HEM Świętosława Brzezinska's Corner - 22. What's in a Name? Answering a Detractor
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    Świętosława's Corner 22

    What's in a Name?
    Answering a Detractor

    Well, it seems that an issue that my family and I thought was laid to rest has come back up again in the form of accusatory rumor. We have learned that it has been said yet again that Stanisław is deceiving people, that he is not who he says he is nor where he says he is. So, in the interest of not undermining his very valuable ministry, I feel it incumbent on us to respond to this allegation yet one more time. The difference, even now, is that I will not name the person/persons spreading these malicious tales. They know who they are but I will not sink to public sparring with them. It profits no one and cannot be pleasing to Yahweh. I, however, will respond to the stories themselves.

    Stanisław has never made any bones about that name and the (former - they have now been removed) pictures he has published being facsimiles and pseudonyms only. He states so categorically in the Section at the bottom of the HEM home page. Neither has he published the names or real names of his wives or children, again a fact made plain on the HEM homepage along with the reasons why.

    You see, my friends, at one time Stanisław and his family were terribly persecuted. The state tried to take his children and he was the recipient of numerous threats to do him and his family bodily harm. Many who make idle accusations have no idea what it is like to face that kind of threat, and while it might make them grow up a bit if they had to, I do truly pray that it never happens to them. Stanisław was forced to realize that part of the price he has to pay for living this principle is he must guard his personal privacy carefully. And, being a devout patriarch and firmly cognizant of his responsibility for the safety and welfare of his family, he will not allow any irresponsible allegations cause him to recklessly reveal information that could bring his family harm. That is the kind of man he is. Regardless of how viciously or unreasonably attacked he is, he will not respond in any way that places his family in jeopardy.

    See, this issue is what precipitated the huge conflict we had with another family a couple of months ago. During all the recriminations and vitriol that followed, neither I nor Stanisław identified them by name in any of our writings or responses, but they chose to take the matter public, screaming betrayal and violation of privacy all the way. These same people are the same ones now who cannot seem to understand the critical need for Stanisław to keep his own personal life personal for the safety of his family. These people who claim to have been so wronged are the ones who cannot and will not let the issue of Stanisław and the rest of us openly using pseudonyms for the sake of privacy rest.

    One has to ask why, after two months, this continues to be such an issue. We have in no way tried to undermine them or perpetuate a feud in any way. I know Stanisław offered a couple of observations that they did not like and did not want to hear, but he offered them once and then let the matter drop, which is plain in his public writings. The few occasions any of us have had to talk with them online, we have been nothing but civil and have not said or done anything to perpetuate this vilification. So what is the point?

    There are a couple of plausible explanations. The one that comes to mind most obviously is a demonic attack with the goal of getting Stanisław to reveal his location so that a larger attack can be launched, thereby placing him, his family and his ministry in jeopardy. This attack is coming in such a fashion as to attempt to discredit him if he does not respond but it won't work. This attempt to disparage Stanisław's character and truthfulness by insinuating he is not what or who he says he is has one tiny yet fatal flaw. That would be me.

    You see, many people knew me before I ever met Stanisław and his wives. Many knew me under my old Yahoo nickname and still know me under another ID. Many knew my real address and hometown and know that I am not a fake, so it follows that if I am not a fake, then likely Stanisław is not either, cause you see folks, I am here. In Europe with my husband and family just like I said I would be, and just like he said I would be. And the many of you who know me personally know that. The fact that we use pseudonyms and do not reveal our true location does not change that. As I have stated, there are valid security reasons for that. But the fact remains that the folks who are trying to make Stanisław out to be a charlatan and a fake cannot make a fake out of me because too many people know I am real. I have talked to several of them in just the last couple of days so that ploy is a no go. And Stanisław is far too intelligent to rise to such a clumsy ploy and be intimidated into revealing information he does not wish to. There is no need and he is not that weak-minded.

    The only other rationale I can see for continuing to keep this issue alive is sour grapes, quite frankly. Recently when Stanisław wrote an article about predators in the polygamy movement, this individual made a point to ask me if Stanisław thought he was a predator. Now I told him that as far as I knew Stanisław did not have any particular individual in mind but obviously his conscience was pricked. I do not like to think that is the motivation and I pray I am wrong but it is possible that this is an attempt to discredit Stanisław in order to negate the need for facing some glaring deficiencies that Stanisław has lovingly tried to point out. Which, by the way, were met with outright fury and repulsion. It is sad to think it may have come to this, but it is possible.

    I wish to state categorically, and I do pray this is the last time it is necessary to do so, my husband has not misrepresented anything about his family or his ministry. Even the use of pseudonyms is openly explained, as is the reason for their usage. Any attempts to persuade otherwise are based completely in deceit and lies. I, now-using-the-pseudonym Świętosława Brzezinska, am truly honored to be married to such a man and be accepted as a loved and valued member of his family by my sisters-wives and their children. No amount of insinuation to the contrary will change that.

    I had said I would not address this matter again. I left it in my husband's hands and he has handled it admirably. When this issue arose yet again, though, we both agreed that I must respond one more time publicly so there can be no doubt remaining in any honest person's eyes as to his veracity and the veracity of his ministry. I truly pray that those who have nothing better to do than attempt to tear down his vital and needed ministry are convicted of the wrong they are doing before they do themselves a great spiritual damage, for it is a serious matter indeed to attempt to tear down what Yahweh has built. We need to all remember that.

    Postscript (2016) - This is why my family no longer maintains an internet presence, precisely because we do not need validation because we are not scouring the internet for more wives as some of these apologies-for-men claiming to be 'patriarchs' are. They roam like Lamech of old, defaming decent men and women, determined to cause trouble in order to cover up their own lack and failure. They are a trap and a snare for the many women seeking decent polygamous husbands. Our counsel to these women is: seek Elohim (God) with all your hearts because then you will be led to godly men doing the same and will not need to employ the methods used by the riff-raff for whom self-interest drives their show. You will be led to your spouses in Yahweh's own time and way. Just trust Him and faithfully prosecute the Kingdom work in the meantime.

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