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Month 1:24 (Aviv 24), Week 4:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5940:24 AM
2Exodus 3/40, Yovel - Year 50/50
Gregorian Calendar: Sunday 1 May 2016
The Dominos Clock
A Vision Concerning Collapse


    Have you ever met one of those people who doesn't understand how Elohim (God) thinks or acts but expects you to because you are in a position of leadership or authority? Of course you do, especially if you're a parent, and also this is true, to a large extent, when it comes to members of a congregation with their pastor. However, once you have reached the age of 30 and are eligible for priesthood ordination, you're expected to act like an adult and a cohen (priest).

    One of the BIG questions I have asked Yahweh repeatedly over the years, and predictably never getting much in the way of an answer, is how 'micro-events' work together in such a way that they produce 'macro-events'. The world is full of billions of people, all interacting and influencing everyone else in a direct or (mostly) roundabout sort of a way. One Serb who shot an Austrian Archduke in 1914 affected the whole world as well as you and me - everything that is today is a consequence, in some way, of that one action...and many billions of others too, of course. Gavrilo Princip changed your destinty and mind because of what he did in the days of our parents or grandparents.

    This man changed everyone when he murdered
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie

    Catastrophe Theory and the Prophetic

    I remember attending a lecture by the famous French mathematician, René Thom, when I was at Oxford, and though my maths has never been brilliant, I was fascinated by the implications of Catastrophe Theory which Thom developped. Briefly stated, Catastrophe Theory, which is a branch of Bifurcation theory studies, classifies phenomena characterised by sudden shifts in behaviour arising from small changes in circumstances. Put simply, he basically said that the fluttering of a butterfly's wings in China had an impact, however so small, on an event in, say, America or Angola. Everything and everyone influences everything and everyone else through trillions of choices that elad to interactions. So my big question was - and many a Christian philosopher has asked it too - how can Elohim (God) foresee the outcome of events? How can He prophesy so accurately? What is the relationship between His will and the free agency of man? Can He - does He - plough through the free agency of man to cause large changes or does He basically allow man free-reign in his choices and then 'nudges' or gently 'steers' him in the direction that He wants Him to go? We cannot answer such questions, of course, which is why the realm of the prophetic will forever remain a mystery.


    People think that just because I am a seer and that I see events in advance, usually in symbolic form, that I somehow understand how it all works. I am left, in the majority of instances, to 'figure it out' through asking questions and giving attention to the promptings the Ruach (Spirit) gives me. Take this morning, for example. Today I am going to tell you the story in reverse chronological order so that you can hopefully get some small insight into the world of the seer and navi (prophet).

    Vision of the Dominos Clock

    I saw, in vision, a clock, but a most unusual clock (see image at top). The clock had a circumference in the form of a circle along with the mandatory hour and minute hands. They were pointing in a twelvish o'clock direction though I don't know for sure and it wasn't, in any case, important. What was important was the face of the clock which consisted of five or six rows of black dominos, one atop the other. Every adjacent domino matched, so that a 4 aligned with a 4 of the adjacent domino, or whatever numeral it was from Black to 6. The hour and minute hands were on top of this array of domino bricks.

    Imagination vs. Revelation

    You may well be surprised to learn what the background to this vision was. Like most visions, it was wholly unexpected. 'You just don't make these things up,' I usually tell people, and whilst we humans most certainly have fertile imaginations, there are just some things we can't conceive. Looking, for example, at some of the fake 'gospels' that appeared in the second and third centuries when Catholic minds ran riot and imagined all sorts of silly things, like a giant cross walking out of the Tomb of Yah'shua (Jesus) that are easily traceable to the mindset of the age, when Yahweh shows some things they are not at all what you might 'invent' for the purposes of constructing a fake miracle or account.

    Trying to Fathom Elohim

    In truth, I really didn't ask Yahweh a question at all. My fertile days of youthful philosophising and juggling the numbers are long past as I have soberly come to realise that no amount of zeal or experience is going to fathom 'Him'. You give up after a while and content yourself with servanthood instead and leave sagehood to the novelists. What do you suppose prompted this vision?

    Questioning Collapse Dates

    An incident, more than anything else, in which a rather cocky young man first criticised my failure to get the date of the expected Financial Collapse right. He was clearly annoyed that my speculation on one or two occasions had caused him, because of his earlier decision to uncritically trust everything I say, to confidently proclaim to his family and friends that the economy would go under at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013. This I had written in an article called, Change Currency Now! Vision of Imminent Economic Collapse.

