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    1 September 1997


    #OB-001 The Olive Branch or New Covenants & Commandments (Vol.1) containing 740 revelations, visions and prophecies (Sections 1-470), Micropaedia, Glossary, Footnote Concordance and Index (1,160pp, hardbound, B5 format)

    Foundational Teachings of the Bible Study Guides: Series I (#1-23)

    #PAM-001#A01 The Atonement: God's Provision for Man's Sin (12pp)
    #PAM-001#A02 Repentance and the Lordship of Jesus the Messiah (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A03 Baptism in Water (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A04 Baptism and Confirmation in the Holy Spirit (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A05 The Holy Spirit: The Gift of God (20pp)
    #PAM-001#A06 The Authority of God's Word (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A07 Praise, Worship, and Prayer (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A08 God's Provision For Healing (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A09 God's Plan for Inner Healing and Deliverance (24pp)
    #PAM-001#A10 Principles That Build Character (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A11 Marriage: God's Perfect Choice (12pp)
    #PAM-001#A12 Committment to the Local Fellowship (24pp)
    #PAM-001#A13 God's Authority, Order and Discipline for the Church (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A14 Prosperity and Giving (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A15 The Great Commission (12pp)
    #PAM-001#A16 The Last Days, the Second Coming, and the Millennium (20pp)
    #PAM-001#A17 Israel and the Last Days (20pp)
    #PAM-001#A18 Faith in God (16pp)
    #PAM-001#A19 Looking at and Doing the Word (12pp)
    #PAM-001#A20 Building Faith Through Confession and Fixing Life's Landmarks (12pp)
    #PAM-001#A21 Confess Your Faith with Boldness (8pp)
    #PAM-001#A22 Predestination versus Free Will (20pp)
    #PAM-001#A23 Come Unto Zion! (12pp)
    #PAM-001#A1-23 Answers to questions in Guides #1-23 (available to teachers only)

    Intermediate Studies of the Bible Study Guides: Series II (#1- )

    #PAM-001#B01 The Path of the Cross (12pp)
    #PAM-001#B02 The Endurance of Personal Trials (12pp)
    #PAM-001#B03 Suffering on Behalf of Others (12pp)
    #PAM-001#B04 Sharing in the Suffering of Christ (12pp)

    Prophets of the New Covenant Study Guides: Series III (#1- )

    #PAM-001#C01 God's Call to the Prophets (16pp)


