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The 12 Books of Abraham

    29. Restoring Biblical Marriage Today

    As we have discussed in earlier chapters, plural marriage isn't for everybody. In terms of the available number of males and females our planet could not, in any case, sustain more than about 20% of the total population living in this way without there becoming a shortage of women for the rest. And whilst this fact is often used as a weapon against its practice by the monogamy-only people, it fails to take into account the fact polygamy would be restricted by the natural order built into humankind by the Creator anyway.

    We all agree that in any society there must be a certain proportion of different trades and professions, of which farming has always been the chief. Were a country like Kenya suddenly to be flooded by hundreds of thousands of people qualified to be policemen there would obviously be no need for them and they would be obliged to retrain for another profession.

    Living plural marriage is not something that you can necessarily just 'train' for anymore than we can all be trained to be carpenters. Most of the skills we have we are born with. True, we still have to be trained, but it would not be possible to train every Kenyan citizen to be a University Lecturer. In the same way there are those who are born to be polygamists and those who are not. But unlike those who would be University Lecturers, every human being can potentially be a polygamist.

    This needs a word of explanation. Every living soul can be saved by accepting Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as their personal Lord and Saviour, but not everybody will choose to. Those who will accept salvation, Yahweh our Heavenly Father knows beforehand, and these the Bible says are predestined or foreordained (Rom.8:29-30; Eph.1:5,11). As far as the Creator is concerned, then, the list of those who will be saved exists before we even come to this world. This does not mean that everybody doesn't have the same chance to be saved: it means simply that Yahweh, being omniscient, knows what all of us will decide beforehand. Thus the list of invitations to the allegorical Wedding Feast of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) in heaven was written out long before we were even born here.

    Nearly every single Christian Church and denomination has been infected with the monogamy-only virus. This is not to say that Yahweh is not using them to bring the simple Gospel message of salvation to the world, for He is. It is, however, to say categorically that throughout the centuries the Body of Christ has been blinded to much truth by the craftiness of Satan, and not just in the sphere of marriage. Through the long periods of darkness which have exerted a suffocating control over Yahweh's people there have always been some who have clung on to the truth's of Yahweh's Word, usually in hiding and at great personal risk to their own lives.

    The 'Age of the Denominations' is soon at an end as far as their divine acceptance by heaven is concerned. They have been tolerated and used because that has all there has been. Even before the Protestant Reformation began the gradual restoration of Biblical truth so long suppressed by its mother Church at Rome, Yahweh used what existed - in spite of their perversions - to create order and foster holiness. Since Martin Luther nailed his edicts on the door of Wittenberg Cathedral in Germany, Protestantism has spawned literally hundreds (if not thousands) of denominations. Lutherans, Reformed Christians, Presbyterians, Calvinists, Methodists, Anglicans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Messianic Jews, Messianic Israelites, Christadelphians, Mennonites, Hutterites, Seventh-Day Baptists, Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Worldwide Church of God, and hundreds of others all vie for competition in the religious market. Why are there so many? It is because man will not obey. He will not to what Yahweh tells him. Is it not reasonable to assume that so many Christians are going to get things wrong if, for example, they are willing not to see what the Bible says about marriage? And if demons can blind believers as to the truth of biblical marriage, can then not - and will they not - do the same thing regarding other principles? What other commandments and practices might we have glossed over, explained away, or ignored in the Scriptures simply because that is the way we have been taught by our priests ... who were taught by other priests, who were taught by other priests, and so on, back across the generations?

    You will discover that in the West least, Christians raised in the monogamy-only tradition who have discovered the truth of multiple marriage have started digging into their Bibles and ignoring what their priests and pastors have been teaching them. Like the first Reformers, they have decided to find out for themselves. And this is what they have started to discover.

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