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    The Seduction of
    Western Society
    Andy Nonymousman

    Satan has done a masterful job of seducing our society. Men are no longer real men. Women who God made to be the helpmeet of man have become the rulers over man.

    Most so called men are pusillanimous dwarfs compared to the men of the Bible. Yet Satan’s job of brainwashing has been done so completely and thoroughly that most men have no real concept of the depths to which they have sunk.

    Most of us men today don’t hold a candle compared to the brilliant light that shines through the men of the Old Testament. Men like Enoch, and Noah, and Abraham, and Israel and Moses and Joshua and Gideon and David and Solomon and Elijah and Daniel. Nor do most compare to men of the New Testament like Peter and James and John and Paul and Barnabas and others.

    Were these men human? Yes? Did they make mistakes? Yes! What’s the difference between them and us? They were men of destiny who understood or who came to understand their place in God and their calling in God. They fought the enemy and overcame. They refused to submit to the tyranny of government when it opposed God and they were willing to die rather than to be found compromising God given Scriptures and principles to please society and have peace and safety through compliance to satanically inspired laws or customs.

    Satan, the master seducer, has taken a great deal of time, centuries in fact, to bring Western Society more and more under his control.

    Can You See the Mess We’re In??

    Satan has our society turned upside down for the most part. In God’s economy, Christ rules over the church, the man rules over the woman, and the spirit rules over the soul. In our society today, the so called church (or most of it) does its own thing, the woman rules over the man, and the carnal nature of the soul rules without regard to any leading of the spirit.

    The So Called Church

    Much of the so called church has remained in babyhood and is ruled over by fallen angels and unclean spirits exercising their will through the pride and vanity of men’s minds. In much of the so called church there is no effort to “present every man perfect [mature],” but rather merely to gather as many as possible to make the leaders rich and politically powerful.

    Most leaders didn’t really study to show themselves approved unto God rightly dividing the word of truth, but rather study the denominational guide books, the Sunday school commentaries, and the newspapers to figure out what to preach. Most have no desire or even concept of how to bring the people into real maturity.

    In addition, most believers don’t really love God with all their hearts, all their souls, all their minds and all their strength. This is evident in the fact that most go from week to week and never pick up the Bible except on Sunday. Most spend less than 15 minutes a day talking to God. Most have idols galore in their lives and yet would be highly offended if anyone dared to point that out.

    So called church institutions have rebelled against the Lord and have brazenly claimed that their traditions are equal to the Word of God. Yet the Word says, “Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition . . .” (Mark 7:13). Man’s tradition can never be equal to the word of God when it is in opposition to His word.

    Think You’re Liberated, & Yet Still Bound

    At this point there are those in other religious organizations swelled with pride because they have not committed the offenses so far mentioned. Yet these are still bound with other traditions and false doctrines without even knowing it.

    These need to study the Word for themselves rather than relying on so called authorities and seminary professors to do their thinking and understanding for them. When we do our own research and study, we find clearer understanding in the catching up of the saints and when this really occurs. We’ll begin to more clearly see what the circumstances are that will leave many believers behind. In addition, a great deal more insight will be gained by those seeking to understand what true Godly love is in marriage relationships and beyond.

    There was a time when a great religious institution issued forth its own edicts, many of which were edicts of man and not of God. As men read the word for themselves and discovered the religious institution was in error, some spoke out on the truths they saw. Followers of these men formed new religious institutions and others broke away from them only to form additional religious institutions centered around their particular “truths.” On and on this goes.

    We must be willing to seek God’s full truth, continuing to be open to revelation of God’s truth from His word without forming a religious domain in which to camp.

    The Head of the Woman is the Man

    This Scripture, taken from I Corinthians 11, is one that is not often preached. Why? Because the women, especially in the United States, would rise up in protest. Many would leave a church that dares to preach this truth. Yet because it has not been emphasized our society heads toward a downward spiral.

    Women demand the right to vote. Why? Because they feel they are equal to men and therefore they should make up their minds who they want to vote for. “As for me and my house, we (notice the word we) will serve the Lord.” The man decided for his wife and his children the direction they were headed. If the wife is submitted to her husband then what does she need with the right to vote, since her vote would be the same as her husband’s?

