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Month 6:29, Week 4:7 (Shibi'i/Sukkot), Year:Day 5936:177 AM
Gregorian Calendar: Saturday 15 September 2012
The Right Side
You Have to Cross the River Now

      "Rise, take your journey, and cross over the River..." (Deut.2:24, NKJV).

    Shabbat shalom kol beit Yisra'el! Welcome to the last sabbath of the present (sixth) biblical month as we prepare for the autumnal (fall) festivals which begin tomorrow with Yom Teruah.

    State of the World - Libya, Germany and the EU

    With the assassination of the American Ambassador to Libya by a fundamentalist Muslim mob and the despatch of American warships and marines to that country; and the decision by the German Constitutional Court to allow their country to continue bailing out the failed economies of Greece, Spain and other collapsing €uro countries, the world is holding its breath to see what is going to happen next as both the USA and European Union continue to slide into dictatorship and economic ruin and as élite-controlled NATO provokes war everywhere. One thing is for sure - financial collapse is still coming but it has been postponed a few weeks because of the German decision which will at least give people a little more time - but not much - to get their emergency supplies in. However, it will be expensive to do so as inflation accellerates.

    This morning I was up to experience the sunrise and the beginning of the sabbath (see picture below) which made me realise what a completely different perspective sunrise gives than sunset. It's a different world. Yahweh's ways - and the ways of Babylon where the false practice of marking the beginning and ending of a day at sunset originates, are polar opposites. Seeing it 'in the flesh', as it were, really helped me ground the spiritual perspective. And it requires some effort to get up for the sunrise, as do most of the practices of Yahweh, unlike sunset. But I'll be talking more about that tomorrow in the context of Rosh Chodesh.

    The Three Paradigms

    My sabbath message today focusses on what Yahweh told me two days ago with an open vision and prophetic dream. Before I share these with you, let me first map out what's happening on the 'big scale' on the spiritual plane. I have represented this in a diagram to keep it simple. Basically what you have in the world are three systems:

    • 1. Yahweh's Pure Besorah-Emet or Gospel Truth which is slowly emerging and is what is believed in by the true Remnant;

    • 2. A Dual or Good Cop/Bad Cop System, duelling with itself to create an imaginary good vs. evil conflict, which is what the enemy wants people to focus on consisting of:

      • 2a. The Bad-Cop system of blatant Naked Lies/Evil, obvious to a large segment of the population (including many unbelievers) which is satanism/totalitarianism; and

      • 2b. The Good-Cop system with is a mixture of lies and truth, good and evil, which in it's broadest sense includes another pair of opposites who for now are cooperating though not always realising it and sometimes denying it officially:

        • 2b-1. All those believers and talmidim (disciples) who believe in Messiah/Christ but who still cling onto a number of theological lies and false traditions, and who therefore remain linked (unwittingly to):

        • 2b-2. The pot pourri network of New Age beliefs all of which believe in a coming 'enlightenment' or 'ascension' and are very much 'into' the Mayan Calendar which 'ends' this year - a kind of spiritual 'evolution', the light mask of Satan's end-time false religion which will be worn up to, and during, the first 3˝ years of the Great Tribulation before it is finally stripped off to reveal the actual false religion (the bad-cop system) which is raw satanism and devil-worship, when the wholescale ritualistic massacre of believers of both #1 and #2b takes place along with all other opponents of the demonic system who refuse to receive the Mark of the Beast and who are not gathered to the cities of refuge.

    What is happening now as I speak is that the world is being shown some - though increasingly more - of the Bad-Cop system - the naked dictatorships emerging in the Obama's USA and Barroso's EU, for example, which good people - both those of the Remnant as well as those deceived by the 'Good Cop' system - are uniting to fight a common enemy. And it is here we must be very careful indeed for it must be understood that the alliance between believers in Yah'shua (Jesus) and those deceived by the Good-Cop New Age model can only be temporary precisely because those in the New Age system are the unwitting tools of the Adversary. Their agenda, unknown to them, is nonetheless serving the Enemy.

