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    Unisexual Clothing:
    Is It Right?
    by Zipporah Warner

    My personal opinions on unisexual clothing have changed in the past year. I didn't used to have a problem with it at all. I was a 'jeans and tee shirt' gal. Now however, I cover my head and wear ankle length dresses all the time. My husband has fully supported and encouraged this as well. Basically about one year ago when I began covering my head (I Cor. 11) and this initiated many changes for me. I hadn't, before that point, really thought that what women wore was a big deal. Providing she didn't go too revealing, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Well what I considered revealing then and now are two very different things. First I think scripture clearly indicates women are to adorn themselves modestly. Scripture also indicates that a woman should not wear man's clothing (and vice versa) While I have heard all of the arguments that pants are for women too, and not meant 'just for men' etc...I still don't agree that women should wear them (except under her dresses as bloomers). Sure there are 'women's' pants.... and worn loosly, it is better than many women dress today. But my opinion is that pants still draw attention to the body form. Thus, I submit that given a choice between 'decent' and fully modest......shouldn't we chose the most modest thing we can?

    If you stand two women side-by-side......one in a long, loose, and modest dress.... and then have the other wear loose and 'modest' pants. Close your eyes, wait, pray for Yahweh to show you the truth, and then quickly open your eyes to look at the ladies. Where do your eyes go first??? Most will find the person that is in the dress, her face will be noticed first......however, the lady in pants...... the eyes will naturally float to her waist or a usually a bit lower to the private area. Keep in mind that is with loose the pants, not even a 'normal' fit. This is also considering these pants are made FOR women.

    I started by mentioning the pants issue because when it follows to unisexual clothing, then I believe, the situation is even worse. This type of clothing, IMHO, is even more revealing, it compounds the issue as it is meant to also be for a man's body. Not to mention the obvious, it makes her look like a man too. Gender confusion just gets that much easier. Yahweh clearly made us male and female. He made a difference for a reason. Women have done everything they can to become, and even replace the male. The feminist has tried to overpower the male in all things, and the man has let her do it. (mind you that is a generalization, not everyone is like that) That includes she tried to look like him.

    I think overall there are two issues with uni-sexual clothing. One: it is immodest for the most part. Two: is blurs the line between the male and the female. One should be able to clearly recognize the diffference between men and women, otherwise why would Yahweh even bother to tell us to not wear one another's clothing in the first place. Unisex clothing is just an attempt at a 'way around' Yahweh's wishes.

    Our culture wants to neuter everything and everyone anymore (including Yahweh - see some of the new Bible translations). Yahweh made us different. He made us special and unique.....we should take delight in that.....not be always trying to change and destroy the good He has created.

    Author: ZW

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    First created on 6 December 2002
    Updated on 2 August 2016

    Copyright © 2002 Zipporah Warner
    Not all the views expressed in this article are necessarily those of HEM.