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Month 10:20, Week 3:5 (Chamashee/Teruah), Year:Day 5936:285 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Tuesday 1 January 2013
2013 Year of the Snake
A Prophetic Word for the Remnant

      "Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen" (Luke 21:36, NIV).

    New Year's Day

    This is my prophetic sabbath word for this current week to supplement the general davar (word) already given. It's New Year's Day in the secular, pagan world, and the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it is just another Yom Chamashee (Day #5) in ours - or it ought to be if you're following the divine calendar.

    The Obama Inauguration

    Americans (and ultimately the world...because it impacts everyone) have another 19 days before President Obama is inaugurated for his second term of office on 20 January.

    A Satanic Feast Day

    That day has not been chosen randomly but marks Day #1 on the satanic calendar of sacrifice preparations leading seven days later to a human offering to Satan. Oh, and in case you're not aware, today is also a high satanic feast day with more human offerings and there's another on 7 January - St.Winebald Day. If you're still in denial about such things, and that our ruling élites aren't heavily involved, then you might as well not read on any further.

    An Unpopopular Message

    For the rest I have a message that is going to be unpopular so you may want to leave too, and probably will, before you get to the end of this. Either way, you absolutely have to get tuned in to the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) to find out what Yahweh's will is for you individually and as families because it may be a question of survival. That great convergence of events that I spoke to you about last October could happen any time now. The enemy is playing out his biggest gamble ever by putting all his cards on the table, openly declaring what he is about to do. The situation is pretty fluid for even the enemy doesn't exactly know how it's all going to end - only Yahweh does, and He alone has all the aces. But the plan is to have martial law in America, gun confiscation, and to start rounding up all dissidents and outspoken critics of the now barely concealed communism of the Obama régime. What should believers be doing?

    Do We Engage the Political System?

    Apart from the obvious (praying, repenting, getting houses in order, etc.) believers should not be out to start a violent revolution or civil war as this is obviously incompatible with our faith. Many are preparing to and are making the same mistake as the Zealots in Yah'shua's (Jesus') day. This is not a time to mix such politics with religion. This was the undoing of ancient Israel and Judah and will be the final undoing of the American Republic.

    I come today as a Jeremiah of sorts, not a Moses or a Joshua. What is happening Yahweh is permitting because of the wickedness and rebellion of the nations. Obama is His man in America, just as Nebuchadnazzar was in ancient Judah, to bring judgment. Your calling, and mine, is to lift a warning voice and at the risk of being accused of being 'anti-patriotic' (read 'anti-zealot'), and to cease identifying with the whole rotten carcass of contemporary politics. Once there is a ripening of iniquity in any nation, and a point of no return has been passed, then our task devolves by default back to the family and congregational level. The nations are then Yahweh's responsibility. We are to leave the national edifice to crumble when it is beyond reformation.

    A Time to Disengage is Imminent

    The campaigns many of you have been involved in to warn the citizens of your country of what's actually going on has been necessary. We are to spread emet (truth) of every kind, political, social and spiritual. I have been lifting up my own voice with the rest of you. Some have listened and woken up, most have not, as we knew all along would be the case. We are in a latter-day Sodom-&-Gomorah scenario. We have been warning people to get out of the cities of iniquity and to prepare places of refuge outside the metropolos' for their families and to stock them up with food, water, medicines and other essential supplies for a minimum of three months but preferable a year or more. At the same time we have been telling people that this is neither the beginning of the Great Tribulation nor will Messiah be back within the next 3-7 years as some ministries have been ill-advisedly saying. Nor is there going to be any 'rapture' for the spiritually and physically lazy and lawless believer - we are here for the duration, the good and the bad, the saved and the unsaved alike.

    The Total Corruption of Nearly All Mainstream Politics

    As far as libertarians are concerned, old mainstream politics and political parties are a dead-end. They're all corrupted and are working for one world dictatorship, for which they are well paid at tax-payers' expense. Indeed, didn't Obama issue an exective order the other day authorising a pay rise for politicians even as the American economy teeters on the edge of total collapse? Only crooks do that sort of thing. The fact of the matter is that the enemy has had these political parties sown up for a long time. The majority aren't listening to the libertarians anyway, seduced as they by greed and the lure of false promises which were doomed to never materialise even before they were uttered. On a national level the doors are pretty much closed. David's prayer ought now to be ours:

      "All day long they twist my words; they are always plotting to harm me. They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, eager to take my life. On no account let them escape; in your anger, O Elohim (God), bring down the nations" (Ps.56:5-7, NIV).

    Changing Identities and Loyalties

    For the believing remnant, they must reconsider their identities and loyalties. We are all like Ruth now living in nations under the judgment of Yahweh where there is already a famine of emet (truth) and where soon there will be a literal famine, as there was in Moab in Ruth's day. Our national identities have been seized by rogues - they are now the representatives of the nations and it is they who must now face Yahweh face-on - I do not envy them! We must turn now to the representatives of Messianic Israel wherever they are gathered or are gathering and declare with Ruth:

      "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your Elohim (God) my Elohim (God). Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried" (Ruth 1:16-17, NIV).

    The Final Gathering

    If you have never read my short book, The Final Gathering, now would be a good time to do so. Those families who have heeded the davar (word) and made individual preparations for this time will be those, along with others who are to yet come, who will be organising a far greater tribal preparation - the literal Final Gathering which the enemy will not be able to touch.

    Think Local, Be Prepared

    Everything is devolving now to the local level, more so as the structure of society breaks down, so that is where things will count. This is where new skills must be learned and applied. As far as national politics is concerned, this is the time to lower - and for a while remove - your political profile if you have been involved because I guarantee that activists are on government hit-lists.