    'Elements of Martian Biology' - An Object Lesson

    A lecturer in Biochemistry at Oxford University taught me a valuable lesson about 'doing your homework'. As was his custom at the end of every lecture, he would give us a list of resources to double check what he had said, to make sure that he hadn't taken any liberties or wrongly anaylsed research data. All the students in the lecture hall were dutifully taking these down. I will always remember the last two titles which he inserted to see who was awake and who was blindly following him because they were, Elements of Martian Biology and Me and My Mitochondrion, along with phoney publishers, dates, references pages, etc.. The first one puzzled me even though, of course, there was no 'Martian biology' at the time (and still isn't - we've not found life on Mars yet that we know of) and yet I had been so conditioned to trust without question that I passed over it even though I felt one. It was the second one that made me chuckle and realise that this was a joke. Others realised it was a joke though none, I suspect, realise what the lecturer's goal was...and it wasn't just to play a prank on the students. The amazing thing was that the large majority didn't bat an eyelid - they were just copying everything down blindly.

    The gullible will believe almost anything

    Ages of Maturity and Emotional Intelligence

    Now clearly such behaviour on the part of the lecturer would have been unacceptable with young children but we students were all (supposedly) adults at 19 or 20 years old. But beyond a certain age everyone must grow up and accept responsibility for what they believe and share. Indeed, we start assuming that kind of responsibility, in small degrees, at the time we take our Bar - and Bat-Mitzvahs, a process that is supposed to be complete by the time we are 20 (the age of biblical adulthood) and 30 (the age at which we supposed to be mature enough to assume communal leadership rôles). Sad to say, this has to be one of the most immature and self-entitled, disrespectful and snotty generations ever with many biological adults never maturing into spiritual adulthood. One of the reasons we have to have the Collapse is to shake these brats up and force them to grow up because not all problems can be solved by brainstorming:

      "Sometimes problems don't require a solution to solve them; instead they require maturity to outgrow them" (Dr.Steve Maraboli).

    Intellegence does not equal maturity, at least not emotional intelligence. Mental intelligence and emotional intelligence are not the same thing, emotional intelligence being learnable only in stable and loving family environments, and both are equally important [1].

    Warnings of Financial Collapse Since the 1990's

    One of the frustrating things about prophecy is that when you are shown something dramatic the tendency is to conclude that what you have seen is about to happen at any second. Of course, serious students of Scripture know fully well that most prophecy doesn't usually play out according to our expectations. Some prophecies take centuries to be unfold and be fulfilled, some are much shorter. Yahweh has been warning me about Financial Collapse, and a lot more, since the 1990's, with the 'heat' being turned up on me, as it were, in the last six or seven years.

    Prophecies of the Islamic Beast

    I knew (for example), a few years ago, because of a vision, that we would be soon engaged in a war to the death with Islam. It's only now, over the last year or two, that it has started to look frighteningly real with the massive Islamic invasion of Europe and America taking place before our eyes, not through conquering armies, but through the invitation of a Fifth Column in our very midst who have attained to the highest positions in society. Though some poor souls - principally women and children - have already come face to face with this rapacious beast, the rest of us still haven't. The 'temperature' is almost certainly going to be raised, degree by degree, in the coming months and years.

    Forewarned But No Exact Dates

    Ecconomic collapse, with famine, pestilence and lawlessness inevitably following in its wake, requires a lot of preparation. I've known about its imminence in the West now for many years and like others who have also received the same witness I have been anxious to know when so that I could warn others. In fact I was first shown what is going to happen around 20 years ago when I was a considerably less mature and wise 'seer' than I am (hopefully) today. In a nutshell, when Yahweh showed me what was coming, I lost it, went and told all and sundry that it was imminent in the country I was the living in, and made a complete and utter ass of myself. I swore I would never try to 'force' Yahweh to give me a date again. Did I get a date? Absolutely, but it wasn't from Him. You can't force Him, you don't want to force Him, it's none of our business asking Him. The most we can expect is "soon" or "not now" until it's on our very doorstep. He takes the initiative in revealing such things and then, rarely, does He give an exact 'date'. Have we not learned our lessons from the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Adventists, Harold Campings and others who have 'set dates' only to be proven wrong? What have they usually done to extricate themselves? Reinvent doctrine, as I have spoken about recently.

    Should We Prepare at All?

    There are many naïve Christians and Messianics who believe they should not prepare at all because they believe such is to demonstrate a lack of emunah (faith). However, preparedness for a believer should be a way of life. It was Benjamin Franklin who said that "by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." Watchfulness and preparedness is a part of the Christian lifestyle, and watchfulness so you can prepare more in prophetic anticipation of what is about to come. Using our wealth and good wisely is all a part of sound economic stewardship.

