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Month 3:01, Rosh Chodesh, Year:Day 5939:060 AM
2Exodus 1/40, ROSH CHODESH III (Shleshi haChodesh)
Gregorian Calendar: Thursday 29 May 2014
Rosh Chodesh III
Zion's Pyramid and the Harvest


    Chag sameach Rosh Chodesh kol beit Yisra'el and may the grace of our Master Yah'shua (Jesus) be with us this morning as I share a prophetic davar (word) with you this morning. It is truly a blessed thing to be able to assemble every Rosh Chodesh according to the mitzvah (commandment) to hear what Yahweh has to say to us.

    Events Moving Rapidly

    Without getting into world events, which is not my purpose this morning, I think it is becoming increasingly obvious to everyone with an eye on the times and seasons that major life-changing events are moving ever more rapidly. This is as true for the world as a whole as it is for us as a ministry, as individual congregations, and as families.

    The Hope of the Second Coming

    In 1960 British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan made a famous speech that became an historical landmark because it was the first public recognition that the days of Empire were over. The speech was not received well in South Africa and only a month later the Sharpville Massacre was a sign that bad days lay ahead for the southern portion of the continent. The truth of the matter was, as we all now know, was that whilst the British Empire was disappearing, other Empires continued and were rising, with the more insidious Global Empire of the shadowy élite growing apace. It has reached a critical phase now as it threatens to engulf us all with a one world dictatorship or to suffer a crushing defeat that will set back élitist goals for another generation. With virtually all Christian ministries insisting that one biblical prophetic event after another is being fulfilled before our very eyes and telling us that the 'rapture' could happen at any moment to be followed by the Second Coming within a decade, and with others going even further telling us that we are already in Great Tribulation and that the Second Advent is but months away, we stand virtually alone in this work in saying that a full generation lies between us and the great hope of Messiah's return.

    The Rise of Totalitarian Powers

    But the audacity of the élitist powers, the vicious brutality of Islamic terrorists around the world, and the economy spiralling out of control that will impoverish large sections of the once rich West when it collapses, is nothing compared to what's coming. In spite of the rising totalitarianism in America and Europe, there is still a great deal of freedom. And though attempts have been made to hijack the Internet and so impose censorship such as obtains in China and some other nations, we are still largely free to communicate. We need to make the best of these times while they last, for plans are most definitely afoot to bring in a governmental régime that will make Islamic Sharia Law look tame by comparison. And in the midst of whatever is soon to come in terms of accelerated oppression, the Kingdom of Elohim (God) is to be built and to flourish in the four designated centres and others yet to arise.

    A Literal Return to the Days of Noah: The Giants

    When Yah'shua (Jesus) told His talmidim (disciples) that the last days would be the same as in the days of Noah, that is exactly what He meant - literally. People forget that in the environment in which Noah operated that the planet was filled with creatures the likes of which we have only been able to fantasise about in comics and movies. We read in our Bibles of this tribe or that tribe, especially those hostile to Israel whom Yah's people had to contend with. These weren't ordinary human beings - these weren't the human Allies fighting the human Axis powers in World War Two: what we're talking about is something more akin to Star Wars or Jurassic Park than to anything as 'ordinary' as World War Two. Without getting into an unnecessary, however fascinating, discussion about this, may I remind you of the scale we are talking about here. Yahweh reminded His people through the prophet Amos just what He did for them:

      "Yet it was I who destroyed the Amorite before them, whose height was like the height of the cedars, and he was as strong as the oaks; yet I destroyed his fruit above and his roots beneath" (Amos 2:9, NKJV).

    The Giant Race of the Amorites

    How tall is a cedar tree? It's a pretty big tree. The tallest grow to 40 metres or 130 feet, the average being around 30-50 feet. Is it any wonder that the twelve spies sent out by Joshua into Canaan compared themselves to the giants in the land and said they were like grasshoppers? (Num.13:27-33) And no, this is not a fairy tale, it's real. Skeletons of giants have been unearthed for centuries from 8-18 feet tall! You'll find plenty of examples if you do your research in spite of every attempt by the establishment to suppress the facts. There are all kinds of 'interesting' finds in the basements of museums that the public aren't supposed to see.

