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Month 11:9, Week 2:1 (Rishon/Pesach), Year:Day 5936:304 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Sunday 20 January 2013
Another Chinese Prophecy
The World After the Present Crisis

    A Prophetic Revelation from Yahweh

    Yesterday you received a pastoral sabbath message from me. Today I have a prophetic one. I went to bed last night desperate and I awoke desperate because I did not understand what Yahweh was doing on the world scene and with me personally. I knew - and have known for some time - that those prophesying that we are about to go through the Great Tribulation or are currently in the middle of it were false. I knew that the claims that Yah'shua (Jesus) was about to return - within the next decade - were false too. We are on the verge of collapse, yes - a quarter of the world know it but nobody knows what is going to happen in practical terms or what the global scene will be like afterwards.

    A Time Like that of Jeremiah

    You have to be desperate before Yahweh breaks in. Truthfully, I have been desperate for a long time. I have known that my ministry would be like that of Jeremiah for a long time too - a thankless one, that almost nobody would listen, that believers and family would throw me into the metaphorical wells of their disbelief and hostility. I did not want that kind of ministry, and truthfully still don't. Yes, I have been angry with Yahweh more than once. But it is what it is and His will be done. I'm still here and people are still trying to throw me into wells and behind bars.

    The Seven Crises, Wrong Prophetic Models

    The reason that believers have no clue about what is going to happen on the other side of the fiscal cliff and the other six major crises that will strike simultaneously - making seven in total - is because they are thinking in terms of former prophetic models and historical occurrences. They think in black-and-white terms. But as I have, admittedly with some difficulty, been trying to show people, we do not live in pure 'gold', 'silver' or 'bronze' world but in a mixture of 'iron and baked clay' (Dan.2:33). The medium in which events are occuring is unlike anything from the past, so there isn't really anything to directly compare to. To understand how the end-time scenario works, you have to come out of old thinking boxes.

    Kept in the Dark

    I woke up this morning frozen, in considerable pain, exhausted and despondent. I was despondent, in part, because I had been given a prophetic dream before daybreak and I hadn't a clue what it meant. I was ready to dismiss it as just one more pile of psychic garbage when Yahweh broke into me and explained it clearly to me while I was taking my shower. And, yes, I admit I had been annoyed with Him for being kept in the dark, and yes, I was not willing to accept that I should patiently remain in ignorance until He chose to enlighten me. I guess I am still learning about His sovereignty and my servanthood. We tend to mix the two, don't we? We are precocious children, thinking we are mature when we are still undisciplined teenagers at heart.

    The Élitists are Afraid

    I will not share all the dream because I am only to share the basic outline. You see, not only are Christians and Messianics getting it all wrong, but the Illuminist powers that are trying to create a global dictatorship are confused too. They have no clue how all of this is going to turn out, because their master Satan doesn't either. They are meeting unexpected opposition and they know that in America particularly, where people are finally rising in fury against the government's attempt to disarm them, that if they don't succeed in this dastardly project that nothing else they have succeeded in thus far is going to make much difference. An armed public is the last physical barrier to their dictatorship and they are terrified of what will happen if they fail here. They must surely remember what happened to the late Romanian communist dictator because the enraged public will show them no mercy. So in a very real away America is the current battle ground. If America loses its freedoms, the rest of the world has little or no hope, even if there are signs of major resistance in Europe now too. But Europeans have already been disarmed and as Mao pointed out, real power comes from the barrel of a gun.

    Understanding the Iron and Baked Clay

    Baked clay-and-iron is the key that unlocks all the events in the world today. The élite is not united, for one thing. It is run like the mobsters or Mafia with rival 'gangs' only the 'gangs' run countries or groups of countries: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia, Australasia. And there are 'gangs within gangs' too. There is no one ruling 'mob', no one supreme 'Godfather' and there never will be until the Anti-Messiah (Antichrist) comes to power and forces them to cooperate under his rule for seven years. And that won't be happening for quite a few years to come. The system is weak because they can't freely move their iron (power) around because it is fixed in baked clay. They operate within boundaries and their adversaries need to understand how to move around this iron.

    The Chinese Flag

    Everything I am about to tell you literally happened in my proverbial 'back yard' so that I could see the bigger picture or what is a very complex event map in simpler terms. The key element was a tree - a dead one, to be exact, on the north side of my property, which essentially only had two branches forked like a letter 'V' (see illustration under the header). There were no twigs or leaves, everything had been stripped from it, because there is no life in this system. All that remained was the lower trunk and the two large branches, which basically were the trunk split into two. The sky was overcast and everything looked dull. Attached to the left side of the 'V' was a red Chinese communist flag fluttering in the wind pointing east, the wind obviously coming from the west - its 'wind of fortune'.