    Preparing the Poor in Time

    Now I knew that prepping in time for a collapse would require a long time for the poorest people. Rich folks can grab a fistfull of dollars, go to some prepping store, and fill up their garrage, barns and some spare rooms in a matter of days or weeks. But poor people, as a rule, need years. Most employed people these days live from cheque (check) to cheque (check) with little or nothing to spare for a food storage program. Then there are all the unemployed people who live off the state who fritter the little money they are given on frivolous and useless things. They too should be preparing, a can here, a packet there, because those government handouts will suddenly end overnight and they will be left only with what they have saved. Nevertheless, whether poor or unemployed, if they save a can of baked beans and a small bag of rice each week, they soon surprise themselves at how much they can actually stock up over a few months or years. It is do-able, even for the very poor, provided they are disciplined and have enough time. I knew this and was therefore anxious to get the message out early for their sakes as well as for those better-off.

    The Wall Street Collapse of 1929

    On top of this I knew from history that collapses can take place quickly. Though there have been various financial 'bubbles' that have 'popped' over the cnturies, the Wall Street Collapse of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed is something we know a lot about. And I knew that what was coming would be far greater in its impact and ramifications than before. And as it took a World War (the Second one) to finally get out of the Great Depression, so you may well expect to find another one following the Collapse that is coming. Having some idea - a rough idea - of a timeframe therefore became important to me so that I could warn people.

    Correcting and Apologising

    A few days ago I added a couple of footnotes to the article I cited earlier which I wrote in 2010. Let me share the main one with you now:

      "When I wrote this article I was convinced the collapse would happen at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013, and so informed my readers. This was based, in large measure, on the testimony of Pastor Lindsey Williams whose track record in predicting events had been impeccable owing to an insider élite source who knew in advance what the Illuminati overlords were going to do with the economy. After his source died, the information he received became less and less reliable and he is now little cited when it comes to advance knowledge of economy-related events. To be fair, he did say there was no guarantee these dates were infallible. A more reliable source is Gerald Celente who uses intellectual savvy to forecast the economy with about 98% accuracy. You can follow him on his website or follow his YouTuve channel, Trends in the News. I apologise to all of those who assumed the collapse would occur 2012/13 and who may have been prepped ahead of time (though that is a good thing, as events have proven) but who may have warned others and got egg in their face when it did not happened as Lindsey assumed. I realise that this could have negatively impacted the ministry of some and I regret that deeply. The only consolation is that the collapse will happen and soon and as predicted" (28 April 2016).

    Background to the Vision

    Though Yahweh has never categorically given me a day, month or year, and though I have said as much again and again in numerous articles, urging my readers to go to Yahweh for revelation for themselves and for their families as to what steps they should now take, and when, and though in addition to suggesting the Collapse might take place in 2012/13 I have also suggested 2011-15 as a general guidelines. Why, given how important a Collapse is to the lives of millions, hasn't Yahweh given a precise date? Why has He left us to more or less 'guess'? These were some of the thoughts going around my kind along with the condemnation of the young man who had got egg on his face when he had confidentally urged his friends and family to be ready by 2012/13. I felt bad for him, of course, and issued an apology for him and any others who might have got on a similar bandwagon and made bold proclamations. That was how I came to receive the vision from Yahweh I shared with you at the beginning. A clock with a face made up of rows of dominos. It took me most of the day to finally start figuring out what it was Yahweh was telling me.

    Three Kinds of Prophecy

    As we know from Scripture, there are at least two major kinds of prophecy:

    • 1. Unconditional Prophecy - it will happen, no matter what;
    • 2. Conditional Prophecy - it will only happen if repentance doesn't take place or some kind of intercession causes Yahweh to relent.

    To this we might add a third kind of prophecy:

    • 3. Cyclical Stagewise Prophecy.

    The Power of the Intercessors

    The first two I am assuming nearly all of you understand. When Yahweh wrote Babylon's condemnation with His own finger on the wall of Belshazzar's Palace where his guests had assembled to party and praised his gods, He was announcing a judgment which was irreversible. And indeed it happened within 24 hours, forever ending the Babylonian Empire. When Yahweh said He would destroy idolatrous and rebellious Israel for their whoring in the Sinai wilderness, only Moses' prayers intervened to stay His hand. The very clear impression is given that, upon occasion, Yahweh can be persuaded to stay His hand by those close to Him. Certainly judgments have been postponed for the sake of a righteous ruler and this is more common than you might perhaps imagine. Judah was spared an earlier calamity on account of King David. Great and mysterious though it may be (and it certainly is to me), what James the Apostle said is an extraordinary truth:

      "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective" (James 5:16, NIV).

    The Personal Elohim

    Why Yahweh allows Himself to be thus influenced or persuaded is once again beyond our mortal ken other than to show us that our Heavenhly Father is more personal than we might dare to sometimes believe.

