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Month 2:3, Week 1:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5941:33 AM
2Exodus 4/40, (Omer Count - Shabbat #2)
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 29 April 2017
Jericho March III 2017
Tearing Down Emotional
Manipulation Strongholds

    Continued from Part 2

      "The Ruach (Spirit) of Yahweh is upon Me,
      Because He has anointed Me
      To preach the Besorah (Gospel) to the poor;
      He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
      To proclaim liberty to the captives
      And recovery of sight to the blind,
      To set at liberty those who are oppressed;
      To proclaim the acceptable year of Yahweh"

      (Luke 4:18-19, NKJV).

    Bondage to Words

    People are held spiritually captive by so many different things today but one area we don't address enough is bondage to words. A lot of believers know what it is like to feel bound to certain thoughts and feelings and in some ways we are called to face mental and emotional Jericho's.

    The Elements of Destroying Strongholds

    Strongholds created by the cruel, harsh or manipulative words of others may be demolished by walking around them and speaking emet-devarim or truth-words to them in the Name of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) in the power Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). The elements of the successful destruction of a stronghold are as follows:

    • 1. Scouting (by sending out 'spies') to find out what the nature of the problem is;
    • 2. Consulting Yahweh by doing it in correct divine tavnith (pattern), that is to say, precisely following Yahweh's instructions to us or following revelation;
    • 3. Marching in step - doing something proactively;
    • 4. Having 'soldiers' in front and behind - kitting up with spiritual armour;
    • 5. Carrying the 'Ark of the Covenant' - having Yahweh's Presence, acquired through praise and prayer;
    • 6. Blowing 'seven shofars' - making emet (truth) declarations; and
    • 7. The whole soul - body, mind, heart and spirit - affirming powerfully ('shouting') the destruction of the stronghold.

    Not Ritual Manipulation

    All along we must exercise emunah (faith) that Yahweh will bring the strongholds down. We have to believe in the midst of our activity, not assuming that a ritual somehow manipulates the desired result into materialisation (which is occultism and the basis of much charismatic 'Christianity').

    Know Your Enemy

    Knowing something of your enemy is obviously important. You start by asking Yahweh to shine the light of emet (truth) on your problem and asking for clues. A person in bondage cannot 'see' the whole picture but what he can do is receive and carry out instructions. Harmful words directed against your soul can cause immense spiritual destruction that generate volcanic ash-like clouds of depression or that blinding 'dark flash' of anger.

    Dark Labels

    Dark words - and particularly labels (like 'retard', 'failure', 'idiot', etc.) - animated by the dark ruach (spirit) of a person (like jeaolosy), cause immense destruction because their use gives demons legal grounds to stir the mix and magnify everything out of proportion to actual, real size. Once demons are in the picture they immediately set about imprisoning the mind and heart with more and more lies (like 'you're hopeless', 'Yahweh cannot help you', 'Yah'shua hates you', etc.).

    Strongholds Need Supernatural Deliverance

    Once dark spirits are in the mix, and especially if they have been there for years, these are not things you can just 'get over' in your own strength. The enemy is supernatural and his Jericho-like fortress appears impregnable. And as Jericho truly was impregnable to the natural army of Joshua, so false belief about the self caused by the deep wounding of cruel, untrue words spoken over us by the mean-spirited, swollen and entrenched by demonic powers, requires supernatural deliverance. Jericho's walls were impregnable by the standards of the day and only earthquakes and Yahweh's supernatural intervention were ever able to render it helpless.

    Rewing Your Mind

    Most of the battle against destructive, enslaving words and false labels is won by the constant renewal of our minds by speaking emet (truth) over ourselves (Rom.12:2). This is more than the New Age technique of telling yourself that you are wonderful, which may or may not be true, because this is not enough to overcome demonic oppression. The emet (truth) that matters is not just who you are but who you are in Messiah since He is the Deliverer.

    Yah'shua as Angel of the Presence

    Remember, the malak (angel) who appeared to Joshua was not any old malak (angel) but the malak of Yahweh's Panim (Face) or Presence whom Joshua fell down and worshipped. Only one such Messenger is entitled to worship and that is the Malak (Angel) of the Presence which then was the pre-incarnate Messiah, Yah'shua (Jesus). Joshua got his marching orders from Yah'shua (Jesus) because this phase of the Exodus was, and is, about taking the Promised Land itself. Yah'shua (Jesus) is that 'land', that 'provision' ('houses' and 'vineyards') and that 'rest' (freedom from oppression, echadness or oneness of soul). That is why the Jericho March is still relevent to us today. He is the One who dismantles the enemy fortresses or demonic strongholds - He is the Deliverer, the Saviour. And the place of deliverance becomes His place of glory, where His Panim (Face) may be worshipped in thankfulness for deliverance rendered.

    Blinded by the Demonic

    Part of the problem of being injured with words or manipulated emotionally is that while we may be in pain and frustrated or even angry with the people manipulating us, we often can't see the way out because the demonic has either blinded us to what's going on or triggers us to react in a way that helps neither you, the victim, nor the psychological abuser.

    Mental Abuse

    Emotional manipulation is, unfortunately, both a symptom of the fallen, unsaved human condition as well as being ubiquitous - it's everywhere. Emotional strategies, whether intentional and premeditated or not - we inherit so much of this kind of behaviour from parents, siblings and peers - are used by people to exploit or manipulate a person's mental and emotional state. It is rightly viewed as demonic because it's a form of mental abuse.

