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Month 9:1, Rosh Chodesh, Year:Day 5939:238 AM
2Exodus 2/40, 4th Sh'mittah - Year 49/50
Global Judgment - Day #T-61
Gregorian Calendar Thursday 12 November 2015
Rosh Chodesh IX
What Do We Do Now?


    Chag Sameach Rosh Chodesh Mishpachah! As ill health again prevents me from ascending the pulpit I hope that this written message will convey by thoughts and feelings as the Ruach (Spirit) moves me on this start of the ninth month of the nevi'im (prophets) this year.

    KLV-Only Controversy and Flavours of Christianity

    My embroilment again in the King James Bible-Only Controversy a week or two ago (something I swore I would not involve myself in again if at all possible) has got me to do a lot of thinking, praying and researching about the Besorah (Gospel) "flavours" embraced throughout Christendom and the Messianic world. Reading the works of Aramaic Messianic scholar Gabriel Roth (who produced the valuable Aramaic English New Testament translation) with Anglican scholar N.T.Wright (who has produced a phenomenal number of books and whose two-volume tome, Paul and the Faithfulness of God, is the definitive work on the apostle) serve to illustrate the seemingly enormous and widening chasm between Greek Christianity and Hebraic Messianism. The two are as different as salt and sugar. Are two totally irreconcilable 'gospels' forming - the one Hellenic and the other Hebraic - or is this just a case of two different flavours of the same food, as one might compare, for example, the difference between a continental Indian curry and a traditional British roast?

    Between Anglicanism and Messianism

    I have a problem that could potentially make me a theological schizophrenic. On the one hand, deeply steeped in the Anglican tradition as I was growing up, and still loving its classical hymnody, my heart sings with the evangelical message. On the other hand, totally convinced as I am that the Torah is binding on regenerated believers, I sense a depth and a shalom that finds resonance with the testimony of King David's words:

      "Oh, how I love Your Torah (Law)! I meditate on it all day long" (Ps.119:97, NIV).

      "Great shalom (peace) have they who love Your Torah (Law), and nothing can make them stumble" (Ps.119:165, NIV).

    The Debating Calvinist

    In addition to getting involved in a KJV-Only ruccus (an essentially Anglican phenomenon that was transformed by a Seventh-Day Adventist into what has become an American cult) I decided to sit back for a week and listen to evangelical scholars like Reformed Baptist James White slog it out with various denominational opponenents as he did his utmost to make the Besorah (Gospel) the exclusive preserve of cessationist Calvinism (I am neither). My stint in the exclusive evangelical-Calvinist world ended last sabbath listening to the impassioned popular preacher John Piper talk about salvation. Having saturated myself with the Greek version of the Besorah (Gospel) I stood back and caught my breath for a bit.

    What's Next and Where are We Going?

    Certain rather important questions have been going round and round in my mind for several weeks now like "What's next?" and "Where are we going?" and judging by some of the emails and IMs I get, a very large number of you are asking similar questions in much earnest. On top of all of this there is also tremendous negative spiritual activity accompanied by huge geopolitical and social change.

    Armistice Day and the End of the First World War

    Yesterday was Armistice Day. Three years short of a century ago at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month the guns fell silent and a terrible, senseless war that was supposed to 'end all wars' - but which has been the catalyst for so many more - came to an end. 21 years later, in 1939 (1941 if you were American or Russian) the world was plunged into world war again and almost a century later we seem to be in the opening moves of yet a third world war. NATO troops are racing to the European border with Russia. This time, though, a large segment of the public knows exactly what is going on. Back in 1914 almost nobody knew about the invisible élitist government and banksters who were behind the outbreak of the Great War. Then, the nationalistic propaganda prevailed. Today, people are not so sure any more because they know how diabolically our governments defraud and lie to us. And perhaps one of the worst things about the First World War was that the national churches were behind their governments and both sides invoked the same God.