    The Tea Party and the Occupy Movement Compared

    To give you an illustration. In the United States on the political scene there are basically Christian Conservative Republicans of the 'Tea Party' movement who want to return America to the Constitution. They are fighting against the totalitarianism of the current system - the surveillance state, forced vaccinations, forced poisonous food consumption, compulsory brainwashing of children in state schools, psychiatric quackery with its destructive psychotropic drugs, and everything that the élite are using to dumb down, control and slowly kill off the people through their devilish system.

    But they're not alone. There is, at the other end of the political spectrum, the 'Occupy' movement, heavily infiltrated by left-wing and New Age groups, that also wants to oppose the globalist corporate fascist dictatorship. However, some of them are willing to resort to violence and most of them are themselves globalists - like the fascists they are fighting, they want to get rid of countries and national borders! They are precisely 'good cop' becaue Satan is a 'globalist' whereas Yahweh has ordained a family of separate, sovereign nation states. So without realising it, these well-meaning left-wingers and New Agers are playing right into the Enemy's hands. They're trying to set up the same system but by a different route and, as they suppose, by righteous means. Indeed, once the current corporate fascist system has been defeated, they will be the chief vehicle and instrument in the establishment of a New World Order Mark II which will be but the mask for the New World Order Mark III, the satanic Antimessiah/Antichrist Global Dictatorship.

    Separating from Politics Again

    We must be clear, then, that just as the West allied itself with devilish communism to defeat devilish nazism in World War 2 (the Anti-Hitlerite Coalition as Stalin dubbed it), to then turn against the communists (and vice versa) in the Cold War, so those who are our friends and allies currently in the fight against the New World Order Mark I will, in the end, turn against us. We must be perfectly clear about that. The new 'system' that will for a while triumph over the present one is but a variation on a satanic theme, so those of us engaged politically at the moment to defeat the current evil must realise that this alliance can only be short-term, just as the West's alliance with the Soviet Union was only temporary. I know that my political engagement will, at some time in the very near future, end of necessity because of this reality.

    The Current Main Work of This Ministry

    Our chief interest right now is two-fold:

    • 1. Evangelising the unsaved for Messiah and making them into Torah-obedient talmidim (disciples); and
    • 2. Teaching and drawing those Christians and Messianics still trapped in the Good-Cop enemy stystem to the Remnant, including and especially those Messianics and Evangelicals who believe they are the remnant while still being prisoners of Rabbinical and Roman error, respectively. As one messianic friend has nicely put it, we have to bring messianics and evangelicals to 'Torah without the rabbinics'. Likewise, we have to bring evangelicals to the Hebrew Messiah and His Torah and wean them off the aninomian, lawless Roman one.

    So we still very much have our work cut out for us! There is much to do. As Yahweh takes us through our own personal Nine Character Tests (please read or re-read this series again):

    • 1. The Wilderness Test
    • 2. The Time (Patience) Test
    • 3. The Motivation Test
    • 4. The Failure Test
    • 5. The Self-will Test
    • 6. The Discouragement Test
    • 7. The Misunderstanding Test
    • 8. The Frustration Test
    • 9. The Servant Test

    and as we pass these inevitable, continual, necessary, productive, influential character tests especially crafted by Yahweh, moving from one pool to another (see Revelation of the 7 Pools), one festival at a time, so we will emerge as new creatures equipped for our new calling, which is really what I want to talk to you about this morning.

    We stand at the edge of the autumn (fall) festivals when we are to be judged or weighed by Yahweh to determine whether we are to go up one pool, stay where we are another year, or be sent down one to relearn what we have willfully unlearned through rebellion and stubborn resistance to the emet (truth). For those who have been faithful there will be a large metaphorical apple harvest. For those who wish to make teshuvah (repent), great things await them! There is much to look forward to!

    The Vision

    Last Yom Chamashee (Thursday) I was awakened and shown a vision that I now want to share with you. I was walking inside this beautiful large house, brand new, and furnished ready to live in. It was pristine, clean and a gift from Yahweh. I was being shown - whether spiritually or literally or both (though probably spiritually) - my new bayit or house, the equivalent of one of the swimming pools that my wife was shown in her dream. What struck me the most was that it was much bigger than the current one, representing the next 'pool' or festival corresponding to our spiritual sanctification. It was very exciting and encouraging after what has been - and still is - a gruelling time in many respects. This isn't, however, just for me - it's for all of those willing to surrender to Yahweh and obey Him.