    This is not, as I said, the End, but it is certainly an end of the world as we once knew it, though please don't for one moment think that I subscribe to the New Age vision of David Icke and others who believe we are now going to evolve, without the salvation of Yah'shua (Jesus), into a new age of cosmic awareness and peace. We're not. It is the current 'end' we must get prepared for, not the apocalyptic End even though it looks as though we are entering it. This does not mean you should stop your preparedness - in reality if you have not made any preparations it's probably already too late for most if you want to avoid becoming a part of the new super-poor underclass under the feudal overlordship of the satanic élite. If you don't have your arks ready you will have to meet the incoming tides and tidal waves in whatever way you can.

    Seek Other Freedom-Loving People and Cooperate

    Where we cannot make a difference or an impact we are to quit and go and make a difference and an impact where we can. It is not, moreover, my business to tell you what Yahweh would have you do, other than to counsel families in the most general terms. Start learning how to be self-sufficient. Forget about 'big city jobs', particularly government- and corporation-paid ones - they are being - or have already been - completely taken over by the totalitarian élite and if you remain in these you will end up working for the government and against Yahweh's people. Think local and get organised locally wherever there are freedom-loving people no matter their beliefs so long as they are opposed to totalitarianism because the 'other society' will not support true believers in any way and force them to first compromise and then surrender...or exterminate them. Learn, grow and be ever better prepared, remembering that a time will come when you will have to abandon these local cooperatives, associations and enterprise schemes too. But not for a while.

    The Three Alternative Options

    The diagram below illustrates what I believe many like myself have concluded what we are being called as believers to do. As I see it there are three options:

    • 1. Remain fully in the system and seek to influence it - I believe history demonstrates that this is a recipe for sure failure once society has crossed certain lines and specifically when the majority has chosen the path of wickedness - this was tried as early as the patriarch Lot who had to beat a hasty retreat, escaping with only three of his family and then barely by the skin of his teeth;

    • 2. Completely separate from the world system and 'head for the hills' as many Christians and Messianics are doing right now - I believe this to be an error not because at some point we don't need to be fully separate but because I believe they have their timing all wrong: I do not believe this is the beginning of the Great Tribulation - however, if they know Yahweh has told them to do this, then that is what they must do; and

    • 3. Leave the cities where the élite clearly have power and control and join with other libertarians of other religious and of no relious persuasions to cooperate in forming an alternative economic and agricultural system whilst maintaining clear spiritual lines of separation - in effect, a new society within the larger society but on the latter's periphery. I believe this is important for mutual support based on shared libertarian ideals both because there is safety in numbers and because we are not supposed to be cut off from the wider society except when the actual Great Tribulation begins.

    Though not all libertarians would by any means accept the Besorah (Gospel), and probably most wouldn't, they are the only ones who would actually be able to identify with it because of our shared belief in freedom. There would, in reality, be little or no common ground at all with those people rejecting libertarianism and choosing to remain slaves in the satanic world system (even those calling themselves 'Christian' or 'Messianic') - they would first have to have their own awakening and desire to leave the system before being ready to hear the Besorah (Gospel) even if prophets would, of course, be sent into the cities to witness.

    How I Think 2013 Will Unfold

    I believe that we will witness in the new Roman year of 2013 such a rise in totalitarianism that a division or separation will spontaneously happen as the libertarian movement swells in numbers to become a real force of opposition too big to be crushed except where they can be herded in the cities and controlled. I do believe, as I have said, that the enemy will not succeed in his ambition for world dictatorship in 2013 even though he is pushing mightily for it. This doesn't mean that a new period of freedom - or paradise - is on the way but rather that the present system will be stalled to some extent and be forced to yield considerable ground until, in the last generation, it is again strong enough again to attempt (and succeed) in overt world government and total control. This may means that for some it will be possible to return to the cities for a while though they are still in a place I would not recommend believers live in anyway.


    As I see it, we have to make one of three choices over the coming months:

    • 1. Trust the system, remain in it, make no preparations and have no place of refuge in the countryside - the result will be, in my opinion, poverty, slavery and possibly death;

    • 2. Join some Christian/Messianic group and make a community in the country - the problem is finding enough like-minded, mature, spiritually-minded people sharing the same beliefs, risk ending up in some cult and losing your freedom that way (not to mention your hard-earned wealth), and/or be targeted by government without having the proper spiritual covering and approbation of Yahweh; or

    • 3. Get out of the cities, continue with preparations, keep a low profile, start networking with libertarians of all kinds (believers and non-believers alike) and start learning to be self-sufficient - we're not yet ready for option #2 and won't be until we have really approached or entered the Great Tribulation.

    Hearing and knowing Yahweh clearly becomes critically important - ending up in some doomsday cult [1] that got it wrong could well destroy your finances for survival, your emunah (faith) and leave you totally exposed when the Final Gathering gets underway for real! That means the men in particular - husbands and fathers - have got to make an effort to do what is right. Trust in Yahweh, surrender fully to Him, let go of your personal agendas, be prepared to change direction, and watch Him work and lead you to be at the right place, doing the right thing and at the right time! Amen.


    [1] What is the difference between a 'doomsday cult' that teaches the importance of gathering and separation and one which is bona fide? All cults are constructed around one or more lies, but most importantly the lie that denies to members of cooperative groups the liberty to leave, without coercive threats of damnation or punishment, if they so choose, a liberty that applies equally to regular churches, messianic congregations, other religions, atheistic organisations and even to governments themselves.

    Comments from Readers

    [1] "WOW! Excellent brother!!!" (JS, USA, 1 January 2013)

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