    Today in many homes the wife not only claims to be her husband’s equal but acts as his superior. She enforces her will by controlling the amount of sexual relations the husband has. If he is obedient she rewards him with her favor and if he isn’t she denies him his desire. How can this be? Because inane courts and ignorant judges have ruled that if a man forces his wife to have sexual relations against her will, it is rape.

    Furthermore when withholding sexual relations doesn’t fully keep the husband in check, many will then resort to the ultimate threat. They say they’ll kick him out of his own house, keep the children and require him to pay 1/4 to 1/2 of his income in alimony and/or child support. No judge in Israel at the time the Scriptures were written would consider allowing a man’s children to be stolen from their father by a wife who desired to be in control.

    Men are powerless because we have a corrupted governmental system that no longer understands nor functions under God’s rules. Under God’s rules if a wife was not fulfilling her function the man might add another wife to the household to help out. Not supplying sexual relations is called “defrauding” the spouse (see I Corinthians 7).

    A corrupt leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world would have been removed from office, but for the opinion polls which women ran up to higher figures in job approval ratings. Many of these women admitted they were enamored by the man’s “good looks.”

    Please note that we’re not for a minute suggesting that women should be abused in any way. Verbal and physical abuses are wrong. The husband is to love his wife like Christ loves the church. He is to nourish and cherish her as his own flesh; but he does not submit to her, she submits to him. In Revelation we read that Babylon the great harlot says “I sit a queen but am no widow.” This means she is a sitting queen, a ruling queen, but since she is not a widow that means her husband is alive, but she is ruling over him. This has become true in all three realms. The religious institutions rule over Christ and his Word. The woman rules over her husband, and the soul is ruling over the spirit. Each is the exact opposite of what is should be.

    In conferring with a graduate student at the University of Illinois who majored in history, I’ve learned that a man by the name of Ovid (who was born in Rome) wrote a satirical essay called The Art of Love about men essentially worshipping women in their pursuit of them. Apparently, at the time it was written, all the hearers or readers of such an essay understood that the writer was being facetious.

    Unfortunately though, centuries later when his writings were being revived the new readers failed to understand that his references to a man going “insane” in his desire for a particular woman were only being said in jest. They therefore took it to mean that it should be the ideal for which one should strive. Stories were then written in books of lovers picturing this so called “ideal.” These were the forerunners of todays romance novels.

    The romantic idea has permeated our society to such an extent that it is promoted as a Christian concept. Hardly anyone in the Western world would consider marriage unless they “feel” they have “fallen in love” first. In addition, as the Roman Catholic church took on the characteristics of the pagans, among which was the worship of goddesses, we find Mary exalted to be the queen of heaven and having people pray to her.

    I have come to the conclusion that part of the problem is that people in the West have exalted Romance to the point of worship. The rule of romance says there is one man and one woman exclusive to each other and anything else is cheating. God’s rule is not romantic love but agapé love which says a woman can have only one husband, but a man can love (agapé) many wives. We in the west are continually indoctrinated that romantic love and its rules are the only ones that apply and anything else is wrong. Unfortunately the churches also teach this. However God is raising up apostles and prophets to bring back truth and to oppose every idol god.

    The exaltation of the woman to be reverenced in marriage has also evolved to the point where many if not most women in the West would be highly disturbed if their husbands did not worship them, do their bidding, and let them have their way. Any man who failed to do so would be accused of mental or emotional abuse if not worse.

    Many other societies in the East were based on arranged marriages or marriages after a few meetings. Apparently these marriages often last longer than their so called romantic counterparts. The closest word to “romantic” in the Greek language is eros.” This word is never used in the New Testament. The words for love are agapé and phileo. Phileo is defined as a family type of love or care one for another. Agapé is God’s type of love which is giving not based on expectation of reciprocation.

