HEM Świętosława Brzezinska's Corner - 24. I Will Praise Him
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    Świętosława's Corner 24

    I Will Praise Him

    Psalms 16:7-10 I will praise Yahweh Who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. I have set Yahweh always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body will rest secure, because You will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let Your Holy One see decay.

    As I have stated before, I love the Psalms. There is always something in them to remind us how truly blessed we are and how very much we have to praise our Heavenly Father for. As unpleasant as illnesses and conflict may be, they are also some of the greatest teaching tools I think. During trying times, we learn to define and refine what we believe in and we learn without doubt exactly where we have placed our faith.

    As seems to have been the case almost the entire course of the development of our relationship, conflict and illness are having another go at us. Conflict through and old source and a new round of illness coursing through the family have left us all a bit battered this week.

    The conflict has arisen from an old contention between us and another family. An old charge of dishonesty and unaccountability has been leveled due to the fact that our family uses pseudonyms online. This, of course, has been adequately dealt with by our husband, and I have no wish to further hash the issue at this time, other than to use the incident as an example of the devil's attacks against us and his attempt to steal our joy. See, the devil, although persistent and cunning, is not very original. This particular incident, having totally fizzled out in our circle, has now been taken public at another ministry's public forum board, where people who do not know the situation can tell this person what his itching ears want to hear. As sad as that is and as much as we had prayed for a crossing of the breach between our families, we have committed the problem to Yahweh, as we will not engage in a public feud as this profits no one and does not honor Yahweh at all. We simply pray for the family involved and pray that we may one day affect peaceful and Godly resolution to this matter. As to the matter of the public airing of the conflict in another forum, we shake the dust off our feet regarding this matter. We have had our lifestyle justified before Yahweh and that is more than sufficient for us, and we have satisfied our brothers and sisters to whom we do feel accountable that our intentions and aims are in complete concordance with the Lord's will. There we will leave the matter and we are blessed in the extreme to have the privilege of doing so, leaving a matter that we cannot resolve in the Lord's very capable hands.

    Then in the midst of this, we have had a particularly virulent strain of flu run its course through the family, beginning with the littlest ones first. We battled upset stomachs and croup all through the first part of the week, and with a generous portion of Yahweh's healing grace, they rapidly improved just about in time for Stanisław to come down with it, necessitating a stressful trip to the hospital and several days of intravenous medications to ward off pneumonia, all the while the rest of the family was suffering in various degrees just coming down with or getting over this bug. But again, Yahweh was abounding in love and generous with His healing touch and all are improving nicely.

    It sounds as though we have much to complain of doesn't it? And to one who tends to a pessimistic viewpoint we do. But that is not my view at all. I tend to view that we have so very much to be thankful for, and I choose to praise my Creator for the many gracious gifts He has given me.

    In a world on the brink of disaster and catastrophic war, He has provided me with a safe haven of peace where I am loved and cared for. That tends to make conflicts like the one discussed slide right into focus and reveal how very petty they are. We live in a world on the brink of destruction, what time should any Christian/Messianic have for that kind of petty dissension? We are one Body; therefore, we need to be about the business of preparing for the coming days, not tearing each other down over petty discrepancies. I choose instead to use my energy to reflect on the great kindness Yahweh has shown by granting me safe haven for a bit on this earth with my family, and there isn't a minute goes by that I do not think about how very blessed I have been by them. I have also been blessed with a small, but loyal and devout group of friends who have been nothing but supportive through all the trials lately. Although Yahweh is quite big enough to resolve these things to His satisfaction without any help at all, it is truly a blessing not to have to go through them on our own.

    Lastly, through this time of illness, I have even more to be thankful as I watch my loved ones who were so very ill begin to recover and regain strength. One more time my Saviour has stood in our stead and kept the enemy with his illness and suffering at bay. The little ones are well on the road to recovery, Stanisław is doing well and almost ready for release from the hospital, and it would seem that we have averted any major dangers from this round of illness. Yahweh be praised, everyone is recovering.

    See, the devil knows our weaknesses. He knows that if we are ill physically, or hurt emotionally, it can, if we allow it, rob us of our joy and willingness to praise. Sometimes during these things, it can begin to feel like we have nothing to praise Him for, but, as I am sure I do not have to tell any of my regular readers, we know that is simply not true. The whole of physical reality shows us how very much we have to praise him for, both on a macrocosmic and microcosmic scale. See, Yahweh's love and graciousness to His creation are mutely evidenced by the very design of it. The way He designed our bodies to heal themselves, the way he designed our personalities to seek the company and comfort of others so that we are not ever alone, and the way He designed our spirits to seek and know His presence when we choose to follow Him all point to a loving and vitally concerned Father who wants only the best for His children.

    I know that all sounds simple, maybe even a little cliché. I have been told more than once that I had too simplistic and too literal a view of Yahweh and how He interacts with us, but it works for me. See, I base my whole outlook on the words in one book, you guessed it, the Bible. My Bible speaks of an awesome and all-powerful Elohim (God) who loves and protects His children and gives us gifts awesome beyond compare of family, peace, security, strength, faith, hope, and most of all, love. After all, He is love and He gives it abundantly to those who seek Him. So, yes, I will praise Him, with every breath and with all my heart. Like the psalmist said, He is at my right hand, and I will not be shaken. See I truly believe that my body may rest secure and my heart will dwell happily in His presence forever. Amen

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    Author: SBK

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