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Month 13:21, Week 3:6 (Sheshi/Kippur), Year:Day 5936:375 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Monday 1 April 2013
More Prophetic Words
The Long-Term Perspective of the Crisis


    For the last two to three weeks I have been having dreams and visions about one theme, and one theme only, that I would prefer not to discuss (which is why I guess I have delayed sharing with you again) but which I am constrained by the Ruach (Spirit) to do so now.

    Scriptures and Judgment

    I don't know if you're like me but I am sure that you have not only noticed that a fairly large chunk of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and a part of the B'rit Chadashah Scriptures (New Testament) are filled with prophecies of judgment and doom but that you get depressed by it too. Many are bored by it and ignore it until what is spoken is on your very doorstep. Then sobriety sets in, followed by fear and, sometimes, panic.

    Visions of War, Microchipping, Pestilence and Famine

    I hate to bring up a by now old theme because I have been speaking about it for years but rather deluge you with it on the Sabbath again I thought I would speak about these things the day before. Basically, what Yahweh has been showing me is an unending stream of dreams and visions about war, microchipping, pestilence and famine. I am so sick at heart at seeing all of this because I know it is being realised before our very eyes and is only going to get worse. With spring starting in the northern hemisphere after what has been a long a gruelling winter for most of us, the inclination is to look forward to all the goodness the summer brings.

    People are Still in Denial

    I have spoken to a number of people about these things but very few of them who acknowledge that we are in hard times are taking it seriously enough. I was speaking to a Penetcostal friend two days ago and I asked him if he had cleared his mortgage. He told me that it was only "a little one" as had someone else I had recently received an email from.

    Big and Little Debts

    Brethren and sisters, you need to get rid of the "little" debts too! If you default on your payments because the currency has collapsed and you have nothing left in the bank, then you're going to lose your home whether your debt is large or small. When I said in the past to clear all your debts, I meant "all". It's the same with sin - little sins can cost you as dearly as larger ones in critical circumstamces where discernment is needed but which you are blinded from because some transgression is preventing you from making a sound judgment. We are entering an "all or nothing" situation. The enemy is laying all his cards on the table and he's doing it now. He's going for the satanic jackpot - total global control - and he won't allow anything or anyone to stand in his way.

    Prepping is For Always and Not Just for Now

    There are a number of items I feel strongly led to address today. Firstly, it's not enough just to stock up food from the grocery store. We've all done it, myself included, but we are entering a time when not only will believers be denied access to these products latterly but those who really know what's going on in the corporate conspiracy to poison the population with a view to culling it by some 5 billions souls will not want to buy this produce. What I am saying is, it is time for believers (and those with any brains) to start PRODUCING YOUR OWN UNCONTAMINATED FOOD.

    What the End-Time Remnant is Doing

    By that I mean you need to get hold of non-genetically modified (GMO), organic heirloom seeds and start growing your own food supply with surplus so that you can trade. Until the Final Gathering, the end-time remnant that's doing what Yahweh commands, will not be eating the poisonous junk food of Babylon but producing its own. It doesn't matter that you have never done so before because we all learn by experimentation getting experience that way. The important thing is to start now, especially as summer is on its way and especially as famine is coming too. So when I say "now", I mean "right now". And if you don't have a garden, you can grow plenty of things indoors.

    Understanding About Food

    You'll find tons of resources online. One good place to start is Mike Adams' Natural News where you'll not only learn what's contaminated food and why, but also how to turn your own lawns and homes into safe food-production areas [1]. And remember, you need to also be storing surplus. You should have a minimum of three months' food, water and medical storage for starters with the goal of having enough for a year and to make this a regular practice here on so that you are continually using and replacing storage. Learn as you go along and involve your whole family. And if you can cooperate with locals whom you trust (I underline that deliberately - the 'wrong' people will likely rob you or even kill you in a crisis), so much the better. There is always strength in numbers.

    No Paradise After the Present Crisis

    You're probably wondering why I said that this crisis would be "on-going", especially as I have said that I do not believe this is the Great Tribulation and that it won't be happening for two or three decades or more yet. The powers that are trying to seize control will not succeed in their final objective this time round, as I have said, because they will be defeated but the destruction they are causing, and have caused, will likely remain and increase until Yah'shua (Jesus) returns. Food remains poisoned, the environment is poisoned not only with bio-hazzardous chemicals but with radioactivity and genetic contamination from GMO's. That is why growing your own safe food from heirloom seeds will be important continuously until Messiah returns.

    A Lot to Learn and Do

    There's a lot to learn and the time should be used now in which to acquire knowledge and skills. True believers will not be returning to many of the professions they had previously because they will have understood that they have to get out of the corrupt system altogether, even if it is by degrees. You have got to learn self-dependency and mutual dependency on others doing the same.

    A Challenge for City People

    I realise that this will panic many of you 'city people' who have never done this sort of thing before. Many of us have started this way. The thing is to start and go one step at a time. Yahweh will be with you and you will be directed to people with lots of experience who can help you...if you ask them nicely! There really is no time to procrastinate - not now. If you're going to get serious about growing your own food, this may be your last chance because it will be harder to set-up later when the things you need either become scarce or unaffordable.

    The Internet Coming Under Control

    Consider too that the enemy is trying to take control of the internet and is already closing down millions of websites that run contrary to the élite's agenda. This includes not only religious (Christian) and political (libertarian) sites but also those exposing the poisoning of our food, water and environment generally...and the prepper sites that will enable you to survive. So download as much as you can and make hardcopies.