    God expects men to have agapé love for their wives. Women are expected to reverence their husbands. It should not be the reverse where women rule and men reverence them. See Ephesians 5:33. Women are to call their husbands “lord” (boss, ruler, master) -- 1 Peter 3:6. They should treat them so, and not the reverse as we see it most often in the West. Men oftentimes actually say “I have to check with the boss,” meaning their wives. This should not be so.

    Mighty men of valor are called and sent by God to put things in the proper order for the true church, for marriage relationships, and for the individual.

    Rules instituted by men that have become tradition over generations and even centuries now have the powerful pull of law. Not God’s law, but instead it is man’s law causing God’s true word to be of none effect.

    Many Bible scholars point out the word used in the passage is sometimes translated first and can mean one x other. It may well be then that this passage and similar ones are indicating merely the need to be married to have experience in ruling a household rather than a restriction to only one wife.

    Mia means first or one x other. In the passages in I Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6 the word mia is used because it is saying that a man who desires the office of a bishop should have at least a first wife. The context proves this further because it goes on to say “For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?”

    If he is not married and has no children then he has no household to rule. The passage is not saying an elder is limited to having only one wife. It is saying he must have at least one to prove he can govern.

    The woman has always been restricted to having one husband. However, God never restricted man to having one wife. Some would say this is unfair. But it is God who decides what is fair and what is not. NOT US!

    The council of Trent officially changed things so that women in that one aspect were equal to men. Slowly but surely over a long period of time, other laws and customs have given women the ability to have upper hand in Western Society.

    As the gospel is spread from the West to other countries, often times the aberrations of the truth are carried along as well.

    Abortion Murdering the Unborn

    At one time an abortion was only considered if the life of the mother was in danger and then the father was to be asked by the doctor if he wanted to save the life of the mother or the life of the child. Then abortion was considered in cases of incest and rape.

    Then the Roe vs. Wade case came along and the Supreme Court of the United States (a country that still has ‘in God we trust’ on it’s coins) approved abortion on demand. Since then over thirty million unborn babies have been murdered by women and doctors who have made sex, pleasure, freedom and profit their gods.

    Late term abortions where the baby is turned around in the womb and delivered feet first, except for the head, were done. A doctor inserts a syringe inside the baby’s head while the head is still in the womb and sucks out the brains of the baby to kill it! This is legal! But immoral! It is approved by government but it is an abomination in the sight of God.

    No wonder many young girls now have their babies and dump them in garbage cans knowing they’ll die. They reason that if it is ok to kill the baby just before it is born, it is equally ok to kill the baby right after it’s born, so why not save several hundred dollars in ‘murder for hire’ fees?

    Satan has seduced our society and we’re in a continuing downward spiral of degradation and disease, both spiritually and physically.


    It has become politically incorrect to state the truth that homosexuality is an abomination. Anyone saying that it is sin is branded a closed minded bigot. Since most don’t like being called names they remain silent even when they know it is wrong.

    Going under the banner of being ‘gay’ these homosexuals have invaded congress, the classrooms, the field of medicine and almost every other aspect of society. With their sin has come the spread of A.I.D.S. and other sexually transmitted diseases. Now they expect parents to stand back and remain silent while they indoctrinate our children in the corrupted public school system to be tolerant and accepting of what they call an Alternative Life Style.

    We must call it what it is: SIN!

    Beware, though, because you may be accused of a ‘hate crime’ which has federal penalties. We are not saying one should stone all homosexuals as they would have in the Old Testament times, but we must preach truth and call them to repent and come to Jesus Christ (Yah'shua the Messiah) for deliverance.

    Not only have religious institutions and governments had an active part in the degradation of our society but the media is also a major contributor. Television programs constantly spew out brainwashing anecdotes designed to teach people that every type of sin and debauchery is Okay.

    A scene shows a couple fornicating and afterwards saying “We didn’t do anything immoral.” So old definitions are gradually changed so that which is immoral or sin according to the Bible is no longer called immoral or sin. Another scene shows that a certain person is a bigot because he does not approve of homosexuality. Still another show has women going from man to man and fornicating with them all and giving the impression that this is perfectly acceptable in our “modern age.”