    Right now we are at the end of the transition between the spring festivals, the hinge summer festival of Shavu'ot, and the autumnal (fall) festivals which at their conclusion, mark the 'new level', the final one being the Millennial Reign of Messiah.

    The Prophetic Dream

    After seeing the vision, I went back to sleep and had a dream about this transition phase. There was destruction all around, principally, it seemed, caused by flooding. In the dream there was a state school classroom, though the walls and ceiling were gone, and the desks with the pupils seated at them were half submerged by the flood waters. The pupils sat there, idle and bored, not knowing what to do. For those still trapped in the system, nothing much is going to change except physical deprivation which of course will lead to anxiety and other problems. There was much else too concerning other people which I will not mention here but there was one last part that particularly interested me personally.

    There was a torrent of water or fast moving turbulent river. It represented a barrier or obstacle which I had recently crossed. There was a small destroyed bridge that was only just possible to cross but it was very precarious. As I looked across this torrent I saw something I recognised - an old family banner and an object that looked like a model ship and I very much wanted to take a closer look at it before moving on but it meant crossing back over that destroyed bridge to do so. I did finally climb across it and went to the model ship which I understood I had made, though in real life I have not made anything like this, so it was obviously symbolic. I looked at the ship with much interest. Great attention had been given to the minutest detail - it had clearly been a labour of much ahavah (love) and effort requiring a lot of time. Having examined the model I knew it was time to return back to the other side of the river.

    It did not take me long to realise upon awakening that the side of the river I had left behind was my former life, as it were, and that I had crossed into a new, unknown world. The nearly destroyed bridge represented a 'burned bridge', as the saying goes. I had to go back for one final understanding - the realisation that the model ship, which represents a quarter of a century of preparatory work for the mission to which we have neen called in terms of all the writing I have done - the thousands of articles containing the revelatory blueprint for the Final Gathering and the restored tavnith or pattern of the Torah lifestyle of the Millennial Kingdom necessary for the remnant - was at an end. The vessel which up to now has, for the most part, only existed in our spirits, minds and levim (hearts), is to be translated into practice, for those willing to risk implementing it.


    That is where we stand today. I wish I could say more but we have to await the completion of the autumn (fall) feasts and any further instructions Yahweh will almost certainly have for us, as well as - I hope - as a new anointing! Beginning tomorrow we enter a time of sober reflection during which important choices have to be made - many old things have to be left behind on the other side of that river and bridges burned for good. This is not an easy thing for no overcoming ever is, but it has to be done. This period between Yom Teruah abd Yom Kippur is a season of making teshuvah or repenting. Especially at this time of imminent economic collapse globally, it is a time of repenting not just for individuals, families, and nations but for the planet as a whole. A huge leveling event is about to take place and is already taking place. I, for my part, want to be on the right side of that river. I hope you do too.

    Ironically I had two communications yesterday and today - one from an occultist and the other from one of the founders and leading lights of the lawless charismatic movement with a mega-ministry in America. The first wished to convert me from worshipping Yahweh to worshipping the demoness Lilith, one of my mortal enemies, and the other, no doubt, to persuade me to become a part of his antinomian confusion. At this moment of time they really typify the two opposites I am fighting against in defence of the emet (truth) - satanic occultism and wild, lawless Roman Christianity. For me they represent markers on territories that must remain permanently forsaken for they are part of the good cop/bad cop system of deception leading so many millions astray.

    If you are wondering what the next steps that must be taken are, my answer is simple: forsake in practice what you know in your head and lev (heart) to be wrong and join with me in the next phase of our journey in Yah'shua (Jesus). For many this will be a scary thing, requiring enormous adjustments, but our Elohim (God) is a tov (good) Elohim (God) who uplifts and supports those who do the right. Don't be afraid to do what is right. Cross that river, burn your bridges, and like Elisha, don't look back. Amen.

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    This page was created on 15 September 2012
    Last updated on 15 September 2012

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