    The Evil Fruit of the First World War

    Personally I don't believe Yahweh was on either side because the two world wars of the 20th century - and the one now apparently starting in the 21st - were the work of the Enemy to destroy Christianity in all its then contemporary flavours. Without the First World War there would never have been murderous communist régimes in Russia and China, nor the equally murderous nazi and fascist régimes in Germany, Italy and Japan. And it is only because of the Second World War that we have begun to understand that the supposedly 'liberal' régimes in our nations are, in fact, totalitarian too, a strange hybrid of communism and fascism. Who would have predicted the emergence of 'Liberal Fascism', a contradiction of terms if ever there was one.

    The Planned Destruction of Christianity

    Journalist Peter Hitchens in his books, The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith (2010) and The Abolition of Britain: From Winston Churchill to Princess Diana (1999), argues convincingly that the two world wars of the previous century were the primary cause of the destruction of Christianity in Britain and the West. What Hitchens does not seem to be aware of, though - or, being the traditional conservative Anglican Christian that he is, has discounted it - is that three world wars were integral to the planning of the Illuminist élites from long before the first one ever started in 1914. None of these were, or are, accidental. They didn't just 'happen' through a series of fortuitous events that combined to set in motion a set of deadly domino-like motions than no man could stop. They were - and are being - deliberately planned and executed by wicked men. Those of you who have done the research will know exactly what I am talking about. And their unpublicised aim, by now glaringly obvious to all but those who are determined to still wear blinkers, is the utter destruction of Christianity in all it forms, even that branch of it notorious for playing the whore with those élites throughout history.

    The Differences Between 1914 and 2015

    There is a huge difference between the social world of 1914 and the social world of 2015, 101 years later. In 1914, when the first global conflict broke out, the West was basically 'Christian', at least in its values. Today it is most decidedly post-Christian, hedonistic and neo-pagan. And by the time the last generation approaches its consummation with the return of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), it will be openly and universally satanic, except for the tiny Remnant and the trailing lukewarm believers who have somehow survived the holocaust that is coming. Large segments of modern society are already satanic.

    Tutti Frutti Believers

    So here we are with believers not just quibbling but raging over one particular English Bible version (KJV) with the emotional fury of the Inquisition, as though it were a matter of salvation or damnation. Millions of Western (Catholic and Protestant) and Eastern (Orthodox) Christians have been divided for over a thousand years over a single word (the Filoque Controversy). From one word they have branched off into two completely different flavours of Christianity. Since that breach, Protestants have separated from Catholics and produced a radical assortment of flavours themselves. And now it's the turn of the Messianics who themselves are a tutti frutti assortment. And they all argue amongst themselves trying to put their denominational stickers on those they bring to salvation.

    Peace Not Confusion

    None of this is, of course, of Elohim (God). How could it possibly be?

      "For Elohim (God) is not the author of confusion but of shalom (peace), as in all the assemblies (churches) of the qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones)" (1 Cor.14:32-33, NKJV).

    The One-and-Onlyers

    Yet this is a symptom of this world and its ruler. Nothing much is left untainted and given enough time and the persistent and relentless tampering of men, one little difference soon becomes a hundred, then a thousand, until you have many new 'species' of the faith. Many a group has exploited this Tutti Frutti Market and has boldly stepped forward and, making a few tweeks here and there, boldly claimed to have 'restored' the authentic article, anathematises all the rest, and makes its chief rallying point its own particular legalistic claim to the exclusive heavenly mandate. And many such groups have their one-and-only true and 'authorised' Bible versions - the KJV-Onlyers, the New World Translation (NTW) of the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Joseph Smith Translation (JST) (also known as the Inspired Version/IV) of the Mormons, and various messianics groups which are RSTNE-Only or HRV-Only.

    True and False Remnants

    I mention this because there are going to be - and are already - many claiming to be the biblically-prophesied end-time Remnant. However, one thing needs to be made clear about the authentic Remnant - no one will be in any doubt as to who it is because its giftings will be plain to all to behold. And though some of its giftings will be satanically duplicatable, definitely not all of them will be.