    Unfolding Prophecy in Stages

    Which brings me to the third category, namely, an unfolding prophecy in stages, something that Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn gets across exceptionally well in his two best selling books, The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah where he explains how judgments are executed and postponed in seven year sabbatical cycles but that at the 50-year Jubilee grace is exhausted and judgment must then executed. Repentance at any stage, even if it is only partial, can cause judgments to be stayed or postponed. And this is the important point: a navi (prophet) will issue warnings at every stage, with sometimes judgments being postponed because of repentance or the intercession of the righteous, and sometimes not. This can make understanding prophecy very difficult at times and can leave nevi'im (prophets) confounded and oftentimes discretited in the eyes of those who have unwisely consulted them as sooth-sayers instead of taking responsibility and finding out for themselves.

    Time Slices

    The vision of the dominos bricks reveals time as a series of segments (each brick) that must be aligned correctly at each end before the next segment can be 'put down' in the row. You can't put a '5' next to a '3', for example. Thus the laying down of these bricks of time-slices is dependent on numerous factors that principally include choices for righteousness (repentance) or wickdness (rebellion) and the intercession of the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones). And we human can't possibly expect to be able to see how that works because we're not Elohim (God). The most we can do, or be expected to possibly to do, is to be responsive to the will of Elohim (God) on a daily basis...and be grateful that we have had more time to get ready than we imagined.

    The Jubilee Year

    The Financial Collapse has long been in the coming and we are in a Yovel or Jubilee Year right now. We are fools is we don't take that very seriously indeed. The failure to set captives free and release people of debts has serious consequences for those who disobey, for believers and unbelievers alike. We should therefore be especially careful whom we judge or condemn if we can claim no revelation for doing it. As we judge, so are we judged in turn.

    According to the vision shown me this morning. Financial Collapse not only depends on sequential events taking place in the right order but may be postponed or accelerated in accordance with factors we cannot see with the finite mind of man. A day does not pass right now when some new diabolically wicked scheme is not invented and implemented by the élites. They have, in actual fact, over-extended themselves, Yahweh blocking this move and that by the hand of His instruments like our modern day Cyrus, Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump may very well be another one, we shall see. But the élites are for certain not getting it all their own way.

    Caring for One Day at a Time

    Now I don't propose to delve into agonisingly complex questions about Yahweh's omniscience and how that interplays with agency and the like. There was a time, as I said, when I was fascinated by such things. Today I care only for each day, for "suffient is the evil thereof" (Matt.6:34, KJV).

    Making Excuses and Complaining

    Now I did not write this article to excuse myself friom my 'wrong' speculations about 2012/13 or 2011-15 otherwise I wouldn't have issued an apology at all and repeated it here to rub it in my nose. What I do know is that what I have been told is going to come to pass is going to come to pass soon and you'd better be ready. And this is the biblical Year of Resetting (spring 2016 to spring 2017), no doubt about that. The precise dates and order of events and its many players I do not know about and I am not bothered about. What concerns me today, as I write this, are the people who are going to make excuses because some of my personal speculations did not pan out. I make a very clear distinction between those and what Yahweh has actually said or revealed in visions. You would be a fool to lay too much store in any guesswork on my part. If you want to be a cocky squirt and gripe to your friends about how untrustworthy I am, do so, but accept the inevitable consequences of your actions. I am certainly not going to lose any sleep over them. You will be forced to pick up the pieces of your own folly. A lot of us are ready. Are you?

    May Day

    Today has in many ways been a very painful day. May Day is the Day of the Beast, one of Satan's high celebrations, a wicked day of debauchery, torture and murder. The altars of these vile creatures, most of whom are already beyond the pale and are soon to meet head-on the full wrath of an offended and wrathful Elohim (God), are being - and are to be - smashed. Thus today is actually a Day of Judgment, not by word but by very deed. The day was painful for me personally because we were obliged to finally expell a group of congregations from amongst us for dishonourablet conduct, stripping them of our name which we gave to them on trust. Indeed, the stripping has only just begun generally, and what Satan has done for his own pleasure shall be to his immense loss. The carnal so easily forget that membership in Yahweh's Kingdom is not a right or entitlement but a privilege.


    We, here, are at shalom (peace) and whilst we learn from our critics we choose not to own their spirits. Yahweh is in control, we are doing what we believe we are supposed to be doing, and those who are not - whether they think they are doing right or not - will soon know one way or the other. Synchronise the clocks of your life to the Heavenly Clock, listen for your daily instructions, and let Him take care of the rest. Amen.


    [1] Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ (Bloomsbury, London: 1996) and Working With Emotional Intelligence (Ibid., 1998); John Gottman, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting (Simon & Schuster, NY: 1997)

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