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    Guest Authors 18

    An Inspired Dream about
    Patriarchal Polygamy
    by LeRoy Grey

    This is a dream which was inspired by the Lord. It was received on April 4th, 1997. I believe it has profound implications for God's church. And as those of us who have been redeemed and renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit know, WE are the church. There are many who make a living just giving conferences on church growth. But the following dream gives insight into God's methods, not man's. Bracketed sentences indicate the comments I wrote immediately following this dream. In fact, everything below this sentence was written after I awoke from the dream, when it was fresh on my mind.


    I was with a group of young women & men (20's and 30's). I was very much attracted to one woman; we were in spiritual union but she was still fairly young and uncertain [actually I mean uncertain in the sense of inexperienced, but it was I who was truly uncertain because of a fairly large age difference, feeling that it would be too much to believe that someone that much younger would truly be in love with me].

    I kept thinking she was attracted to another guy. In fact, she was, but he was her second choice, I was her first. Finally, she came right out and said what was on her heart, that she was interested in two men in the room - pointing to a fellow to the right of me and then pointing in my direction and saying, "You are my first choice". I thought she was referring to the guy behind me and pointed to him. She shook her head no. When it finally dawned on me I was overtaken by remorse for almost missing this opportunity that God had given.

    At this time I was suddenly transformed by the power of the Spirit. It was like a series of dynamos had been suddenly switched on as I acknowledged this woman's place in my life, as a wife. I then began to teach her what the spirit was teaching me. In my dream I knew I was dreaming but I also knew this was wisdom to be shared with others. [Here is what I saw, and to the best of my recollection, what was said through me].

    Suddenly this new wife was holding a box - like a shoebox without the lid. It had been partially eaten by the ravages of time and insects and rodents, being so full of holes as to be unable to hold any valuables. Just as suddenly a piece of paper appeared in my hands. It was, as most paper is, limp & without form. As such, it could likewise contain nothing of value. I then remember the feeling that came over me as I was instructed what to do next. I felt powerful but totally at peace. The strength of our unity and the sense of our mission and purpose was unquestionable and unshakeable. The love was not just the love between two people, between man and wife, though that was there, but we were so infused with God's agape love that I felt we could move mountains.

    I then took this piece of formless paper and wrapped it around her holey (Holy?) box. Suddenly both of our ineffectual containers, became one container into which I saw invisible hands placing time, and money, and all the resources of our one life (physical, mental, spiritual) into this box.

    The substance of what we each contributed to this container, the flat sheet of paper and a cardboard shoebox with holes, was earthly and perishable - but the contents of it, the substance of our life consecrated for the service of others, was eternal. But there was more.

    I then saw numerous other boxes, all within the same immediate area. I "knew", as I saw them, that this was the beauty and power of a God-ordained marriage - one patriarch to a number of wives. And as I saw this God told me [with the same "still", inaudible voice - physically inaudible but boomingly clear in my mind] that this was part of his plan to empower his children, for we would multiply and be empowered dramatically, more than by any other means, by the collective "deposits" into each and every shoebox. I also now recall that there was great significance in the fact that, like the paper wrapper, I was a covering for each wife - protective and enabling. And I also saw great significance in the fact that the woman's container, though unable to contain those valuable resources because it had holes [and could not for the man's wrapper/covering was necessary for wholeness] it was that which gave form to the man's contribution.

    I also saw that this was the beginning of a great awakening of the Patriarchal lifestyle... but not as in the past when women were held down by men, out of ignorance. As all this unfolded she and I were "equals" even though we understood our roles as being different.

    Author: LG

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    First created on 28 October 2001
    Updated on 3 July 2016

    Copyright © 1997 LeRoy Grey
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