contrary. Why? To believe otherwise is not logical.

    Similar logic can be applied to religious truth. My purpose in writing this book is to teach others that logic supports the truth. The truth will prevail, and no one need fear the truth, whatever it may be. Once a Latter-day Saint is open-minded to listen to and read another point of view without “fearing” the loss of his or her testimony, then I have done my job in writing this book, and I have done it well. My objective is to encourage the reader to honestly look at “both sides” of the Mormon story before making a conclusion about whether the Mormon religion is true or false.

    Unfortunately, the LDS church leadership of prophets and apostles discourages members from reading “anti-Mormon” literature and listening to the “opposing” viewpoints of apostates. Such investigation supposedly destroys faith and testimony. And that, my friend, is the start of illogical thinking. For if a church claims to be the only “true Church” accepted by God, then any member of the “true Church” should be free to examine ANY information that may appear to contradict its teachings without the fearful reservation of becoming eternally lost in the process of examination. In other words, if the LDS Church is true and founded on the rock of Jesus Christ, then any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ought to be encouraged to read and search out ANY information that claims to prove the LDS church as being false. Such investigation will only make them STRONGER, for God can lead them to the truth. If the LDS Church is true, then it will stand magnificently the test of all arguments to the contrary. It will endure, for that is the nature of truth!

    That is logical.

    The LDS Church is One-sided

    But many members of the LDS Church have been taught an absurd idea--that talking to apostates and those who write against the Church may weaken one’s testimony! How illogical! Jesus gave his followers power over demons. Indeed, He taught clearly that the poison of a serpent would not harm a true believer, meaning that any lie from Satan would NOT hurt any true follower of Jesus Christ! But that is not the LDS position. Elder Boyd K. Packard of the Council of Twelve Apostles plainly teaches: “There is a temptation for the writer or teacher of Church history to want to tell everything, whether it is worthy or faith promoting or not. Some things that are true are not very useful . . . In the Church we are not neutral. We are one side…. There is a war going on, and we are engaged in it. . ." (Boyd K. Packer, "The Mantle is Far, Far Greater Than the Intellect," BYU Studies, Summer 1981, pp. 263, 267)

    This statement reveals that Elder Packer believes he can actually “use” the truth. That is the most absurd and irreverent attitude of arrogance hidden beneath the authority of false priesthood imaginable. The truth is sacred and independent. The truth does its own work by the power of God. All truth is useful for we stand and live by it. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” But Elder Packer’s statement simply reveals the underlying assumption in Mormonism: The LDS priesthood gives a leader the power of God. It is “delegated” to men. In such a position a man can “use” the truth to save people. Such belief puts a person on equal grounds with God and leads to false logic, darkness, and a whole host of Satanic “white magic” that governs and controls the LDS faith! It is a spell cast by evil forces masquerading as light, and it is so subtle and so manipulative that statements such as Elder Packer’s that reek with pride and arrogance go completely unnoticed by members.

    I like this statement by Apostle Packer and use it to demonstrate exactly the mindset of all the leading generals in Mormonism. They stand in the position of God, ready to administer the saving truths that are most important to the salvation of men. They are political “filter machines” not “revelatory instruments” in the hands of God. They justifiably use the truth however they see it will benefit the Kingdom of God. They become Kings and High Priests under a false priesthood and false god, being led by the power of hidden witchcraft and secret magic that only the devil and God completely understand.

    These are strong and accusatory statements, I know, but as you read through this book, you will see clearly how and why Mormons become trapped in an illogical theology in which they can not escape easily. It indeed is a “spiritual spell” of the mind, which mixes truth and error in an emotional system the binds the believer into false logic. Some may gasp at my accusations. Surely I can not REALLY mean that Latter-day Saints are under an evil spell. But let’s go back to my assumptions. I believe in God, and therefore, I also being in a devil. By believing in the existence of the devil, we open up the possibility that we could by deceived by false light, and as Jesus said, “If the light that be in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.”

    Most members of the Church are completely unaware of the mental powers that bind men and women like Elder Packer into spells of “white light”. The false light brings peace and powerful energy, but it is half-true illumination. Although much truth is shed through LDS representatives, it is mixed with great darkness as seen in the statement spoken by Elder Packer. Just examining the logic behind Elder Packer’s statement, there is only one assumption that would validate his viewpoint as being accurate: Elder Packer must be God Himself. Then, and only then, would He have the right to “use” the truth as He thinks He can.

    This logic brings Lucifer’s false spirit into full-view, and anyone understanding what I just wrote ought to study more deeply into the history and background of LDS priesthood. The priesthood makes men equal to God, just as Elder Packer believes that he can play God with the truth. Is that not the devil’s intention from the very beginning?

