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    A Third Vision:
    When Polygamy Becomes Idolatry
    (22 September 2001)

    All of a sudden, Yahweh has been showing me in visions and dreams some of the things which He is both pleased and displeased about in the modern movement which we call "Christian Polygamy". I don't suppose that the latest vision, which I saw this morning at about 8.30 a.m, is a coincidence in light of the fact that it has come in the nine day period between the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement (or Day of Judgment) as biblically this is an annual time of repentance.

    My heart, I must confess, is heavy - not just because of the vision I saw, but because of what I have already been observing in the polygamy movement, which the vision merely confirms.

    I saw before me a brown-coloured statue of a regal-looking woman sitting on a throne, seemingly from a bygone age. The woman and the throne were contained within a rectangular box-like area and above her head there was a symbol. The vision 'zoomed in', just before it closed, and I saw that the symbol was a little crown.

    I knew immediately that this woman represented a double idolatry - on the one hand, feminism, and on the other, polygamy elevated to where it should not be. And I was surprised to discover that the two were related.

    A word of explanation. Feminism is the opposite of Patriarchy. Patriarchy, in two words, means 'male headship'. Feminism is rebellion against this divinely-ordained headship. When feminism sits on the throne, man has abrogated his headship and allowed woman to sequester and then nullify it.

    As I explained in a recent article, polygamy has become something of a hobby-horse to many men (and some women). If that is not a danger in itself, distracting them from their main calling to witness of Christ, then there is an even greater danger when it becomes blatant idolatry.

    Idolatry is the worship of a person or thing in place of He who alone is worthy of worship, Yahweh-Elohim, our Heavenly Father. Instead of seeing polygamy as a tool in the Kingdom-building mandate, many are seeing it as an end in itself. Men are rushing around bulletin boards, chat rooms and webpages hungrily looking for more wives like wild bulls in the mating season, often proposing marriage without getting the know the women as people and only after a very short period of time. The driving force behind these carnal men is polygamy for its own sake - the 'thrill', as they suppose, of having several women to 'enjoy'. And of course, they have become adept in covering their base lusts with religious words.

    The dual nature of the vision lies in the fact that the spirit behind feminism and what I will call 'carnal polygamy' is the same, namely, they are concerned with SELF-EXALTATION and aren't remotely connected to bringing glory to Yahweh. Feminism craves power for women and carnal polygamy craves power for macho men. Both spirits are devilish and must be repudiated in favour of Patriarchy and Biblical Marriage.

    Patriarchy is the righteous headship of men over their wives in deep Christ-like love. Biblical Marriage is the union between a man and one or more women in the spirit of the Mystical Union of Christ with His uniplural Church (Messianic Community). Any other system is intrinsically idolatrous. Since marriage and patriarchy are inseparable, it logically follows that the vision is dual in nature.

    I believe, therefore, that there are real dangers in pursuing polygamy out of Gospel context. And for that matter, I think there are real dangers in pursuing purely polygamy ministries unless they are fully integrated with a wider ministry whose focus is evangelism and discipleship. It is for this reason that HEM is now fully integrated with, and built upon the platform of, New Covenant Ministries.

    Earlier this year HEM withdrew from cooperating with other purely polygamy-orientated ministries for a variety of reasons, but principally to pursue our integration policy. It follows from this, therefore, that those who will chiefly be interested in our work will be those following the wider NCM agenda, which evangelism, building house churches, Messianic Israelitism> (similar to, but not the same as, Messianic Judaism), the building and maintenance of orphanages, and apostolic community-building.

    Whilst HEM runs a men's and women's Polygamy Club (now closed), our emphasis will be on combining Patriarchy with discipleship in general. It is only thus integrated and in its proper perspective that polygamy can become a blessing instead of a snare.

    Author: SBSK

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