    #PAM-002 The Way Back to God: The Seven Steps to Hell and Salvation *OOP
    #PAM-003 Whom Do You Worship? The True God and False gods (28pp)
    #PAM-004 The Heart of the Gospel: Developing Inner Sensitivity *OOP
    #PAM-005 Introduction to Foundational Teachings of the Bible (2pp)
    #PAM-006 The New Covenant Path (12pp)
    #PAM-007D Constitution of the NPKF (4th Edition) (20pp)
    #PAM-008 The Unknown Church: What is the Holy Order? (24pp)
    #PAM-009 Are You a Christian? (2pp)
    #PAM-010 According to Your Faith (20pp)
    #PAM-011 The Sabbath - Should It Be Kept Today? (22pp) *OOP
    #PAM-012 Her Value Is Far Above Rubies: The Christian Woman (50pp)
    #PAM-013 Reincarnation: True or False? (16pp)
    #PAM-014 The Four Frogs: The New Covenant and Other Christians (12pp)
    #PAM-015 Cry Wolf! The Problem of Sects and Cults (12pp)
    #PAM-016 Introducing the NPKF: The New Covenant Christian Fellowship (16pp)
    #PAM-017 A History of the Christian Church and Its Restoration (8pp)
    #PAM-018 Apostolic Epistles of the New Covenant No.1 (8pp)
    #PAM-019 Apostolic Interviews 1: A Question of Fellowship (24pp)
    #PAM-020 Apostolic Interviews 2: A Question of Agency (20pp)
    #PAM-021 Come Follow Me: The Challenge of Jesus Christ (16pp)
    #PAM-022 What is the True Church? (for Latter-day Saints) (52pp)
    #PAM-023 Where is the True Church? 15 Points of Identification (16pp)
    #PAM-024 A Glimpse Into Heaven: My Life Story by Christopher C. Warren (24pp)
    #PAM-025 Why are there So Many Christian Churches? (32pp)
    #PAM-026 Fascinating Facts & Intriguing Questions (for LDS) (8pp)
    #PAM-027 Alive (4pp)
    #PAM-028 Teeth of the Dragon: The Problem of Feelings & Fear (16pp)
    #PAM-029 Have You Been Born Again? Part 1 (8pp)
    #PAM-030 What is the Purpose of Life? (2pp)
    #PAM-031 Symbols of the New Covenant (2pp)
    #PAM-032 The Keys of Revelation: A New Covenant Perspective (20pp)
    #PAM-033 Fundamental Differences between New Covenant Christian Doctrine and some "Orthodox" Traditions (16pp)
    #PAM-034 The Assassination & Restoration of the Gospel of the Apostle Paul (8pp)
    #PAM-035 The Sabbath Day: A Discussion Between a Seventh Day Adventist and a New Covenant Christian (8pp)
    #PAM-036 Apostolic Interviews 3: A Question of Homosexuality (44pp)
    #PAM-037 Unwelcome Visitors: The UFO Phenomenon (12pp)
    #PAM-038 Apostolic Interviews 4: A Question of Life, Religion, Science & Philosophy (60pp)
    #PAM-039 The Strictness of the Way (8pp)
    #PAM-040 The Explanation of Life as Told by the World's Greatest Sages (16pp)
    #PAM-041 Tomorrow's Christian World (16pp)
    #PAM-042 How to Become a Wise Norwegian (8pp)
    #PAM-043 A Helping Hand for NPKF Adult Sunday School Teachers (8pp)
    #PAM-044 40 Key Concepts in Theology and Church History (8pp)
    #PAM-045 EU: Snake in the Grass (2pp)
    #PAM-046 Your Invitation to Become a Follower of Christ (28pp)
    #PAM-047 Apostolic Interviews 5: A Question of Church Identity (28pp)
    #PAM-048 Discovering Your Place in the Local NPKF (12pp)
    #PAM-049 Your Call to Freedom (2pp)
    #PAM-050 The Prophets with No Priesthood (for LDS) (12pp)
    #PAM-051 New Start (2pp)
    #PAM-052 New Covenant Christians, Latter-day Saints, and the Priesthood of God (for LDS) (12pp)
    #PAM-053 The Film of Your Life (2pp)
    #PAM-054 Why Do We Suffer? (8pp)
    #PAM-055 Making Your Commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (2pp)
    #PAM-056 Apostolic Interviews 6: A Question of Covenants (16pp)
    #PAM-057 Apostolic Interviews 7: A Question of Revelation (28pp)
    #PAM-058 Apostolic Interviews 8: A Question of Gathering (16pp)
    #PAM-059 The Persecution Syndrome (12pp)
    #PAM-060 Baptism into Christ: What Does it Mean? (8pp)
    #PAM-061 Welcome to the New Covenant Church of God (12pp)
    #PAM-062 Five Consequences of the Fall (8pp)
    #PAM-063 I Love You (2pp)
    #PAM-064 The New Covenant Church of God: Its Historical Relationship to the Restoration Movement (4pp)
    #PAM-065 Seasons' Greetings: Christ and Christmas, the Truth and the Lie (28pp)
    #PAM-066 Book of Mormon Problems (for LDS) (36pp)

    The New Covenant Christian Witness (Official Church Magazine)