    Being one-sided in our views of truth is pure arrogance and reveals the self-righteousness of Elder Packer. We become judges according to what “truth” we think will save the people! It is false. Truth is truth wherever it is found. What may appear insignificant in Elder Packer’s lofty-mind, may save a sole on the other side of the world in a small hut without heating facilities. Or perhaps some insignificant truth deemed unimportant by Elder Packer will prevent another from taking a life. Who knows? Only God can judge the power that insignificant truths can have on the souls of man. The moment anyone takes a one-sided view of the truth, not only is it not logical, but the devil can lead us into blindness of mind, becoming just like Elder Packer. Spells are cast over the mind, and before we are aware, we are puffed up in pride and playing the role of the God of Truth.

    Unfortunately, demonic plots and the painful history of the LDS church has forced Elder Packer’s illogical statement to be viewed as the truth by members of the Church. The leaders have concluded from the beginning that it is better to promote a positive image of the Church than to let the truth stand on its own. In the infancy of the Church, apostasy was rampant. Indeed David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon, claimed it was a MINORITY of early members of the Church—those that joined from 1830 to 1836—that actually followed Brigham Young to Utah after the death of Joseph Smith. In other words, the majority of those that followed Brigham were converts that came into the church after 1836. All three witnesses to the Book of Mormon left the church, and many key leaders turned against Joseph Smith, for which they were excommunicated.

    I’m not here to debate the reasons why this happened. But may I point out that the explanations on the Anti-Mormon side do not say the reason for apostasy of faithful members was due to someone “sinning” or that the individuals were “unwilling to keep the commandments of God” as Joseph Smith blasted. Do your own research. The fact is that the general mind of the leaders, particularly Joseph Smith, believed that if a person talked to an “apostate” there was a high probability the Church would lose that member’s loyalty. Murder, death, stealing, and persecution on both sides caused a protective belief to surface in the Church continually and warranted strict obedience to the priesthood authority of Church leaders.

    But again, the fundamental reasoning of “protecting members” is not logical. If the church is true, then the truth will stand independently and nobly above a supposed lie of an apostate. We ought to be able to test and prove any person’s words, any anti-Mormon claims, any historical records and perspectives, investigating all viewpoints whether they are true or false. We ought to be expected to defend our own beliefs, without the fear that we will “lose our testimonies” if we do personal research.

    Elder Packard’s job and position is to promote the LDS Church and Kingdom of Mormonism. It’s not to tell the truth. He is justified for doing whatever he can to promote and protect the LDS false priesthood. Joseph Smith used the same logic and blatantly lied about polygamy. Elder Packer’s lie is very subtle, but the motivation behind the behavior is identical to Joseph Smith’s—to hide the truth. To declare that a historian should conceal information and facts about history by presenting only the positive side of Church history is insanely illogical. Any thinking person will see that the reasoning is flawed. Elder Packer assumes what is “important” is also positive and faith promoting. But to look at history and justify telling only the positive aspects of the faith is out of balance. It distorts truth and reality. To Elder Packard, maybe a piece of negative trivia about Mormon culture may have little importance. But to another, who is highly interested in that subject, such facts would be of great interest and benefit. Who is to judge what is important and what is not?

    From Elder Packard’s viewpoint, he is simply doing his job, of course—to protect the image of the Church and promote the restored gospel message presented by the LDS Church. It is what a salesman does to sell a product: tell the customer the benefits, but never tell them the drawbacks; then they will buy. Keep it positive. Control the information that is given. And so on.

    I’m glad Jesus Christ is not a salesman trying to convince us of the positive benefits of the gospel. Rather, He was a person of integrity and truth. Above all else, He taught His disciples to honor and sustain the truth! It is the world that will sell us a bill of “religious goods”, but not God. Unfortunately, Elder Packer, one of the supposed representatives of Jesus, is not interested in defending the truth itself for the truth’s sake or he would not be “one sided”. A person of true integrity would never be “one-sided” in his observation of historical facts. What is, was, and will really be is what is most important. The truth is cherished as much as pure gold.

    Being “one-sided” automatically closes the mind to apostate reasoning and attacks against the Church. The approach of the leading councils of the LDS Church is to be silent and ignore the gnats of apostates, reasoning that such are in the hands of God. So they paint only rosy pictures and faith promoting stories that supposedly build faith, thus protecting the believers from opposing viewpoints, avoiding the struggle necessary to answer impossible-to-understand contradictions and inconsistencies. Ignoring apostates is the wisest and safest route to take—and the easiest by far.

    But what about actually tampering with history to distort the facts and paint a different picture of Church history? Is that right? To put information through a filter to clean the past through an LDS accepted viewpoint in order to promote faith? Is that even logical? For example, one of my favorite books I read in my early twenties was the History of Joseph Smith by his mother, Lucy Mach Smith. Almost fifteen years after reading it, I learned that the book was originally published in the 1850s without Brigham Young’s permission. When President Young discovered it was in print, he recalled the book from all members, and it was destroyed. He claimed that some of the facts in the book were wrong, and that Lucy was old and could not remember correctly. Then, about fifty years later, Joseph Fielding Smith edited out the errors, and the book was officially published. When I actually read a comparison of the “Church authorized” or final version to Lucy’s original book, I was disappointed to see the kind of “editing” that took place. The most puzzling was the removal of an interesting dream of her husband, Joseph’s Smith Sr. The dream is identical to Lehi’s tree of life dream in the Book of Mormon.

