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Month 11:3, Week 1:2 (Shanee/Matzah), Year:Day 5939:299 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Global Judgment - Day #T-0
Gregorian Calendar Tuesday 12 January 2016
Closing Thoughts and Admonitions


    As this is to be my last Shemot (Exodus) discourse supplement, and as I am tying up such loose ends as I am able to find following the final Mishpat Yahweh statement three or four days ago, I thought I would continue in yesterday's vein (I spoke on how to prepare for nuclear radiation contamination) by keeping this practical. I had originally intended to share this message last shabbat but was led to preach on something quite different then. My desire is that you should be maximally prepared for the days ahead and the only way to do that is always making oneself deal with reality. So here goes, hopefully for the last time.

    We are Already at War With Self-Proclaimed States-Within-States

    Brethren and sisters, it is a foolish - very, very foolish - people who act as though they are peace when they are at war. The attacks on New Year's Day in Köln (Cologne) and in other German cities were the opening moves of a declaration of war on Germany. War was declared on France with the Paris attacks. Parts of Britain, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries are already occupied and have made unilateral declarations of independence. They are, to all intents and purposes, sovereign states operating their own laws and imposing their separate culture. The whole West has been at war now for some time but it has behaved as though those who have openly waged war were victims in need of protection and has allowed them to virtually do as they please. Instead, they have penalised their own people who are demanding to be protected and for their governments to fight back against the aggressor.

    The Norwegian Attitude in 1940

    You have to understand that our nations in the West, and elsewhere, including in Russia, China and in other nations like Nigeria and Kenya are at war but their governments refuse to admit it or to act as though they are. I am reminded of what happened in Norway in 1940 before the nazi invasion. The Norwegian government gave instructions that if any British military planes were to fly over their country that Norwegian anti-aircraft batteries were to open fire on them but that if any German ones were to do the same nothing was to be done. The Norwegian government wished to appease the potential invader by punishing their own future allies in a bid to placcate an aggressor. They wanted peace at all costs even when it was patently obvious that this was a pipe dream. They were living in another reality [1].

    End of the Liberal Leaders

    Today it is the same, only worse. Our politcially correct (PC) liberal leadership - from the right, centre and left - are all, in the words of Churchill, feeding the crocodile in the hope that it will eat them last. But now the people have had enough of all the abuse they have suffered and what you are going to see is PC secular liberalism ultimately swept away. It has had its reign of stupidity now and has proven it is an enemy of the people, not their protector. That is not to say that what will replace it will result in a quick solution to the mess we find ourselves in, because we face a long civil war and times of great physical danger where once we previously have known safety and peace.

    The Infantile Masses

    Behind the outward politics is the 'invisible government' or the coporate élites who pay the politicians highest up along with their controlled stooges. The name of the game is to create as much chaos as possible so that a dictatorship can step in and offer security. It's an old trick that has worked time and again. But in an age of crass stupidity, thanks to the dumbing down of the masses through useless doctrinaire schooling and a culture of banal mediocrity, people do not know what has subdued them. They have been babied for so long that they no longer know how to behave as responsible adults. They are waiting to be taken care of by a state parent who does not care an iota for them because the state has killed off families. Our nations are, to all intents and purposes, filled with orphans who, having no parental rôle models to emulate any longer, do not know how to be adults themselves. Such people, lacking sense and sensibility, are liable to follow anyone - good or evil - who has leadership ability to offer when the state collapses, and will be willing to sacrifice liberties in order to gain security, as they suppose.

    Urban vs. Rural

    Society is irrepairably damaged now and each nation is about to splinter into various groups. Broadly speaking, there will be the urban society in the cities under the management of dictatorship. They will exchange freedom for the necessities and a few luxuries. Then there will be the rural society, where people learn to live off the land. They will have more liberty but fewer luxuries. The offer of 'luxuries' will be the lure of the cities. Learning to do without them, and be content, will become key to thriving in the 'clay' part of the new system that is soon to emerge. The rest will live in the 'iron' part to become slaves of the new system with ever more sophisticated, self-dissolving and mind-numbing electronic gadgetry.