    #NCW-001 No.1, August 1992: Five Keys to Effective Prayer ¤Apostles, Prophets, Baptism of the Spirit, Gift of Tongues ¤The Pastoral Office: A Guide to Congregational Leadership (60pp)
    #NCW-002 No.2, October 1992: Was Jesus Married? (Part 1): Introduction ¤When Apostles are Called ¤The Seven Pharisees ¤Teach us How To Pray ¤ Testamant & Covenant ¤Origins of the NCCF ¤How To Join the NCCF ¤Church Led by Apostles not Prophets ¤Dealing with Conflict ¤ Religious Symbols: How Should They be Used? ¤The Love-Hate Syndrome: A Deadly Illness. (52pp)
    #NCW-003 No.3, March 1993: Was Jesus Married? (Part 2): Rabbi Jesus ¤A Dictionary of the Teachings of the New Covenant Restoration (48pp)
    #NCW-004 No.4, May 1993: The Comforter ¤Common Law Marriage ¤The Old Testament: Is It Necessary Any More? ¤Was Jesus Married? (Part 3): The Gospel La¤(44pp)
    #NCW-005 No.5, July 1993: Belief in Jesus Christ (Part 1): Horns of the Dilemma ¤ The Divine Ascent: Message to the Firstborn ¤Was Jesus Married? (Part 4): The Marriage at Cana ¤The Sabbath Day ¤Has the Church of Christ Been Restored? (36pp)
    #NCW-006 No.6, November 1993: ¤A Majority of One ¤The Way of Holiness ¤ God Is the Same ¤Women Teachers in the Church ¤Overseers, Deacons, Deaconesses & Marriage ¤Is the Kingdom Within? ¤The Eternal Security of God's Word ¤25 December, 6 January, or 6 April: When Was Jesus Born? ¤We Wish You a Merry Nimrod? ¤Rootless Grace ¤TV: The God in Your Living Room (48pp)
    #NCW-007 No.7, December 1993: ¤The Thief who was Saved ¤Was Jesus Joseph's Son? ¤The Bible Canon: Accident or Design? ¤The Hidden Dangers of Halloween ¤How Satan Infiltrates Music¤ Warning Signs of Satanism¤ The Name of the Church¤ More on Christmas¤ The Gospel and the Place of Women¤ The New Covenant and the Virgin Mary¤ NPKF Relief Projects: ICS and Moldovan Prisoners¤ The Pre-Existence of Jeremiah¤ Is God a Spirit? (64pp)
    #NCW-008 No.8, January 1994:¤ Expose the Works of Darkness!¤ The Church Ministry¤ Faith vs. Works ¤ Romance and Dating ¤ NPKF & Ecumenicism ¤ The Christian & TV Control ¤ Witnessing from Scripture w On Evolution & Creation ¤ Cain, Big-Foot & the Bible ¤ Time to Choose ¤ Be Content With What You Have ¤ "It's My fault!" ¤ Noah's Ark: Is It Important Today? (32pp)
    #NCW-009 No.9, April 1994: ¤ Pleasing God ¤ 3 April 1994 Commemorative Sermon ¤ If Reincarnation is True... ¤ The Law and Grace ¤ Love and the Law ¤ Is Jesus God? ¤ Verbal, Plenary Revelation ¤ In Love Outside the Covenant ¤ Sex and Marriage ¤ On Coca-Cola ¤ Baptism and Confirmation: Which Comes First? ¤ Non-Canonical Scriptures ¤ When a Whole Congregation Joins the NPKF ¤ A Private Interview ¤ An Apostolic Letter to a Sister wuth Cancer (40pp)
    #NCW-010 No.10, June 1994: ¤ The Cross of Christ vs. Signs and Wisdom ¤ The Tradition of Sealed Scripture ¤ Moral Believers ¤ God's Will and Human Free Agency ¤ Jesus' Seed, and Creation ex nihilo ¤ The Nature of the Spirit Word ¤ The New Covenant Church of God: Phase II -- Gathering to Zion: The Vision of Zion, the Desire for Zion, The Assurance of Zion, Speak the Word of Zion, the Sin of Hatred, the Sin of Fear, the Sin of Inferiority, the Sin of Guilt & A Sure Foundation: Modern Heresies (68pp)
    #NCW-011 No.11, August 1994: #The Feast of Pentecost #Testimony: A Renewed Mind & Heart #Real Sacrifice ¤ Jesus Christ, the Righteous One ¤ A Child's Question: Growing Up ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 1-3 (More Than Conquerors): New Wineskins, Old Word -- New Content, Disorganised Grammar ¤ Safe Sex? ¤ Conscience & Innocence ¤ Diversity of Gifts in Denominations ¤ Near-death Experiences ¤ The Nature of Angelic Beings ¤ Where Our Questions Come From ¤ Modern Music ¤ Should Christians Tithe? ¤ Baptism for the Dead ¤ The New Testament Priesthood ¤ Baptism into the Covenant of Christ ¤ I Come To The Garden Alone ¤ Guidelines for Business Projects (68pp)
