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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Chapter 3

    Matthew's Story
    An End-Time Apocalyptic
    Polygamy Adventure
    by Matthew H

    Chapter 3

    We arrived in the city and it was nice driving around in traffic again. We parked the car away from things, then walked to the courthouse. We tried to get a marriage license, but the lady in the clerks office said Sure, please scan your hand over there, and it will be issued. Suddenly I got rather nervous and asked to sit down. I said that I was OK, but hadn't been feeling well today. Bless Lynn's heart she saw what I was doing and went along with it. I expected the lady to ask me if I needed a doctor, but realized that if I had a chip and was really sick it would notify them. I said I was just sick at my stomach, probably nerves, and told her that I would see about coming back later. She was rather pushy and said that it would only take a quick scan and I would be out of there paper in hand, I said "Paper?" ... she said, "Sure, you scan, she scans, your married". I said, no vows? "What vows" she said, it was just a marriage, no big deal. I acted offended and said that I would like a church wedding, minister and all, and she seemed to smile smugly and said "Sure, that's no problem, most clergy have a scanner, they do their part then record you right there after the ceremony making it all legal." I said that I would rather have that, and thanked her then left ... sweating.

    We drove around a while talking and we passed a woman sitting on a bus bench, really skinny. I stopped and gave her some ham and boiled corn from our lunch bag, she thanked us ... then suddenly, as soon as her hand was on the food, said "I don't do girls!" then ran off. I was startled and just looked at Lynn wondering what THAT was all about. We found her friend's house but the person that answered the door didn't know her. He was nice but looked at our truck oddly. I asked if he had a phonebook and he said that we could use the pay phone. We found one soon after but it had no coin slot. The phone book was a monitor that was sitting above the phone. We looked up her friend's name but there was no listing.

    Sadly we went home, I thought of the Amish and asked her if she minded an Amish wedding. I stopped a buggy and asked the man if he could help, or if they would marry us, he said that we could try, but told us that we should leave the car about a half mile back from the town, they didn't like cars at all there.

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