    Preparing the Last Generation for a New Tower of Babel

    My only point here today is that the last generation has got to be prepared for undreamed of things and they are going to have to exercise the same kind of emunah (faith) as the ancients did in order to defeat these adversaries. And can anyone tell me what the Tower of Babel project was actually about? What were the early inhabitants of this planet up to? What did Yahweh mean when He said that had He allowed them to complete their project that they would have been unstoppable?

      "If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them" (Gen.11:6, NIV)

    Today's Nephilim Project

    Today English is the universal, global language and as we know from all the extraordinary things going on, man is now tampering with the created order to an alarming degree. Gene-splicing, weather modification and the like is changing not only the world we live in but connecting us to previously unseen worlds that were supposed to be kept separate from us. Those early inhabitants at the Tower of Babel, though possessing technology very different from our own, nevertheless possessed technology, in combination with the occult arts taught them by the nephilim giants, to do something so terrible that Yahweh had no choice but to send confusion amongst them so that they could not accomplish that diabolical plan. The same project is underway today though with even more sophisticated technological tools.

    Being Prepared

    My point in raising these matters today is not to scare you but to sensitise you, so that these things are on your radar, as it were, and on the map of your plans ahead. As I have said before, Yahweh will equip His qodeshim (saints, set-apart ones), so long as they exercise proper emunah (faith) and learn to sing the Song of Moses - obey the Torah mitzvot (commandments) and sing the Song of the Lamb (live in a close relationship with the Messiah) [1]. So I want you to add these thoughts to your list of 'preparations', even if they are only mental at this stage. This is just as much a part of prepping as getting your food, water and medical supplies in for storage for the tough times ahead. I would not want any of you caught unaware, surprised or overwhelmed when these creatures reappear, because you will need to be in the right place at the right time doing the right things when they do.

    Stolen Divine Technology

    One thing you do need to know is that the technology installed by the nephilim anciently on the earth was not their own invention but stolen and then modified for diabolical purposes. As we all know, a scientific invention can be used for either good or evil. Guns can be used for protection or for murder. Education can be used to enlighten or dumb-down and control. Nuclear energy can be used to make bombs or clean energy. And so the list goes on. The fact that the enemy has a form of technology that he uses for evil does not mean than a kosher or 'clean' variety of that technology does not exist for Yahweh's people. Indeed, we must also remember that all physical technology originates first on the spiritual realm. All technology is the externalisation of spiritual realities and based on the tavnith (pattern) of the Creation.

    Vision of Zion's Pyramid

    Just under a week ago Yahweh was showing me in vision how the enemy had stolen pyramid technology and adapted it for his own wicked ends. You cannot have failed to notice that massive pyramids exist the world over, and not just in Egypt and Mesoamerica. They were, amongst other things such as scientific navigation aids, sound devices used for the concentration and manipulation of energy. 'Pyramid energy' is not some freakly New Age 'fad', it actually does have a basis in emet (truth), because all matter ultimately reduces to energy and is the holding forms of such energy. It's how malakim (angels) are able to physically 'materialise' and 'dematerialise'. It's how they are able to pass through solid physical objects as Yah'shua (Jesus) Himself passed through a solid wall into the place where the talmidim (disciples) were gathered following His death and resurrection. It's how 'Azotus Travel' takes place. There is much the last generation, and its tutors, must learn.

    The Bent Pyramid at Dahshur

    With the exception of one solitary pyramid in Egypt at Dahshur, which is wrongly viewed by scholars as having accidentally been built by Pharaoh Sneferu at the wrong angle forcing him to alter the slope of the walls mid-way. Egypt's master crafsmen didn't make such mathematical errors. In fact, this 'bent pyramid' is uniquely two structures-in-one, unlike all the other 5-sided pyramids the world over which are basically the same shape, whether they are stepped or their sides are smoothed. Dahshur has a regular five-sided pyramid sitting on top of a 6-sided structure. It's what I call a Zionic Pyramid.

