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    A Fourth Vision:
    When a Man is Ready for More Wives
    (25 September 2001)

    I am constantly meeting single men and couples scouring the internet for potential wives and sister-wives. Week after week, month after month, they haunt the chat rooms like merchants looking for a good buy. Some have been doing this for years. And almost none of them want to know why they aren't getting anywhere. What's worse, is that most of them claim to be Christians and can't understand why Yahweh isn't meeting their 'need', as they suppose. My simple message to these people is this: Satan is wasting your time by distracting you from what you ought to be doing with your life.

    In the early hours of the morning I saw a vision which eloquently explains when Yahweh calls a man into polygamy. This revelation is for the men and not the women, though it will interest the sisters too. I saw a young tree in a large plant pot. It was sturdy, luxuriant in growth, and had evidently outgrown the pot. The tree, together with its soil, was lifted by invisible hands out of the pot which then disappeared. Another, much larger pot, materialised in its place and the young tree was lowered into the new pot together with plenty of new rich soil to fill out the space, and once more the tree began to grow profusely.

    The vision's interpretation is simpilicity itself. The young tree is a patriarch, the first pot or vessel his current three wives. The second pot represents his current wives plus a new wife who is enters his family. The soil is the spiritual matrix of his life into which the Word of God is planted and is growing. The new soil is the added spiritual matrix to allow him to grow with, and minister to, his new wife. And the tree, specifically, is the Kingdom of God within himself, as Yah'shua (Jesus) illustrated in His Parable of the Seeds.

    Polygamy is given to men who have grown to a certain level spiritual maturity and received a specialised calling. It is given to Kingdom-builders who have planted the Word of God in the right spiritual soil. Wives are addeed to a man's family as and when he is ready enough to receive them and be prospered by them in the Dominion Mandate, and by the same token is spiritually strong enough to prosper them too. There is no other reason.

    Men aren't called into polygamy because they like the principle. They aren't called into it because they believe it is a lawful outlet for an uncontrolled libido (the worst of possible reasons). They aren't called into it to take care of single mothers and fatherless children (though they may well eventually find themselves fulfilling this rôle as part of the Dominion Mandate). They aren't called into it to be marriage therapists for spiritually damaged women (though again this might be a result of being called into it). They aren't called into it because they think they are important and prestigious ministers for whom wives become a status symbol (that's called vanity and egotism). They aren't called into it because others are being blessed by it and they feel left out. They aren't called into it because it's the current fad or 'thing' to do (people aren't ornaments in the spiritual fashion-show called 'polygamy'). The only reason that a man is ever called into polygamy by Yahweh is because the wives are needed by him as helpmeets in the Kingdom-building Mandate first of all and because they are his 'talents' or stewardships to bring to full Christian maturity as a Patriarchal Head, which together multiply the love of Christ on earth and (eventually) in heaven also. And finally, to raise more godly seed.

    Please notice that in the vision Yahweh provided the soil and the pot. The tree (the husband) simply had to grow in Christ and yield to Yahweh's will.

    Author: SBSK

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