    #NCW-012 No.12, September-October 1994: ¤ My Formula for Prayer ¤ Prove You're a Christian! ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 4-6: Moral Winners, Non-Expectancy, Naturalised in Defeat ¤ The Roots of NPKF ¤ The Book of Urantia ¤ Liberal Christianity ¤ Courage to Stand Alone ¤ Joy Through Fire ¤ Praying Together ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 7-9: Purity is not Maturity ¤ Crying for the Shepherd ¤ Overcoming the World ¤ Enjoying Prayer ¤ Mature Discipleship (52pp)
    #NCW-013 No.13, November 1994: ¤ Doing God's Will ¤ A prophetic Vision ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 10-12: Duality Brings Disaster ¤ Why Do We Struggle? ¤ I Am With You in All Things ¤ Birthday Celebration ¤ A Restoration Church: The Spirit of Elijah ¤ What Kind of Clothes Should We Wear? ¤ Hannah: A True Mother (pp)
    #NCW-014 No.14, December 1994: ¤ The Gospel Heart: Developing Inner Sensitivity ¤ The Man Who Would Not Speak to God ¤ The Law of Tithing in Biblical Times ¤ The Law of Tithing in the New Covenant ¤ Ideal Motherhood or Brainwashing? ¤ God's View of Atheists ¤ Should We Criticize Other Churches? ¤ Sabbath Observation is Still Required ¤ Breast Cancer & Abortion ¤ The Alcohol Question ¤ The Mystery of Life w A Testimony of Tithing & Divine Intervention ¤ A Word on Christmas (52pp)
    #NCW-015 No.15, January 1995: ¤ Masters & Servants ¤ Trust as a Mountain ¤ The Churches of Men and God ¤ A Word of Wisdom on Sleep ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 13-15: The Way of Realism ¤ Not Blinkered or Blind ¤ Room To Grow Up In ¤ Second Vision of NC Ship ¤ Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice ¤ Does Marriage End at Death? ¤ Slain in the Spirit & the Toronto Blessing ¤ From Independent Church to New Covenant: A Brief History ¤ A Psalm of Praise ¤ Poems: Love Ever Gives & The Churches (36pp)
    #NCW-016 No.16, February 1995: ¤ So Hard To Change ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 16-18: wSeeing Good as Evil ¤ How Never To Be Old ¤ Trouble With Authority ¤ The Processionary Caterpillar ¤ The Fulness of the Gospel ¤ Overcoming the Adversary ¤ Is God Invisible? ¤ Absent Witnesses ¤ Is the Law of the Land Our Protector? ¤ Signs of a True Christian ¤ Mysticism in the Gospel of Christ ¤ Giving Thanks ¤ The Persecution of God's People ¤ The Mission of the New Covenant Church of God (48pp)
    #NCW-017 No.17, March 1995: ¤ The Perfect Pudding ¤ Conversion of a World Communist Leader ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 19-21: ¤ Keep Yourselves in God's Love ¤ The Basis of Certainty ¤ Fear -- The Thing to Fear ¤ Love is the Perfection of the Law ¤ The Church: Pillar and Foundation of Truth? ¤ Forcing One's Way Into The Kingdom ¤ Consecrated by the Word ¤ Rejecting of Accepting Christ ¤ The United Nations: Whose Tool? ¤ Should We Drink Wine? ¤ Why Read The Bible? ¤ TV Evangelists ¤ No-one Can See God? ¤ Male Gentleness ¤ The Return of Christ: Soon? ¤ Jesus Will Return Suddenly ¤ The Kobe Earthquake ¤ 1995: A Critical Year? ¤ Re-adopting The Saturday Sabbath? ¤ Is The Kingdom of God Within? ¤ The Importance of Missionary Work ¤ The Advanced Culture of the Patriarchs ¤ Bible vs. Holy Spirit ¤ Why Modern Revelations are not Canonised ¤ Government of the Holy Order w No Pre-existence for Job? Revelation by Lots ¤ Will Another Jewish Temple Be Built? ¤ All Things Are Pure to the Pure ¤ Intercourse and Uncleanliness ¤ A Letter to the New Covenant (60pp)
