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    3. Today's Immorality

    Western civilisation is definitely anti-marriage. Just look at the statistics and you will see for yourself. In some countries, half of all marriages fail, and up to 80% of common-law marriages. It's not a good record. It's a lot better in Africa and Asia. Today Westerners live what some call "serial polygamy" - they marry one woman, dump her, marry another, dump her, and so on. The result is shattered homes and families. Children are shuffled around between fathers, stepfathers, lovers, and others. There is little stable home life. They grow up insecure and even more promiscuous than their parents. Men secretly have mistresses, married women have affairs.

    Although the West has given the world many good things, one of its gifts is not stable marriage or family life. To find that, we have to turn to Asia and Africa. And though there are serious abuses there too, they do at least more closely approximate what the Bible calls 'marriage'. Over 80% of all societies recognise biblical marriage - a man married to one or more women. The West says it is 'abnormal' but the West is in a minority. And the West is hardly in a position to moralise. The West, with all its sodomy and paedophilia, is perverse. It may have more money and power but that doesn't make it morally right.

    We do owe the West a great deal for bringing the Bible and the Good News of Christ to Asia and Africa, but we could probably do without most of their churches which have suppressed biblical marriage and forced happy families to split up because of their "monogamy-only" doctrine. Rightly, they are now being rejected.

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