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Month 10:1, Week 2:3 (Sheshi/Bikkurim), Year:Day 5939:277 AM
2Exodus 1/40
Gregorian Calendar: Thursday 1 January 2015
Final Countdown
The End of an Era is at Hand

    A Sober Message for 2015

    My heart is very heavy as I send this message out to the assemblies and to those who are following what Yahweh is doing through us and may as yet still be undecided whether to unite themselves with us or not. So many people are not going to make it to 2016, including people we know. Many will lose everything they have - their wealth, their health, their freedom and even their very lives. This is therefore not good news and not something we anticipate with any sort of pleasure. It will become clear by the by, but sadly too late for most, that if we wander outside of Yahweh's protection because of disobedience and a lack of emunah (faith) we really cannot expect things to go well. It's really common sense but as we know common sense quickly exits the door of human reason when justification for sinning is sought.

    Years of Warning About to Come to Fulfilment

    For years I have been sending out prophetic warning to people to get right with Yahweh and to prepare for catastrophic changes. It has not been a pleasant task, it has grown monotonous doing so, and it has not earned me a lot of praises. But then those given prophetic devarim (words) do not expect the praises of men, but rather come to fear them until they reach the point that they become indifferent to them altogether.

    False Promises, Reality on the Ground

    A lot of fancy New Year speeches have been given by national leaders today with promises of better days and improving circumstances. Our congregations and readers are, I hope, by now too well informed than to believe such lies. As each year has passed and as freedoms have been gradually eroded - as standards of living have fallen and currency become progressively worth less and less - as people have lost homes and found themselves on the street - as wickedness and sinning has multiplied everywhere and the world has hurtled towards a seemingly unstoppable apocalypse - as corruption in high places has only got worse and as a tiny minority have fleased the entire human race without a shred of bad conscience - as war has spread from nation to nation - as national identities have been deliberately stamped out by what amounts to social and spiritual genocide by our leaders - as the traditionally understood boundaries between right and wrong have become more and more eroded until everything is but a grey, blurry haze - so we enter into what can in fact only be described as an apocalyptic time ... not the end of the world, not the Second Coming ... but a very different world indeed is about to be birthed.

    Since the 2000 Millennium

    It seems a very long time - 15 years to be precise - since ministers like myself were commenting in 1999 on the approaching new secular millennium (2000). That time seems tame compared to today. Only eight years had passed since the fall of the Soviet Union and a decade since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. There was a sense of optimism as the old Cold War vanished overnight. People were looking forward to the Millennium shift with a sense of optimism - I remember, I was in Stavanger, Norway, on 1 January 2000 with some of my family. Yet as we know now the fall of communism was but theatre, it was simply moved from Moscow to Brussels and Washington DC and all the Western capitals. The elder President Bush optimistically started advertising his 'new World Order' and that is precisely what has been dished out to the masses over the last 15 years. Far from bringing prosperity and peace, it has brought (as the élites originally planned) war, poverty, disease, social destabilisation and uncertainty. You are seeing the 'New World Order' cancer all around you as it matures and eats away at the very fabric of society.

    Nibiru on Top of Everything Else

    Yes, that time was tame compared to ours in 2015, but then so will today seem tame when compared in a year's time to 1 January 2016. And by the time 1 January 2017 has come along you won't even recognise the world that we're in now. Currencies will disappear, savings will be annihilated, anarchy, civil war and chaos will be the order of the day, countries will disappear, as the Third World goes global. The middle class will be all but wiped out leaving a new feudal order consisting of the masses of the super poor and a tiny élite of the super rich. However, the machinations of the robber barons in power is probably not our greatest worry for the world has yet to become aware of, and come to terms with, and learn to survive in the aftermath of the destructive effects of the invasion of our Solar System space by Planet X or the Nibiru System. And though the pundits, like myself, have been semi-guessing the dates of impact (the calculations being difficult to make on account of the eccentricity of the system's orbit and variable velocity), and thus as a result we can only guess the extent of the damage, there will be a catastrophic effect and it has already begun. Just research out the rapid rise in meteorite and fireball impacts and the data will lead you to only one inevitable conclusion. One thing we can be certain of, unless we have been totally hoodwinked, is that the geophysical troubles will occur within the next 3 years.

    You Had Better Be Prepared

    I really, really pray you have taken the prepping admonitions of myself and others seriously because if you have not there will be a terrible price to pay. Those who have taken no steps to prepare will expect those who have believed - who have taken all of this seriously, and invested a lot of time, effort and savings into preparing - to take care of them. And it just won't be possible. I can understand a few years ago why there might have been scepticism ... and healthy scepticism is not only a good thing but a necessary thing when there is good reason for it. However now, with all the evidence available in copious abundance on the internet, there really is now no excuse and those who continue to live in denial will pay dearly for it. There's no two ways about it. This is not alarmist talk, it's plain common sense. And even if Nibiru is some hoax or collossal error, that does not change the fact that we are headed for a massive economic collapse that will cause great misery for the masses who have made no preparations because the government will NOT be able to help them! Indeed, the government does not intend to for it is not able to. Culling the world propulation is part of the Illuminati agenda.