    #NCW-018 No.18, April 1995: ¤ Church Family: A Daily Need ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 22-24: ¤ The Great Destroyer ¤ What Compels Us? ¤ Perfect Love Drives Out Fear ¤ Responsibility ¤ The Exodus: A New Theory ¤ Would a Married Jesus have been Sinful? ¤ What is a Liberal Christian? ¤ The Necessity of the Holy Order ¤ A Letter from a Friend ¤ Words of Counsel from an Old Pastor to a New One (48pp)
    #NCW-019 No.19, May 1995: ¤ True Discipleship: The Only Path ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 25-27: ¤ Unafraid ¤ Listen to Him! ¤ The Greatest Pain ¤ Wild & Natural Olive Trees ¤ Baptism into What? ¤ Is Jesus Elohim? ¤ Our Not Celebrating Christmas ¤ Too Small to Join ¤ Micah and the New Covenant (32pp)
    #NCW-020 No.20, June 1995: ¤ The Old Paths ¤ MINI-STUDY GUIDE 28-29: ¤ Where Love Starts ¤ One Burning Message ¤ An Open Heart ¤ A Question of Net Tithing ¤ Tithing & Business ¤ Is "Increase Tithing" Valid? ¤ Marrying a Common Law Wife ¤ The Parable of the Talents & Callings ¤ Ready...Steady...STOP! (28pp)
    #NCW-021 No.21, July 1995: ¤ An Open Heart: Eight Cherished Qualities ¤ The Dangers of Theology ¤ Piercing the Veil: Jacob Behmen ¤ The Seven Major Festivals of the New Covenant ¤ How a Wife Should Love Her Husband ¤ Salt of the Earth ¤ Why We Shun Politics ¤ New Covenant Distinctive Trait ¤ Tenancy of Leaders ¤ Confessing the Faith ¤ A Relativistic Church? ¤ Signs of Apostles ¤ Was Paul Single? ¤ Cultivating Beautiful Thoughts ¤ Born to Grieve ¤ Avoiding Christian Clichés ¤ New Covenant Terminology ¤ Loving and Teaching the Unborn (64pp)
    #NCW-022 No.22, August 1995: ¤ Official Announcement No.1 by the Patriarchate w Family Idolatry ¤ When Eve Failed to Pray and Trust God ¤ The Two Prophets ¤ The Witness of Your Home ¤ Concessions to Human Weakness? ¤ Free Agency, Action, Trials, and God's Will ¤ Rivers of Living Water ¤ Work Advertisement (72pp)
    #NCW-023 No.23, September 1995: ¤ God's Call to Lev-Zion & the Eastablishment of the New Covenant Church ¤ Guilty! ¤ Like the Sun that Rises ¤ Authority and Priesthood ¤ Inner & Outer Church AAproaches ¤ Frustration ¤ The Love of Zion ¤ Drinking Alcoholic Wine ¤ Your Temple Home ¤ Life's Trials (24pp)
    #NCW-024 No.24, October 1995: ¤ Knowing God Personally ¤ Change Me Lord! w The Woman at the Well ¤ The Roots of Hypocricy ¤ Extract from Pilgrim's Progress ¤ Onwards to Jericho! (40pp)
    #NCW-025 No.25, November 1995: ¤ Rich Man : Righteous Man ¤ Covenants & Repentance ¤ Accepting the Constitution ¤ Temptations ¤ Knowing Knowledge ¤ Quoting Scripture ¤ Doing Ones Duty in Love ¤ Fearing Change ¤ Long Sermons ¤ Are Christians Automatically God's Sons? ¤ Official Statement #2: The Latter Day Saint Scriptures (24pp)
    #NCW-026 No.26, December 1995: Discerning Music ¤ The World's Cultures & Zion ¤ History & Centralised Eclesiastical Authority ¤ The New Constitution ¤ Women's Priesthood & the New Church Organisation ¤ Immediate NPKF Goals: Evangelism ¤ The Gathering to Kadesh ¤ The Holy Order to Become More Public? ¤ Knowledge vs. Love ¤ Law Observance and the Fear of Death ¤ Pre-Mortal Calling to be New Covenant Christians? ¤ Extra-Biblical Early Christian Literature (28pp)
    #NCW-027 No.27, January 1996: Editorial - historical Synopsis ¤ The Red Leaf ¤ A Vision of Discipleship ¤ The Early Christian Church: It's Organisation and the New Covenant Church of God ¤ Interpreting God's Will in Life's Events ¤ Were the Apostles Married? ¤ Reorganisation of the Church ¤ Can Science Exit Without Faith? ¤ Our Attitude to Politics ¤ Our Great God (48pp)
    #NCW-028 No.28, Special Edition: I Do Not Know...I Do Know ¤ Christmas Celebration & the Sabbath ¤ Showing Respect ¤ The New Covenant and Its Leaders ¤ Temples, Old and Modern ¤ A Parable of the Church (32pp)
