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The 12 Books of Abraham

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    "Bouquet of Roses" has been written partly as a means of supporting myself and my family economically in accordance with Isaiah 4:1. The modest income I receive enables me to buy food and clothes. Please do not make illegal copies of this book as this is to rob food from my children's mouths. We do not have very much to live by. If the copy you have in your PC is an illegal copy, please examine your conscience and send me a check to cover all costs.

    If these books have been a blessing to you, do please recommend them to others.

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    Bouquet of Roses
    The First Christian/Messianic
    Polygamy Romance Trilogy Ever!

    Bouquet of Boses: The Complete Trilogy (all three volumes) with maps, music, short biographies of characters, European history and geography, illustrations, photos, lists of characters and theological discourses, etc. all integrated on one gigantic CD-ROM containing the entire NCCG.ORG website! Learn the theological basis of Plural Holy Echad Marriage through a careful study of multiple integrated websites!


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    NCCG.ORG - the whole NCCG.ORG Site System with thousands of articles, several e-books (e.g. The Final Gathering, The Occult, Are You Saved?, King James Version Only?, Rapture Now?, The Sabbath, 333, The Trinity, The Five Commissions, etc.) - includes the following complete Web Sites: New Covenant Ministries (NCM), New Covenant House Church Fellowship (NCHCF), New Covenant Christian Ministries (NCCM), First European Christian Polygamy Page (FECPP), Nefilim - Exposing Mormonism's Origins, The LDS Page - Ministry to Mormons, The Occult Page - Ministry to Those Trapped in the Occult, New Covenant Ministries for Homosexuals and Lesbians (NCMHL), Dreams, Prophecy & Revelations Page, etc.

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