    How Much Time Do We Have left?

    How long do we have? The autumn (fall) of this year at the very latest, mid-summer more likely, and quite possibly even the spring - or it might go in stages [1]. My counsel is that everyone be ready by Aviv 1, the biblical New Year, which is 15 April 2015. I am not saying that is when the balloon goes up because I don't know, but it is the beginning of the Sh'mittah or Sabbatical Year when we are supposed to have our stores in for a year anyway, and since, I believe, this is the 7th Sh'mittah in the current cycle, this means that the Yovel or Jubillee Year will follow directly after it which means we are supposed to be supplied for two or three years. It is up to every family to take this to Yahweh to get confirmation, or otherwise, themselves. I'm simply letting you know what my family is doing based on what I either know or believe. Ultimately how you decide to respond or not is your responsibility.

    Waking the Sleepers

    I realise that for most such a pessimistic message is not weanted or welcomed. But we must be realists because this will be a life-and-death situation for so many, and you cannot fool around when life and death are in the balance. There is, however, good news for the faithful and obedient, for we have been promised that we will prosper, and most certainly in the primary, spiritual sense. This will all have the positive effect of waking up the sleepers and forcing them to look at reality, both inner and outer. It will force people to become active partakers rather than passive receptors. People will have to wake up in order to survive, causing a division between those who intend to metaphorically 'gird up their loins' and do something about it and those who intend to turn to violence and crime to rob the former. People will not only die because of faminine and disease, but at the hands of the mob. Those who have made living off the welfare system their profession will be the first who are forced to make that stark choice because the government will no longer be in a position to service and take care of them. Why? Because the job market will collapse, people will have no incomes, and the government will in consequence receive no taxes. People will be forced to live together and cooperate, poole resourses, and so on, just as they did in the Great Depression between the wars.

    Contingency Plans for the Countryside

    If you live in cities or towns, I would have a contingency plan ready to execute at a moment's notice by mid April to go to the countryside, preferably with others, even if nothing happens before the autumn (fall). What do I mean by the 'autumn'? Mid-September. That is what I have marked if the present system survives that long. I would be looking into that right now and getting extraction plans going.

    Vision of the Smoke

    Has Yahweh shown me any of the events that are to take place? The élite use super computers to predict the likely outcomes of events because they do not have the true spirit of prophecy. They have their 'psychics' and 'remote-viewers' but these are notoriously inaccurate because Satan does not know what Yahweh does, which is why his demons are continually spying out the sayings and writings of the children of Elohim (God). I have already said that the élites will not get their victory this time even if, in their failure, they leave a trail of destruction behind them. In one vision (28 December 2014) Yahweh showed me white smoke being generated by the powers of darkness in copious quantities to obfuscate and confuse the world - this we already see in the numerous, multiplying false flag events (like all the passenger plane downings) as the élite tries to kill many birds with as few stones as possible as well as to keep us distracted from their key orchestrated events.

    The Dead President?

    I also saw a President wearing a suit, lying on the ground, apparently dead, as all those smoke clouds were being generated above him. It would not surprise me if multiple attempts have not already been made to assassinate world leaders (like JFK, who stood up against the élites), and that these will continue. Some may even be faked. These are dangererous times to have any sort of national power and defy the robber barons, or for any of their number to defect. The élite's super computers, psychics and remote-viewers will in any case ultimately fail them. They are fumbling in the dark no matter how clever and apparently in control they may believe they are.

    The Two Things You Must Urgently Do

    If you have been celebrating this secular new year's day you have been both premature and presumptuous. If you are going to make a resolution, then please two two things immediately:

    • 1. Get right with Yahweh and mend any relationship you have broken - repent! and
    • 2. With all your might and resources, get prepping - food, water, medicine, shelter - everything!


    For the rest, keep trusting in Yah'shua (Jesus), obey His mitzvot (commandments) and keep prepping and converting your liquid assets (they will be virtually worthless after the collapse - cash, bonds, and electronic money) - into something tangible and secure (precious metals, land, etc.) and then hide it well. Keep following us here and other reliable ministers who are anointed. And if we disappear, we'll see you at the other side of this tribulation. Amen.


    [1] There are those who claim I said that financial collapse would absolutely happen by the autumn of 2015. If you read one you will see I said: "I am not saying that is when the balloon goes up because I don't know". My counsel was that everyone be ready with their prepping by Aviv 1, 2015 to be on the safe side (29 April 2016).

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "I am in awe!! Thank you for being a faithful witness. I'm looking at the Menorah Pattern found in Psalm 111-117 now. This coincides with your message" (JW, USA, 1 January 2015)
    [2] "To all my [Facebook] friends. This is a REALLY important read. For your own sake, please do read. This message summarises what I have been sharing for the past year" (FVS, South Africa, 2 January 2015)

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      Last updated on 29 April 2016

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