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The 12 Books of Abraham

    Kryztina's Corner 2

    A Letter to a
    New Sister-Wife
    (To Świętosława)
    Translated into English by Stanisław Królewiec

    Dearest Sister

    Thank you for a nice warming letter. I feel you are so much a part of us already. And it is lovely to have you on your way back home.

    I am so joyful when I read about the joy you feel, maybe because I also had to wait many years before I was married. I was not such a mature and thinking Christan as I find you to be, so I was very confused and had no peace. I prayed to Yahweh to give me the very best man for me and you know He never lets anyone down, so first He gave me a BIG shock (polygamy), some struggling/loving years, and then more love than I ever could imagine.

    Stanisław, Kasia and I are very happy to have you, may Yahweh let our (His) love grow (I know He will, He is so reliable).

    Yahweh bless you and be in and around you, in Yah'shua's tender care!



    Author: KCK

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