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    Books and tracts on Christian polygyny - the marriage practice of a man wed to two or more wives simultaneously - began to appear in the West in the last decade of the 20th century, with the earliest modern Biblical exegesis being offered a decade before that in the 1980s, but this information was not widely circulated or known. The 1990's marked the appearance - principally in the United States - of materials directed towards Westerners in a bid to convert them to plural marriage as well as to gain acceptance of this lifestyle in a society traditionally hostile to it.

    The purpose of this short book is not specifically to convert people from the monogamy-only secular and religious cultures (who dominate and control the political and ecclesiastical scene) to plural marriage but to defend those who are already practicing it, and specifically those who have not known Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and His salvation. We here show that plural marriage is an honourable biblical practice and worthy of respect. In a world that is considering the possibility of the validity of alternative lifestyles, and legislating to defend them (rightly or wrongly), it is my hope that this book will in some small way contribute to the wider acceptance of plural marriage in society at large.

    A secondary purpose of this work is to guide those who have been practicing polygamy in a non-Christian context into living it in a way that is both acceptable and pleasing to the Creator, Yahweh-Elohim, by exposing them to His Torah, His Holy Law. This was prompted when polygamy-practicing tribal people of Western Kenya began embracing Christianity who were then 'told' by the orthodox churches in their regions that their lifestyle was sinful and had to be abandoned. This resulted in these people turning to plural-marriage supporting ministries such as our own for help in putting forward the biblical position as well as understanding changes that needed to be effected so that they would be in harmony with Yahweh's laws. This has meant, amongst other things, some readjustments on their part so that this lifestyle is lived in a pure and God-honouring way. Some of these adjustments may mean turning away from tribal traditions that have existed for centuries if not millennia such as, for example, clitorectomy or female circumcision, which is not required by the Torah, mutilates the Temple of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) and which is not pleasing to Yahweh our Heavenly Father. Every subset of culture, monogamous as well as polygamous, has its abusers and part of our responsibility as polygamists is to root out abuse wherever it may be found in accordance with biblical teachings. This is true in every culture across the globe.

    This book (first 2003 edition) was written over a two week period. It will almost certainly not be the last edition but be modified in the light of experience in the mission field, and especially to meet local needs. This is the second (2009) edition. It does not claim to be exhaustive and is a summary of the more important biblical aspects of plural marriage culled from the main Plural HEM website, the largest and one of the oldest Christian/Messianic polygamy sites on the internet. There the reader will be able to find numerous articles that expand on the several themes presented here.

    The Christian/Messianic plural marriage that is presented in this book is not the same kind that has evolved principally in the United States which I consider defective in many ways, and which has also been discredited on numerous occasions. I present here what I call Echad or Oneness Marriage. Echad Polygamy is not Old Testamant plural marriage: it is plural marriage elevated to its final and complete form in the New Covenant through Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), and reflects the glory of the heavenly Mystical Marriage of the Messiah to which all Christians and Messianics are called.


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