    Inviting the Canaanites and Philistines Back

    I said that this was a 'broad' division. In reality, there will be many sub-divisions. In countries like America, where more citizens are armed than here in Europe (with the exception of Switzerland), they will be better prepared to deal with the enemy in their midst. Because of its failure to deal adequately with the 'Canaanite' and 'Philistine' threat, ancient Israel was plagued by wars and oppressions. The reverse has now happened. Our governments have invited the new 'Canaanites' and 'Philistines' in, supposedly to make up for a deficit in workers but in reality to fulfil the Illuminist plan to destroy Western culture and tribal (national) identity and separateness so as to create a single homogenous mass of humanity and culture...all controlled and indoctrinated by the controlling élite Overlords. That's the real agenda. The only reason our populations are shrinking is because of philosophies and doctrines, deliberately introduced after the Second World War, designed to weaken the family, get all adults into the workforce and children under maximum state supervision, and to weaken us by poisoning our health by various means. We are in a pathetic state now, ripe for culling.

    A New Era of Barbarity

    Nations, of course, come and go - they are in a constant state of evolution. But so is culture. The real issue is the values on which society is built. The problem is that the 'Philistine' and 'Canaanite' is bringing in values from a bygone era of barbarity and is imposing them on us with minimum resistance. The Overlords knew this would happen and the plan is to create sufficient terror to both break down the remains of the Christian heritage as well as to persuade the people to beg them to effect a rescue and bring order back. In Europe, where the populace is disarmed, this may come farther than in America where they are not, though you will have noticed Obama's desperate bid to confiscate guns as fast as he can before he is kicked out and more than likely lynched by his betrayed people.

    A Long Process

    None of this is going to happen overnight. There has to be more hopelessness and desperation first. There must be more lawlessness, war, violence, starvation, disease and chaos generally. It will not be the same everywhere. Remember, it's an 'iron-and-clay' scenario so the outcome will be hard to predict and the conditions uneven. That is why you need to be where Yahweh wills you to be in order to thrive and prosper.

    Our First Duty - Take Care of Family

    So what now is left for us? Firstly, to secure the welfare of our own families. Charity begins at home and we must ensure that we can take care of wives and children by feeding them and housing them and giving them adequate medical care and physical protection against marauders. That means being self-sufficient and having provisions to see you through without a salary or state benefits for anything up to a year or two. As fathers and husbands, that is our first duty.

    Our Second Duty - Take Care of Brethren and Others

    Our second duty is to help others from our surplus as we are able and as we are led by the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). We obviously can't help everyone and there are going to be a lot of people out there who are willing to rob or kill you in response to, or in anticipation of, your charity. All your preparedness could be destroyed, and your lives taken, because you were moved by undiscerning compassion outside of Yahweh's will. You will need to know by revelation who you are to help and who you are not to help, your first duty being your own brethren, your second to other true believers and your third to anyone else Yahweh may lead you to help. I repeat, if you do not act with wisdom and with revelation, all your preparedness may be of no avail to you and you may either be murdered or starve to death at the hands of robbers. Therefore you must "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matt.10:16, NKJV). If you are not, there is a very high probaility that you, and your loved ones, will perish. So be tender-hearted but don't be stupid.

    Our Third Duty - Witness of Messiah

    Our third duty is to witness of the Messiah and His Besorah (Gospel) by going to those to whom Yahweh tells you to go. I cannot underline the importance of understanding how dangerous the immediate future is going to be until civil order is restored. And unless you are anointed and commanded by Yahweh to to go here or do that, you will need to keep your heads down and maintain a low profile as your default mode for a while. It is easier to die for Messiah than to live for Him, and whilst we may, at some point, be required to make the ultimate sacrifice - and to do so gladly - we are first of all to live for Him.

    Get Surrendered to Elohim

    Everyone's situation will obviously be slightly different depending where you are in the world and how you are coping (i.e. depending on whether you prepped and obtained a safe haven in the countryside or not). Whatever your situation, so long as you remain surrendered and obedient to Elohim (God), you will be taken care of one way or another. Spiritual preparedness is, of course, as important as the physical counterpart, so invest your time wisely, putting quality time in Scripture study and prayer before quantity. Some of us may be Ravenhill's but most of us are not. Yet Billy Graham once confessed (before his apostacy), when asked about his greatest regret, was that he had not spent more time studying and praying.