    Active Opposition

    An error many believers make is tolerating it out of the mistaken belief that this is somehow 'loving'. We must each, of course, choose whether we are going to remain in bondage or not, but tolerating this kind of behaviour in the Messianic Community (Church) is not an option. Left unchallenged, it gives the Devil a foot into family and congregational life to sow havoc and destroy relationships. That is why it has to be actively opposed and those in bondage offered deliverance. Left unchecked, it can destroy marriages, families and congregations.

    Ten Kinds of Emotional Manipulation

    I was watching a helpful video the other day which lists ten kinds of emotional manipulation commonly employed to control or destroy people. These devices of the Enemy need to be identified and dealt with for the healthy mental, emotional and spiritual life of the Kingdom. Indeed, left unchecked, they destroy Yahweh's Kingdom on earth. I feel strongly led to share these categories with you today since they are both so common as well as tend to be overlooked, ignored or blame shifted to 'genes' or something or someone else.

    Scouting the Enemy's Terrain

    Knowing your enemy is the first line of attack. Sending 'scouts' out to look at the way the fortress is built and defended is an important place to start. So here are ten demonic emotional manipulation strategies that are sometimes subtle, sometimes not so, but equally poisonous and destructive.

    1. The Constant Victim

    The constant victim will always find a way to end up as the victim in their relationships. The other person will always be to blame.

    2. The One-Upmanship Expert - 'I Can Do Better'

    This person uses pedant, snide remarks and criticism to show that they're superior and know much more than you.

    3. Powerful Dependents - 'It's ALL On You Now'

    These people pretend to be weak and powerless and then use their helplessness to dominate relationships. They send the suble message, 'You must not let me down.'

    4. Triangulators

    These people always try to get others on their side. They're quick to say nasty things and put you down. They separate good friends and drive wedges in between families.

    5. The Blasters

    They blast you with their anger or suddenly blow up. That has the effect of stopping you from asking questions in case there's a showdown.

    6. The Projector - 'I'm Always Right'

    The projector thinks he's perfect and that others have all the flaws. They take no ownership over sin because they're never ever wrong.

    7. The Deliberate Misinterpreter

    This person seems nice but they twist and use your words. He spreads misinformation and misinterprets you, deliberately presenting you in a false, negative way.

    8. The Flirt

    This person uses flirting to get their way in life. They want to be admired and have an audience. However, your needs and interests are of no concern to them.

    9. The Iron Fist

    The iron fist uses intimidation to throw his weight around, use you for their ends, and get their way in life.

    10. The Multiple Offender

    This person uses several of the techniques already described and will often switch between the methods depending on what suits their purposes.

    Leave the Manipulating Environment

    Confronting people who do this may be scary (especially if they are older or in positions of authority over you) but is necessary for your own well-being. If this is not possible, removing them from your life (or yourself from theirs) is essential for your emotional health or they may cripple you and in turn spoil your relationships with others.

    Confronting the Abusers

    One of my weaknesses in the past has been to be too soft on people who do this. Shielding them, out of a misguided sense of 'love' and 'burden-bearing' did them no favour, less those they abused. I assumed, because that is how I was taught by a very manipulating mother, that I should just 'take it like a man', a huge, emotionally criplling lie. I learned, like the proverbial punchbag, to absorb verbal abuse. However, this is a toxic thing to do for your body and health - we were not designed for abuse. I have since realised, as an elder in the messianic community (church), that to let this sort of thing slip by is a dereliction of duty. It must be confronted.

    Right and Wrong Ways to Confront

    To be sure, there is a right and a wrong way to tackle people who emotionally manipulate. There is a procedure that the apostle Paul taught for the fellowship of believers. Confront them privately, one-to-one. If you get no response, bring a couple of witnesses with you and do the same. If you still get no response, bring it before the local congregation. And if there is still no response, then disciplinary action has to be taken. The goal is, of course, not to punish (except as a last resort by disfellowshipment) but to bring deliverance and redemption both to the victims as well as to the abusers so that their relationships may be saved with each other and with Elohim (God). The way not to do it is an all-out war of words that becomes trench war. Resolution must be by the Torah way.

    Yes, Believers Can and Do Have Demons

    Failing to realise that there is a demonic component to mental and emotional abuse so often sabotages attempts by mediators and healers to make any headway toward resolution. Most manipulators are too proud (or ashamed) to accept or admit they have a demonic issue, and the worst are those Christians who have been taught the lie that Christians by definition cannot have demons. When there is an added layer of religious spirits, you have a tough battle ahead indeed, because obviously the demons will want their assets to remain in bondage, darkness and ignorance. Religious spirits are notoriously the most difficult to dislodge because of the blind fanaticism they elicit. Emet or truth-telling then becomes one of our most important weapons. It must be done habitually. Without emet (truth) the talmid (disciple) is well and truly disarmed.

    Deliverance for the Messianic Community

    In a Marxist-dominated society that deliberatly cultivates mental and emotional abuse through the perversions of govenment-sanctioned and -mandated 'political correctness' (whilst denying there is anything wrong with this behaviour), this is becoming a problem of epidemic proportions. 'Post-truth', morally relativistic, Western culture is imploding under the force of its own anti-Elohim (God), pathological psycho-babbling madness, multiplying demon-mediated mental dysfunction at a terrifying rate. We are living in an age of widespread state-enforced brainwashing where civilians are mentally and emotionally manipulated and abused as a matter of course. Bringing new believers out of this mindset therefore becomes urgent. Learning to think right and treat people right, with grace (undeserved loving kindness), without emotional manipulation, with gentle (yet firm) speech, will become an ever more urgent task over the years. If the messianic community (church) is not delivered from this, it is doomed.

    Continued in Part 4

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    This page was created on 28 April 2017
    Last updated on 28 April 2017

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