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      The founder of Echad Christian Polygamy and author of the largest website on the net on the subject who goes by the pen-name Stanisław Królewiec, is a prodigious writer and educator and known internationally. Married with three wives and seven children, Królewiec presents to the world a lifestyle than can richly bless mature Christian men and their wives.

    "I find your website so attractive because you put your family foremost, under God. You celebrate your wives andchildren with an infectious joy." (DK, Canada)

    "I am amazed and encouraged to see the great spiritual maturity you write with. I believe in growing by standing on the shoulders of people whose example I can learn from and you are on the list! ... God bless you, for the great work you are doing. No one is doing more to re-establish Biblical polygyny than you all are." (AJ, USA)

    "You are a blessing to many because of your boldness and Christlikeness. May (the Lord) continue to bless you." (CDE, Germany)

    "A woman's paradise for learning!" (HTW, USA, speaking of NCCG.ORG)

    "I have two wives (and) we all agree that your site is by far the best one for those interested in learning about Christian Polygyny." (MTS, USA)

    "I am VERY impressed with the depth of reasoning and the expressions of deep love for Christ-centred believers which pervades your entire website" (LG, USA)

    "Your webpage convinced me that polygamy could be beautiful - great job! (IP, USA)

    "Thank you for providing an example of Biblical polygyny for Christendom. It may be the only hope for a war-weary world" (WMG, USA)

    "Bouquet of Roses makes you the primary authority on all matters relating to Biblical polygyny. There are no runner-ups either. I feel privileged to be associated with you" (WMG, USA)

    "One of the things I have noticed about your web sites, as well as the emails I have received, is the kind spirit and unselfish attitude of all." (T, USA)

    "I continue to believe you have one of the truest and purest understandings of human and divine love." (LK, Canada)

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