    #NCW-029 No.29, Special Edition II: An Extract from the First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians ¤ Cosmos and Earth ¤ The Children of Promise: Answer to a Modern Heresy ¤ Church Leaders and the Law ¤ High Priests: Old and New ¤ The Necessity of Scriptural Interpretation ¤ Theological Training, Apostles and Torah ¤ To War Against the Light: How the Lord Protects His People from Evil ¤ God Has Done It (32pp)
    #NCW-030 No.30, February 1996: True and False Religion ¤ Worry: A Kind of Atheism ¤ On the Covenants & Commandments ¤ The 6 April Birth of Christ ¤ On Schism in the Church ¤ Apostate: An Abusive Word? ¤ The Future of the Temple ¤ The Future of the Patriarchate ¤ Differentiating Old and New Covenants ¤ We Trust in the Lord God of Israel ¤ The Promise of a King ¤ Cheerful Giving (28pp)
    #NCW-031 No.31, March 1996: Understanding Paul's View of the Law ¤ Forty Key Articles of Faith ¤ The Ten Commandments: Whose Law? ¤ How Many Christian Churches? ¤ The Living Candlestick ¤ The Holy Spirit: One or Two? ¤ Line Upon Line ¤ The Making of the New Constitution ¤ Great Deceptions: The World, Rebellion, Whoredom & Money, Pride & Money, False Gospels, and Pride ¤ Historical Reminiscences: Understanding Yesterday Through Today ¤ A Warning Against Young Headstrong Prophets and False Teachers (60pp)
    #NCW-032 No.32, April 1996 (Part I): Waiting for the Spiritual Endowment ¤ Understanding Prophetic Revelation ¤ Listening to the Lord: Rationalism vs. Mysticism, Liturgy vs. Free Worship, Common Sense vs. Brilliant Scholarship, The Artisitic vs. the Prosaic, Complex vs. Simple ¤ The Seven Ears of Man ¤ "Aaronic Apostles" ¤ Courtship in the New Covenant ¤ Waiting for Children? ¤ Is the Bible Infallible? ¤ Refutung False Teachers ¤ On Bishops ¤ Old Revelations ¤ The Rapture Question ¤ Bearing Witness of Jesus in China (56pp)
    #NCW-033 No.33, April 1996 (Part II): Farewell NPKF! ¤ Journey Through Ecclesia ¤ The Sub-Apostolic Christian Church and the New Covenant ¤ Confirmation and Catechumens ¤ Catechumens ¤ The Spirit of Elisha and Elijah ¤ Is Debating Healthy? ¤ Sons of God or Angels? ¤ Spirit, Soul and Body? ¤ The Golden Text ¤ On Conscience ¤ Predestination or Foreordination ¤ An Imbalance in the Sexes ¤ Faith, Miracles and the Exodus ¤ Testimonies: Fact and Fiction (48pp)
    #NCW-034 No.34, May-June 1996: Editorial: Satan's Pawn Shop ¤ The Mantle of Jesus ¤ When Not To Pray ¤ Revelation and Scripture ¤ Two Roads & Two Gates (28pp)
    #NCW-035 No.35, July 1996: A Time-Frame for the New Covenant ¤ What Did You Say? ¤ B=f[F2+K)(P+So)]Sa and the Missing Dimension in Christianity ¤ Now is the Accepted Time! ¤ Be True to Your Word (20pp)
    #NCW-036 No.36, July 1996 II, Extra Edition: A Brave and True Prayer for Politicians ¤ The Four Modes of Scriptural Interpretation ¤ A Happy Marriage ¤ Pride and Humility ¤ Accepting Limitation ¤ Our Appearance In the Resurrection ¤ A Book on Prayer ¤ Is Alcohol Consumption a Sin? ¤ "Christian" and "New Covenant Christian" ¤ Compulsion, Freedom and Conscience ¤ On Lotteries ¤ Good Preaching ¤ Corporal Punishment ¤ On the "Holy Spirit Movement" and "Toronto Blessing" ¤ The Orthodox Church and the Atonement ¤ No Rapture Before Christ Returns ¤ When Does One Obey the Commandments? ¤ Book Reviews - New Age Bible Versions, Christianity Evidence and Truth, Jewish New Testament Commentary ¤ Humour ¤ Quotable Quotes (60pp)
    #NCW-037 No.37, August 1996: Where Are You Headed? Accounting for our Deeds ¤ Rich and Poor in the Church? ¤ Length of Apostolic Calls ¤ Responding to Slander ¤ The Meaning of Mysticism ¤ The Teaching of the Gospel ¤ One Covenant or Two? ¤ Interpreting the Gospel ¤ No Fathers, Leaders or Teachers? ¤ The parable of the Wheel (52pp) #NCW-038 No.38, September 1996: God's Final Word ¤ Was There Life on Mars? ¤ B'rit Chadashah, the New Covenant Church & BCEA ¤ How to Join the Church ¤ The Temple and its Place in the 1996 Reorganisation ¤ What is a Church? An Esoteric Approach (36pp)
