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The 12 Books of Abraham

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    The Publisher grants the right of any sympathetic and Echad Marriage-supporting person or persons to print, duplicate or place on a Website Chapter 1 of Volume 1 ("An Unplanned Rendez-Vous at Blum's"), minus illustrations, maps and photographs, for the purposes of advertising "Bouquet of Roses" only, provided notification is made to the Publishers in writing to the address below or by email within two weeks of duplication (showing your NAME, ADDRESS, E-MAIL and WEB URL) and the following caption is attached to the duplicated material:

    Copyright © 2000-2002 New Covenant Press
    All Rights Reserved
    Box 120, S-671 23 ARVIKA, Sweden
    Webpage: http/nccg.org/fecpp
    Reproduced with thanks by kind permission of the Publisher

    Otherwise duplication of any material in the books is strictly forbidden and will be treated as theft. Please be honest. Violators will be prosecuted.

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