    In the Right Place with a Low Profile

    Of course, it follows that you have to be in the right place at the right time to do all of this because all over the world preppers are having their food destroyed or stolen by the government. So location is important but so also is discretion. Don't blabber. Keep a low profile and those you don't absolutely 100% trust you should not let on what you are doing, however philanthropic you may feel and desire to help others. Here you have to cultivate the Ruach (Spirit) so you know what to say to whom. You are not to gamble with your families' lives. We are justified - made right with Yahweh - by our emunah (faith) which means we have to trust in the Davar Elohim (Word of God) when He tells us to do things we might not otherwise think is right. Many a good-hearted person has forfeited essential resources and even their life because they trusted their own lev (heart) more than they did Yahweh. Soft-hearted souls make easy victims.

    Becoming an ALl-Rounder

    You have to become an "all-rounder" in these times. What kind of life should we be preparing for? If you haven't seen Little House on the Prairie then that, plus some high-tech as it is available, is what you should be preparing for. Remember, you will have to adjust your "comfort expectations" and revert to the rôles established for men and women by the Creator because if you don't, you won't make it.

    Exceptions - Remaining in Babylon

    Now of course I do realise there are always exceptions. Yahweh may have something for you to do in the very heart of Babylon, in the 'city' itself, and if that is where He has definitely called you, then you must obey, though I would imagine that would be better suited to single 'Jeremiahs' than to families. If He does, He will provide.

    The Élite Mostly Live Like Preppers

    Rememeber this - the élite (like Hitler before them who was a vegetarian) don't eat the poisonous junk food that the slave class is served in the grocery shop - they eat the same kind of food as those who grow their own non-GMO. They eat organic and they don't take the poisonous vaccines injected into the masses either. They don't take psychotropic drugs and they don't use Big Pharma's medicines at all because they know they're deadly. But of course they don't tell you that, any more than the big wigs in the tobacco industry tell you that they don't smoke cigarettes. They absolutely know what is needed for good health and what they have to do - and have been doing for some time - to cull the world population. Your decision is basically whether you want to be culled or not. It's as simple as that.

    A Word to the Body

    A final word about the Body of Messiah (Christ) because this is something that has been laid heavily on my lev (heart) too. You may think that the prophecies of doom and gloom in the Tanakh (Old Testament) concern only those who have erred in the past but you would be wrong. His message to complacent believers and to those who refuse to obey His mitzvot (commandments) is this: you too are about to be taken into an end-time 'captivity', not entirely like that of our ancestors, but similar, until you have repented and submitted.

    You're Already In Captivity

    In many ways, you are already in captivity - your bodies are prisoners to poisonous foods, your minds to destructive mind-numbing drugs, your spirits to all the lies that have been fed to you in the school system and through the media propaganda. You are prisoners in your cities. And even though the 'FEMA concentration camp dimension' has yet to kick in, adding another level of captivity (and slaughter), the prison is your own cities, the system in which you operate, indeed, the entire planet. That is why in the last days the only places that will be safe and apart from this nightmare will be the Twelve Cities of Refuge.

    The Consent of the Slave Class

    The bitter irony of this captivity is that people have not only agreed to it - given their consent - but they themselves have built it! It really is a Matrix-type situation in more ways than one. The prison - the captivity - is all around you. It's self-chosen by the majority.

    The Body Is In 'Egypt' Again

    Most of the Body of Messiah is already in this captivity even as I speak now. They think it is going to "come" not realising that it is already "here". The business of the remnant is to "get out". The 'Egypt' we are in is global.

    Mental Reprogramming

    Getting believers to realise that mentally is going to be the main battle which is why so much of our witness has first been to reach minds, spirits and hearts. For the majority the physical captivity will be inescapable because they did not heed the prophetic warnings that were given earlier, because they loved the Babylonian system too much and were unwilling to relinquish its hold on them. They were unwilling to make the sacrifices to their drug-like dependency on false paternalism of the system in order to be free. Salvation and deliverance is as much physical as it is spiritual because Elohim (God) has called the whole soul into His Kingdom.

      "But I will spare a few of them from the sword, the famine, and the pestilence that they may tell all their abominations among the nations where they go, and may know that I am Yahweh" (Ezek.12:16, NASB).

    The Great Cull

    In the 'Great Cull' that's already underway and which will accelerate, millions of unrepentant believers will perish. Make no mistake about that. Some will be spared so that they can warn others and that Yahweh's Davar (Word) might be vindicated. And I am not just talking about the seven-year 'Great Tribulation' but the period leading up to it too. The first phase of the Cull will mostly be gradual through destroyed health but it will become progressively more violent as the demonic forces operating in their human hosts become more and more impatient for blood. I am not saying that there won't be small oases of peace, prosperity and righteousness in the time leading up to the Great Tribulation but that they will be few and far between. And some may succeed in rolling back the tide of evil for a while where people will support them in sufficiently large numbers. The bottom line is always what the majority will agree to.

    Your Choice

    What will you now do? Will you make or complete the necesary preparations or will you allow yourself and your family to be swept away by the conflagration? This is not, as they say in the military, a drill. It's the real thing.


    Repent, get right with Yah'shua (Jesus) and get to work!


    [1] He's a little new-agey (though he does have a Christian background) but otherwise sound

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