    Time to Say Farewell

    My task is done and it is time for me to say adieu. Spiritual resources, in the form of thousands of articles, will remain online at www.nccg.org for as long as we are able to stay on the Internet, along with all our posts on Facebook [2] - again, for as long as we are allowed to remain online. In you need to contact me, you can do so in an emergency and I will answer as I am able. You can also order a copy of our CD-ROM so that you have your own copy of the website. We will get around to making more of these soon and to fulfilling the orders that have already been made.

    Back to Basics

    In the meantime, may I admonish you all that as you get back to nature and to surviving off the land that you do the same with the Besorah (Gospel)? Everybody knows - even 'atheists' - that Elohim (God) and sin exist, and we prove it, from the time we are small, in the way we interact with our conscience. Knowing as we all do, deep down, that there is a Creator, and that He has a standard of righteous behaviour that He expects of us - a lifestyle - we are then faced with how do we live that way when there is a powerful competing (carnal, Adamic, sinful) nature within us, also evident from when we are very small, that continually tries to lead us away from that holy way of being.

    Surrendering to the Creator

    The answer to that question - which is the message that we bring to folks, in good times and bad - is that we can't do anything about it, that Elohim (God) has done it for us through Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). It is this Divine Work - the Work of the Cross - that restores our relationship with Yahweh the Father when we choose Yah'shua (Jesus), fully surrendering our life to Him. Then He brings us shalom (peace) with Elohim (God) the Father, and empowerment, not of our own, because of the resurrection, to enable us to live the Torah way - the way of holiness (set-apartness) - that He expects, the way that brings such satisfaction and wholeness. Everything that we do needs to be lived out, to borrow the words of James White, "in light of what He (Yah'shua/Jesus) accomplished in His life and in His death, burial and resurrection".

    The Futility of Salvation Thriough Self-Effort

    The Creator - Yah'shua (Jesus) - entered into His own Creation two thousand years ago and made this journey possible through His own Journey of Incarnation, Death and Resurrection - total self-sacrifice for our sins through the shedding of His blood. He is the only way back to Elohim (God) (Jn.14:6) which means that all our attempts, through self-effort and sacrifice, to reach Him are ultimately futile. That is pagan religion and it is dead. Our effort and sacrifice count only after we have fully embraced Messiah's work on the Cross - His salvation freely offered - and been saved and spiritually regenerated, and can acknowledge that there is nothing of ourselves we can do to make ourselves worthy or right with the Father.


    That, in outline, is the message we must share in the dark times ahead. It is very straightforward. Yah'shua (Jesus) is chayim (life) (Jn.14:6) and to reject Him is to reject chayim (life). Every breath you take is because of Him and after you have taken your last one, the only way you will come to life again is through His resurrection power. Be strong in the emunah (faith), be courageous in humility, aspire for "a mind with wisdom" (Rev.17:9, NIV), "obey[] the emet (truth) so that you have sincere ahavah (love) for your brothers, love one another deeply, from the heart" (1 Peter 1:22, NIV) and make your life count as His witness. Thank you for patronage of this ministry. Amen.



    [1] Admittedly it wasn't that simple because the Allies had forced Germany's hand by attacking supplies of iron ore bound for Germany from Norway, mined in Kiruna in neutral Sweden and shipped by rail to Narvik in neutral Norway (Norway had been neutral in the First World War too), to then be shipped by sea to Germany from Norway. The Allies wished to destroy this commercial sealane. Britain was determined to prevent Germany obtaining Swedish iron ore and was making plans to occupy parts of Norway - Germany simply beat them to it. Had Germany delayed, Britain and France would have been the 'aggressors' instead. The same was true of the 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union - Stalin had plans for the invasion of Germany but Germany beat the Soviets to it...and became the aggressors.
    [2] Personal Facebook and Messianic Evangelicals Facebook

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