    A Zionic Pyramid at Kadesh-biyqah

    Interestingly, it was while I was listening to a sermon by Spurgeon on prayer that Yahweh opened this vision up to me and I was shown the proportions of the 9- 10- or 11-sided pyramid with 9 or 13 corners, depending on your perspective and whether the two parts are joined together or separate. We have at least one here in Kadesh-biyqah that I have seen in the invisible non-material dimension, for it was this I was being shown in vision. The Ten Commandments are build into its dimensions and form part of the song of Moses along with the dimensions of the earth itself.

    The Fallen elohim and 5-Sided Pyramid

    The pyramid is a symbol of Elohim-power and you will recall that the fathers of the first nephilim were fallen malakh (angels) elohim or powers with a small 'e'. Israel's judges are also elohim or powers, again with a small 'e', and the pyramid is the symbol of this power. Fallen malak (angel) pyramids, like the one on the American $1 bill, also in two sections but with the sides in both at the same angle, because it represents the commandments of the nephilim who wish to be worshipped as gods separated from the godly man-to-man mitzvot (commandments).

    Cube in the Pyramid

    The cube, which is the shape of both the Holy of Holies and the New Jerusalem, fits within this pyramid:

    The Tower of Babel & Obelisks

    The tower that the wicked people of Babel were building was, I believe, a stepped, elongated version of the 10-sided pyramid that we have since come to know as the obelisk. The élite love building them, or importing them from Egypt, and setting them up in the world's capitals, along with five-sided pyramids, to represent their claimed power and descent from the nephilim. Washington, London and Paris have well-known Egyptian obelisks. But more of this subject another time. All I wanted to tell you is that Yahweh is installing His elohim and their kingdoms in the visible and invisible and visible on the earth in the tribal divisions of Israel and according to true divine tavnith (pattern).

    Vision of the Golden Wheat Field

    I wanted to finish today by sharing with you one of the visions Yahweh showed me on the 18th day of the second month (16 May 2014) at 8.20 a.m. whose existence I have mentioned to you before. It concerns evangelism and the end-time harvest of this work. I was awake at the time when the vision suddenly impacted me with great force, taking me by surprise, because of its intensity. I saw a vast field of golden wheat gently moving in a breeze. For a while I was able to see underground too, like a cross-section had been taken of this vast field, so the roots were visible. The golden wheat stretched for miles and miles in all directions but one section seemed to be separate from the rest. It was in itself enormous consisting of tens of thousands of sheaves, being divided from the rest by two small gaps at either end of what looked like a long row as viewed from ground level at the front. I instantly knew that this would be the final harvest of this work. As I looked at this extraordinarily beautiful scene, I noted what looked like a large ball of diffuse energy under the ground. It began to rise out of the ground at an angle and thence into the air and out of sight. Thinking the vision was complete, as everything remained as it was for a second or two, I was given another surprise as I was pulled back away from the golden field and was shown another clump of golden wheat standing alone and in front of the main body of wheat that I had first been shown. It was not large, perhaps consisting of several hundred sheaves, but it was of the same family as the huge field behind it, and it too was dancing in the breeze. As I looked at it I realised that this was the immediate harvest - right now - the first souls of the Final Gathering, that is now in the process, and not to think that this was the final harvest.


    Brethren and sisters, we can only take one day at a time and live it to its fullest extent but we must also be prepared to a degree for what is to come, the good and the bad. There is to be a great and wonderful final harvest but its gathering will not be unopposed. May Yahweh bless you as you prayerfully prepare for the future but more importantly may we all thrust in the sickle and get the first harvest in, to the glory of our Elohim (God). The field is ripe and ready! Amen.


    [1] See The Fivefold Ministry With Thoughts on Tongue-Speaking

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "Such excellent writing, my friend. What an honour and blessing to be reading this. I pray I spend time daily reading these articles you share with us" (ADV, Canada, 30 May 2014)

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