    Why take that out? Why tamper with viewpoints and history? There are many, many other examples of changes in the D&C, Book of Mormon, and even the documented volumes of Church History. Thousands and thousands of changes! But again, the purpose of this book is not to debate these changes. Anyone who is interested in doing their own research can find the changes that were made and make their own conclusions.

    My point is that when I read the History of Joseph Smith fifteen years ago, I had no idea it had been “cleaned up” by someone else. After fifty years of taboo, the book was finally published with a “one-sided” viewpoint, in accordance with the Church’s position Elder Packer defends so poorly. But the result? This one-sided approach undermines my freethinking and agency. If I find discrepancies or errors with Lucy’s viewpoints, then I’ll make my own conclusions about it. I want to actually SEE what Lucy thought and felt—even if she was right or wrong! I can understand imperfections and mistakes. We are all human. If she makes a mistake, so what! I can live with that. What I do not agree with is someone else changing the facts. If the facts are changed, then I can NOT make my own conclusion on the matter. It has already been made for me. Justifying a “filter” like the one put on Lucy’s book produces one-side information and “controls” my personal thinking. That offends me greatly. It treats me as though a supposed mistake or “incorrect perspective” from another person will destroy my soul. Even worse, it denies the logic that states if the Church is true, then the truth can be faced with open eyes and ears, no matter what the facts appear to be.

    Being “one-sided” in the only true church is clearly not logical. Rather, only if the church were false, is it then logical and justifiable to control facts and information and present only one side of the story to promote faith. Only if the church were false, would it be logical to advise members against talking to apostates or reading anti-Mormon literature. Jesus promised that the poison of a serpent would not hurt a believer in God! This would surely mean that studying the facts of history, whether right or wrong, will not hurt a believer in the Lord.

    Elder Packer’s logic is so poor. He warns us to be careful when examining the past because some facts can be misunderstood, taken out of context, and hurt the believer? It can weaken testimony? Therefore, we are to be one-sided in our view of church history? Members can not argue a different position, either. The LDS Church clearly teaches: “Follow the Brethren. Stay away from the apostate lies. It’s a waste of time. It’s is safe being in the mainstream of the Church.”

    But this position contradicts the logic of Christ. We are to prove all things, and hold fast that which is good. Or even better, should not the LDS Church use the prophetic keys of God to receive the truth about these controversial matters from Jesus and clear up the darkness with pure light? That is what the LDS Church argues that prophets are for. To guide the people of the world into truth, right? But, apparently, these Latter-day prophets have been called to teach only the members. The brethren leave apostates to their own destruction. And these “caring brethren” hold the revelatory keys of the priesthood to received prophetic answers directly from God?

    What? God doesn’t care about apostates?

    A friend of mine who was a member of the Church came across some very tough questions posed by Anti-Mormons. She didn’t know the answers. She went to her bishop and Stake President. No answers! Finally she wrote the President David O. McKay for the Church’s position. Her letter was not answered either. Silence from the Brethren! So, without satisfactory answers she finally asked for her name to be removed from the Church records. She could not sincerely believe in the Church without having a clear answer to the contradictory evidence that confronted her. During her Church court she was adamantly persuaded to stay in the Church by the Stake President. Her response was “I’ll be happy to stay if you can answer my questions that indicate the Church is clearly false.” She had not committed any sin. She was not trying to fight the LDS Kingdom. She was just interested in knowing and believing the truth. The Stake Presidency did not answer her questions. When she bore witness of the true Biblical Jesus, they asked her to stop witnessing, and they proceeded to finally take her name off the rolls of the Church. What do we learn from this experience? We learn that the sincere and honest people who really want to believe in the Church but can’t accept the contradictions posed by Anti-Mormon facts in good conscience, have no clear answers from God. So we can be dishonest and ignore our consciences and stay in the Church without having satisfactory answers from the priesthood; or we can leave.

    And the LDS God is not a respecter of persons? Doesn’t God love sincere and honest people? The LDS prophets are sent to guide all people into truth, right? God loves honest and truthful apostates too, right? There are many, many tough theological questions about the Book of Abraham, the Book of Mormon, and the Bible that God is NOT answering through the LDS Prophets today. Why won’t God answer even some of the most simple theological questions through his servants? Where are the revelations today given in first person like Joseph Smith received them in the Doctrine and Covenants? The modern prophets have the same revelatory priesthood keys, right? That awesome power could certainly clear up a lot of UNANSWERED QUESTIONS in a flash of intelligence from God. That’s the purpose of LDS prophets, right?

    Make your own conclusion about the matter.

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