    #NCW-039 No.39, October 1996: The Look of Love ¤ A Pioneer Church ¤ Thanks for Inconvenience ¤ The Angel Malachi ¤ How Many Heavens? ¤ On Killing in the Old Testament ¤ Temple Worship and Clothing ¤ Recovering Sinners ¤ Two Roads and Two Gates ¤ Sin's Deadly Wages (28pp)
    #NCW-040 No.40, November 1996: The Story of Ruth ¤ A Drug Addict's Discovery ¤ The Way that Seems Right (52pp)
    #NCW-041 No.41, December 1996: Xmas, the Diabolical Paradox ¤ 20th Century Proverbs ¤ Visions of George Pike ¤ Civilization & Co., Homewreckers (28pp)
    #NCW-042 No.42, January 1997: Editorial ¤ A 1619 Prophecy ¤ An Israeli Love Story ¤ Is a person Who Does Not Hear or Accept the Gospel Doomed to an Eternal Hell? ¤ Are New Covenant Christians Fundamentalists? ¤ Human Pre-Existence and Contradictory Scriptures? ¤ Eternal Marriage Including NC&C 440 ¤ Witness Bible Studies: Elijah ¤ Angelic Visitation I ¤ The End of the World ¤ Pain and Suffering ¤ Glossalalia: The Gift of Gibberish (64pp)
    #NCW-043 No.43, February 1997: Editorial: The Godhead & Polygamy Debates ¤ The Trinity ¤ Trinitarian Dogma ¤ The Trinity is Jewish ¤ The New Life Movement & a "New Spirit" ¤ Singing a New Song ¤ Correct Theology and Salvation ¤ The Church's Greatest Mistake ¤ Reducing the Ageing Process ¤ Christmas and the Christian West ¤ Eating Domestic Pets ¤ The New Age and Pantheism ¤ Colonialism ¤ Universalists ¤ Process Theology ¤ Changing the Name of the Church ¤ Does the Church Need an Earthly Head? ¤ What Does it Mean to be "the Husband of One Wife"? ¤ Poly-Positive ¤ Are You a Sexaholic? (96pp)
    #NCW-044 No.44, March 1997: Editorial: Judging Truth from God's Word ¤ I Donæt Want to Think About It... ¤ Blinded By the Light: On Near-Death Experiences ¤ Pilate's Question ¤ Old Testament Salvation by Faith or Works? ¤ The Persecution of the Jews ¤ The New Covenant Church and the Gospel of Thomas ¤ Will the Church Be Organised in the Last Days as it was in New Testament Times? ¤ Responding to the Hand of Fellowship from Rebels ¤ Proto-Trinitarianism: The Godhead Doctrine of the New Covenant Church ¤ The One True Church ¤ Healing for a Price ¤ Should a Woman Teach in Church? ¤ New Testament Christianity ¤ What Does the Bible Mean When it Refers to the Baptism of the Dead? ¤ The Monogamy-Polygamy Controversy: The Position of the New Covenant ¤ Separated into God ¤ A Great Christian Scam: Exposing Wyatt Archaeological Research (108pp)
    #NCW-045 No.45, April 1997: Editorial ¤ Moving to the Next level: The Holy Week Sermon, 3 April 1997 ¤ The Early Christian View of the Saviour: Eternal Damnation? ¤ Did Adam and Eve Have Sex in Eden? ¤ The Modern State of Israel and Jews ¤ Criteria in Choosing a Marriage Companion ¤ Forgetting or Forgiving? ¤ New Covenant Christians are Politically Incorrect ¤ The Debate Over Feminist Theology: Which View is Biblical? (84pp)
    #NCW-046 No.46, May 1997: Editorial ¤ Correspondence on the Internet with Daystar Ministry in Australia ¤ The Olive Branch: Sections 415, 424, 381 ¤ Who Are You? Explaining the Origins of the New Covenant Church (32pp)
    #NCW-047 No.47, June-July 1997: Editorial: Zion Established in Sweden! ¤ Getting it Right ¤ Yahweh: The Name of God ¤ The Main Differences Between New Covenant and Orthodox Evangelical Theology - The Pre-Existence, Eternal Marriage, The Holy Spirit, The Godhead, The Person of Christ, An Open Canon, Modern-Day Apostolic Ministry and Church Organisation, Progressive Salvation and Sanctification, Celibacy, Monogamy and Polygamy ¤ Denominations and Ministries: Are They of God? (48pp)

