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    A Second Vision of This Ministry
    Seen on 13 September 2001

    At about 7.30 a.m. on the morning of Thursday 13 September 2001 (two days after the terrorist bombing of the Pentagon and World Trade Center), I was shown another intense vision by Yahweh.

    I saw an eagle, pale brown in colour, soaring high in a clear pale blue sky. Seconds later the eagle was joined by a second, identical eagle of the same colour and size, who quickly came alongside the first eagle and positioned itself just a few inches behind so that the two were virtually in parallel flight.

    The vision changed and I was looking at the newly created Christian Patriarchs in Polygamy Club which I created two days before after feeling inspired to separate the men and women into their own clubs (the women's is called Polygamy Women for Christ). In the vision I was looking at the Members' List and was surprised to see that all of them were Pastors. I went up and down the list several times, which consisted of anywhere between 12 and 20 names (it was hard to say as I was going up and down the list so fast), and again noted that they were all pastors. I could not read the names. Then the vision closed.

    The moment the vision ended I knew exactly what it meant. The first eagle was myself and the second another man of identical spiritual stature to myself who would soon, or had already, come "along side" and was supporting me in the HEM ministry [1]. They were flying in perfect formation and therefore in harmony.

    The second vision confirmed something I have suspected for some time now, viz. that the only men that Yahweh is calling into polygamy at this time are Pastors or those who have the call to become Pastors. Those who are not already serving as pastors or who have not been called to be pastors at a future time are not at this time called to live polygamy in the Body of Christ (Messianic Community).

    This does not, of course, mean that others will not live Christian polygamy later, but it is a very clear signal from Yahweh that until there are mature men with the qualifications required (viz, the pastoral office) to both live and teach Christian polygamy, that there will be no stable foundation for this movement.

    Just as Christ first called His apostles to faith, so it is my calling, and that of my co-worker, to first of all call Pastors to accept the polygamous lifestyle as biblically true and viable. This does, of course, make perfect common sense in the light of everything else Yahweh has revealed to me on this subject and which the reader will find discussed at length in the many articles on this site.


    [1] Heinrich Stolzenhagen (a pseudonymn) from Bad Rappenau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, a pastor in the Church of Christ (Campbellite) denomination. When his beliefs became known by his denomination he was placed under pressure to either recant, resign his ministry or face church disciplinary action. As he broke contact after a couple of years it is to be supposed he chose the former course of action as undoubtedly a condition of his remaining would have been to completely dissociate himself from HEM.

    Author: SBSK

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