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    The Example of Polygyny
    by Wayne MacGregor

    It has occurred to me that a monogamist marriage is a very poor example of Christ and His Church, His Bride.

    How can a monogamist's wife be an example of how the members of a church should get along and work together and resolve their differences?

    A polygynyst's wives can be a true witness of how the members of a church should deal with one another. They are the wives of one husband as Christians are the allegorical wives of Christ. They can exhibit love toward one another and yet be obedient to Christ and not lord it over one another.

    The church today is full of in-fighting and fissures and feminism in part because there are no examples of how sister-wives, under their husbands leadership, should be as one in the service of their lord.

    Illegitimate adulterers, who want to take the place of the husband, have no interest in having sister-wives getting along and in a proper relationship with both each other and their husbands.

    The same is true of all relationships. Christian nations have no example of how to get along with one another either.

    I would defy anyone to show me a proper, stable, Biblical relationship among believers at any level that is not modeled on Biblical polygyny.

    This is why the Christians are in thrall to every illegitimate adulterer (tyrant), that is those who try to take the place of Christ as Ruler, Lawgiver, Judge, Provider, Comforter, and Savior. Christians rule nowhere on earth because nowhere on earth is the core of righteous and blessed Christian marriage recognized.

    Thank you, Stanisław, for providing an example of Biblical polygyny for Christendom. It may be the only hope for a war-weary world.

    Author: WMcG

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