    B'rit Chadashah Evangelical Association (BCEA) Pamphlets

    #BC-001 God's Call to Bergen: Announcing the Gathering of Israel in Norway (2pp)
    #BC-002 Emblem of God's Presence: The Story of the B'rit Chadashah Logo (12pp)
    #BC-003 The Sermon on the Mount - A Doctrinal and Scriptural Study Guide, Part 1: The Beatitudes, the Covenant of Salt & the New Covenant Salt (36pp)
    #BC-004 Revelation on the False Doctrine of Reincarnation (8pp)
    #BC-005 BCEA: B'rit Chadashah Evangelical Association (4pp)
    #BC-006 All in a Smile?: The Problem of Discerning People (4pp)
    #BC-007 The Sign of Jonah: Answering Muslim Objections to the Resurrection (4pp)
    #BC-008 Prophecies on the Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia (4pp)
    #BC-009 Prophecy on Great Britain (4pp)
    #BC-010 Revelation on the Origin of Illness (4pp)
    #BC-011 Let's Get Serious! (4pp)
    #BC-012 North America, Western Europe ands Ancient Greece: Our Devolving Culture (4pp)
    #BC-013 Prophecy on the Gulf War (4pp)
    #BC-014 I Will Make a New Covenant with the House of Israel (16pp)
    #BC-015 The Holy Bible: The New Covenant Position (8pp)
    #BC-016 The Mysterious Hebrew Codes: Conclusive Proof that Man Did NOT Write the Bible (24pp)
    #BC-017 Freedom from the Faith Movement: The Personal Testimony of Jeff Beard (8pp)
    #BC-018 A Laughing Revival Service: Exposing the Fraudulent Toronto Blessing (8pp)
    #BC-019 False Teachings No.2: "The Word of Life" or Prosperity Theology
    #BC-020 False Teachings No.3: Is the "Toronto Thing" of the Holy Spirit?
    #BC-021 Vision of Christ's Empty Tomb (2pp)
    #BC-022 Prophecy on the EU, EFTA and Berlin (2pp)
    #BC-023 Prophecy on the Land of Norway (2pp, A4 format))
    #BC-024 10 Stupid Reasons for not Becoming a Christian (2pp, A4 format)

    B'rit Chadashah Newsletter (A3 format)

    #BCN-001 Vol.1, No.1, April 1996: BCEA formed in Bergen ¤ The Mission of BCEA ¤ Articles of Belief ¤ The Ministry of Tragedy ¤ The Greater Works ¤ Home, Sweet Home ¤ The Lord's Prayer (4pp)
    #BCN-002 Vol.1, No.2, June 1996: New Director for BCEA ¤ Official Links with Moldova ¤ ICS Mourns Death of Mrs. Tara ¤ Funds Needed for Indian Orphanage ¤ Prophecies to be Published ¤ BCEA: Guided by Revelation ¤ Could You be Called? (4pp)
    #BCN-003 Vol.1, No.3, July 1996: Witnessing in England ¤ Outreach in Norway ¤ Home Education Needed ¤ Important Booklets Prepared ¤ Foundational Bible Courses ¤ Printing Press Donated ¤ Orphanages Saved for Now! ¤ Moldovan Trip Postponed ¤ The Root of True Faith (4pp)
    #BCN-004 Vol.1, No.4, August 1996: Prepare to Gather to Zion ¤ Evangelism Now ¤ New English Publications ¤ N.C. Residential Courses (4pp)
    #BCN-005 Vol.1, No.5, September 1996: The Olive Branch to be Published Very Soon ¤ Nordic Bible Society ¤ New Revelations ¤ The Call to Australia ¤ On the Internet ¤ Dr. Monei Sends Thanks ¤ Bible Studies Praised ¤ Letter from NBS ¤ New Covenant Witness ¤ Polycarp Speaks (4pp)
    #BCN-006 Vol.1, No.6, September (2) 1996: New Covenant Ship at Sea ¤ Kadesh-biyqah Found? ¤ Making Necessary Sacrifice ¤ Miracles have Just Begun ¤ Moldovan Church Joins BCEA ¤ Pray for the Patriarchate ¤ The Olive Branch Priority ¤ BCEA and the NC Church (6pp)
    #BCN-007 Vol.1, No.7, December 1996: BCEA Welcomes Christian Mission, Moldova! ¤ News from the Internet ¤ The Olive Branch Nearly Ready ¤ Letters: On Falsehood in Christendom, On the "Toronto Blessing" ¤ God's Treasured Blessing ¤ To be a Spiritual Pioneer ¤ The Blessings and the Endings (8pp)

    News from Kadesjbrua (A4 format)

    #KBR-001 No.1, October 1996: Farewell Lille Kadesj! ¤ Welcome to Kadesjbrua (2pp)


    OOP = Out of Print
    36pp = 36 pages long
    ACMO = Available to Church Members Only

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