    Parents who watch such shows and allow their children to watch such shows should be aware that they are allowing their offspring to be programmed to accept that right is wrong and wrong is right. These young people will grow up thinking that what the Bible teaches is outdated and that if one is to be accepted by one’s peers and not be considered abnormal he/she must believe in the new value system.

    Cartoons now even promote blasphemy and suicide. Some are so hideous as to show a Satan character beating up a character depicted as Jesus Christ (Yah'shua the Messiah)! They show children hanging themselves and coming back on the show the next week. When real live children have copied these behaviors and actually died, the company promoting such claims no responsibility, saying that these shows merely reflect people’s interests and do not influence behavior. Yet the same companies will spend large amounts of money on programming that is obviously intended to influence the viewers. For example, why do toy companies pay such large amounts to finance cartoons in which the characters are identical to toys sold in stores if these companies do not believe that the cartoons are influencing the buying habits of children? Advertisers pay millions of dollars for 30 and 60 second spots of advertising on television hoping to influence the buying habits of the viewers, yet the companies that profit by selling these advertising spots claim that 2 hour shows couldn’t possibly affect the actions of the viewers!

    In the last thirty years there has been more and more violence in the media and more and more violence in society. There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of lasciviousness (lewdness) and fornication depicted on television and in the movies, and there has been a similar increase in the lasciviousness and fornication taking place in real life.

    Music has descended to new lows. Records and C.D.’s and tapes come out which depict every type of depravity against women thinkable, with language so filthy a sailor would blush. Some musicians seek to be known by weird satanic rituals on stage. One even went so far as to bite off the heads of bats in front of audiences of thousands of young impressionable minds.

    Others simulate copulation on stage.

    Music videos now depict near complete nudity while gyrations of the hips and pelvis are viewed by camera shots from every and I mean every possible angle. All this in the name of profit and success. It seems nothing is off limits if it brings in money, success, and fame.

    Magazines covers depict nearly nude women and are filled with articles, questionnaires, pictures, and advertisements designed to make the reader thinks that fornication, abortion, sodomy and drunkenness are not only acceptable but the right of every individual to choose.

    Some have laughed at the Amish, while feeling superior because of the technological advances they enjoy. Yet these so called technological advances are being used to bombard us from every direction with a corrupting, brainwashing influence. At least the Amish seem to understand “we are in the world but not of the world.” Unfortunately, most Christians can no longer say that. The behavior of most Christians is very much in line with the sinners who have never claimed to have repented and believed in Jesus Christ.

    Television programs spew out filth indoctrinating views. Open statements are even made that there is nothing immoral about sex outside of marriage. Other programs explicitly express that witchcraft is an acceptable religious expression.

    Those that are prayed up and know the word of God will easily detect such aberrant philosophies for what they are; lies of Satan. Unfortunately though, many children and even adults have little or no defense against such lies since they lack a knowledge of God’s word and His ways and they allow themselves to be lulled into being constantly “entertained” by something designed to program and brainwash them into believing a lie.

    Computers which are now available to people of all ages -- including children -- make available pornographic websites at the click of a “mouse” or the stroke of a key. Wise men and women will begin to guard themselves and their children from the constant bombardment of such horrendous filth.

    Those that step out of the system altogether are tagged cults. This very term stirs up images of Jim Jones who had almost a thousand people kill themselves with poisoned Kool-Aid, or David Koresh who along with his followers were burned to death in a confrontation with federal officials. No one wants to be labeled by such a negative pronouncement. So many seek to stay in the mainstream during which time they are exposed and contaminated to greater and greater degrees.

    However there will be those who will see the need to step out of the mainstream and set up Christian communities devoid of many of the tainting aspects of this sin sick society.

    Andy Nonymousman is the author's pen name. He has been saved for over 45 years and has ministered powerfully over 26 years across the USA and also England, Nigeria, Kenya, Haiti, Belize and the Philippines, seeing many saved and healed. He is the author of the book, TRUTH OR TRADITION: A Closer Look At The Plural Wives Question, which is available on this site.

    Author: AN

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