    The flag was completely intact but it was not made of high quality material. The five golden stars that made up its logo were pooly cut making it look a very cheap, home-made job. There was writing on the flag also, in gold letters below the stars and to their right, and one word that especially caught my eye was 'OLYMPIAD', which I understood to be the 2008 Beijing (Peking) Olympics. They were being 'staged' in my garden. But that was not all. To the bottom right-hand corner a square handkershief-like piece of white cloth was attached in a knot, with fringes all around, less than a quarter of the size of the main flag. On it were four large dark filled circles arranged in a square, like the dots on a dice.

    The Chinese Trophy

    I will begin with this symbol because it is the main one. It describes the élite mobster/bankster/political power that is the Peoples' Republic of China. The fact that this flag, and only this flag was flying, indicates that at the end of this crisis, it is this group that will overall be the winners. The white square knotted onto its bottom right corner is its winnings or trophy, namely, their hegemony over four of the other mobster élite groups. Though I was not told which these were, I am guessing that they include at least North America, Europe and probably Africa...or at least sizeable parts of these. The 2008 Olympic ceremonies was their advanced victory parade, much as the London 2012 Olympics was announcing the hoped-for triumph of the British mob and what it controlls, possibly including North America. Before Beijing in 2008, Athens 2004 (representing the EU) and before that Sydney 2000 (representing Australasia) and Atlanta 1996 (representing the USA/North American cartel). The next Olympics are in Rio de Janiero 2016 (Brazil, representing South America).

    Global Control Will Not Happen Now

    The élite do not - and will not get - global control for some time yet. Their factions are still fighting each other. Brazil and India - and the mobs behind them - are two emerging superpowers that are rivals to China. So the Chinese mob will come away after the current struggle as the overall 'winner' with four prizes that almost certainly include North America and Europe which they will control indirectly economically - they already own one or two US states which was given in colateral by the criminal Obama régime in exchange for the Chinese buying out the dollar, and large chunks of European real estate and business.

    A Pyrric Victory

    I saw, in my dream, various 'events' which I shall not be sharing here because it is not important and Yahweh does not want the enemy knowing how it's going to play out in detail. I will tell you one thing, though, and it was the fact that there was a sudden downpour of rain washing out the 'Olympic' games. China will not have complete control but it will come away with major prizes but - and this is critical - this will to some extent be a pyrric victory, because the tree is dead. And China only has control of the left-grouping (communists), not the right (fascists). She will suffer her losses in this débâcle which was why the flag was made of cheap material and was not very professionally put together but she will come through reasonably well. The 'rain' will be Yahweh's intervention, rending the opposition blind and preventing it from bringing certain projects together. There will be no outright victory for the enemy, even during the seven year global tribulation period and the 3½ years of terror...not that there isn't plenty of terror today but in that latter time it will be everywhere save in the 12 cities of refuge

    What Happens to Believers?

    What about the Body of Messiah? What is going to happen there? Well, there is going to be no 'gathering' yet - quite the opposite. If you want a parallel time from history, today is a repeat and recapitulation of the Seige of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar because there still isn't widespread repentance. This is not going to be a good time for lawless believers (those without Torah) or those messianics caught up in lies and heresies like Zionism and dead legalism. The only safety is in Yah'shua (Jesus) and in all the Emet (Truth) of Torah. And the irony is that those who are trusting in Messiah and obeying all the mitzvot (commandments) are principally going to suffer at the hands of fellow believers, not the élitist mobsters. This is the time when Yahweh's servants are thrown down those metaphorical wells and left for dead until these disobedient believers finally realise they are following blind guides and can't manage without real Ruach- (Spirit-)led leaders because they are walking in the dark and desperately need the light of revelation to guide them.

    A Warning

    I know this is not a bright picture for either believers or the world but then you know me well enough by now to know that I do not titillate people's ears or seek popularity. I give it to you as it is given to me. A warning, though, to those who will not repent - they will be taken into captivity and the metaphorical eyes of their 'kings' (leaders) will be put out and they will be left spiritually blind. So this is really the last chance for any leaders out there who refuse to repent themselves and to stop teaching false doctine, messianic as well as evangelical.


    What is going to follow isn't going to be 'good' for anyone but it is going to be worse for some than for others depending on the choices you make. This is all a big 'olympic game' for the powers-that-be who are jockeying for control...Satan always makes his minions compete against one another for he enjoys watching them destroy each other almost as much as he enjoys watching the innocent being destroyed. Overall, people are going to reap what they have sown but the enemy will not be given carte blanche...and even after the current gamble for world dominion is over, probably in the course of the next year, the struggle between rival factions will continue. It is in this world that we, as believers, must continue to live over the next generation, more about which I shall have to say later. Abandon any of the crazy messianic schemes of emigrating to Israel or Jordan - you might as well jump into the fire and be consumed. Remain where you are until Yahweh directs you to move your families tom places He chooses. Though it too late for most, continue prepping until that dootr closes and then ride out the storm that's coming, all the while continuing your witness and gathering souls for Messiah, making talmidim (disciples) of all nations. Amen.

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    This page was created on 19 January 2013
    Last updated on 19 January 2013

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