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    The Fruits of Calling Polygamy a Sin
    by Wayne MacGregor

    What we can expect when we make up sins (polygyny) out of thin air.

    The victims are women and children all over the world in all kinds of awful situations:

    • - the women in eastern Europe countries who, left with out a husband to provide and protect them, become easy prey to the mafia who sell them by the hour as sex slaves, paraded in store windows of bars in town and villages. This was the subject of a recent documentary on the Discovery Channel. These women end up diseased and broken in spirit dying of AIDS.

    • - the Philippino women, especially Christians (women are more likely to convert to protestant Christianity than men) who are reduced by poverty, with no husband to provide and protect them, to look for work as maids in middle eastern countries where many are inevitably raped by Muslim men.

    • - the American black women who are statistically sentenced to life without a husband, many of whom end up as government bureaucrats or dependents who end up looking to weak men as role models and have no examples of a Godly father and husband in their lives.

    • - the widows and single women every where who find the pool of available men to be made up of the lowest dregs of society, misfits, immoral, unself-disciplined, and unproductive.

    • - the broken leftover women and children of divorce who lose their husbands to one of the highly competitive women who are not willing to settle for one of the above; these are left to lives of poverty and loneliness and often, a bitter attitude toward life, men, and God.

    • - the unborn baby girls who are aborted with a vengeance in India and Asia, especially China, because they are devalued and seen as a net liability to their families who have to work so hard to find them husbands and then pay large dowries for each daughter that gets married.

    • - the women everywhere who succumb due to the pressure of poverty to make 'easy money' as sex objects of one kind or another and end up ashamed, diseased, abused, cast out, and with no picture of a loving provider and protector in their lives.

    I am sure I have only scratched the surface here. You are welcome to add your own examples.

    The Biblical case for the legitimacy of polygyny is unassailable. The pragmatic case is overwhelming.

    Author: WMG

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    First created on 13 June 2001
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