    False Prophecies and False Prophets

    Most of these counterfeit groups will be prophesying...of course...and what they prophesy will often seem to be right because the political and national elements of the final end-time scenario are by now pretty obvious. Some of their prophecies have already failed or are soon to fail, Harold Camping-type 'rapture' prophecies aside. Camping died a year after his 2012 rapture did not come to pass and the pentecostal/charismatic branch of evangelical Christianity got another black mark against its record. I think also of some Messianic ministries who are saying we are in the middle of the 7-year Great Tribulation and about to enter the final dark 3˝ years who will be left wondering why Yah'shua (Jesus) didn't turn up as expected, and will then be forced to make a Seventh-Day Adventist-type or Jehovah's Witness-type doctrinal revision by claiming He came 'invisibly' or that 'something else' happened on the date they prophesied. Mind you, many Christians are saying much the same thing, aren't they? What happened to all the 20th century Hal Lindsey-type prophecies that never materialised?

    Test Everything Thoroughly and Unrushed

    Too many people are getting caught away by this self-claimed charismatic leader or this prophetic one and are being taken into dangerous delusions just because one or two of their predictions came true. Some of you may remember secular Catholic 'prophet' Jeane Dixon who made all kinds of astounding prophecies. When some of them came true, like the assassination of J.F.Kennedy, she made a name for herself even though numerous other prophecies she made were a complete failure. So just because someone gives a true prophecy here or there, don't assume they're the genuine article. Don't even assume that of me because many of mine have come to pass. Test everything thoroughly and don't be in a rush to fling yourself into this or that ministry or group simply because prophecies or miracles are happening. Go only where the Ruach (Spirit) unmistakably leads you. We certainly don't want anyone coming to us who 'isn't sure' that they are called here - they, and we, will simply be disappointed with one another. (See How Do I Join Messianic Evangelicals? Advice for Seekers After Truth).

    No NCAY Organisation at This Stage

    There are many currently asking us if we are a 'church' or 'messianic assembly/congregation' at present because they want to 'join' us. Right now we are not. A few times in the past, as now, Yahweh has instructed us to disband so that He can 're-form' us and that is what is currently happening. So there are now no 'New Covenant Assemblies of Yahweh' (NCAY's) in existence - we are simply awaiting His Word as to how we are to conduct ourselves in the future. There are a few who are an outwardly 'loose' but inwardly strong spiritual mishpachah or family but it's not an official body. What He will do with us remains to be seen. We are joined by deep spiritual affinity only at this stage, though those aboard the spiritual ark are also joined by covenant.

    False Messiahs and Prophets

      "For false Messiahs (Christs) and false nevi'im (prophets) will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect - if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time" (Matt.24:24-25, NIV).

    Itching for the Miraculous

    Believers are itching for the miraculous today (as then) and Satan is obliging, especially in those places where nothing is required of them other than to 'believe'. Moreover, understand that not all the false nevi'im are conspirators - many are genuinely deceived, albeit it temporarilly, by the spirits that are operating through them, and still profess the Biblical Messiah. It's now that Yahweh is starting to sort all of that mess out, through judgment, bringing the honest amongst the deceived (both false prophets and their devotees) to understanding and deliverance. The rest - the conscious, unrepentant deceivers - He will destroy. This is what is going on right now. This is still not the time for the manifestation of the Remnant. There is still too much cleansing to be done. We can only wait patiently, enduring our stripes where needs be, until we are washed white. However, this isn't an automatic process - you have to want to be cleansed. And as it happens, that's quite a painful operation at times. So don't assume all pain is from the bad side. It's also, at times like these, the chlorine of Heaven.


    My message to you today is simply this: KEEP SEEKING YAHWEH'S FACE, even if you don't understand what's happening to you, and HANG ON! Don't slow down and turn off but keep at it! Don't quit even when you desperately feel like it. Let the Master do His good work in you. Keep witnessing according to your gifting. I have so much pain in my physical body that most days I just want to crawl out of my skin. But I am not quitting. I cling to the tiqveh (hope) which is in Messiah Yah'shua (Jesus) my Deliverer and Saviour. May the Name of Yahweh be praised! Amen.

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    This page was created on 12 November 2015
    Last updated on 12 November 2015

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