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    Readers Comments I

    1. From a Wiccan Admirer

    Greetings Mr.Stanisław Królewiec,

    I just wanted to thank you for your informative website on polygamy. I have passed it on to several poly friends. I know they are having a hard time dealing with issues of jealousy and envy.

    I myself am a practicing Wiccan. I was raised a strict southern baptist and it never settled within me.

    I know this may offend you, I was not trying to. I am also a practicing Polyamoryist. I do believe in plural marriage, but on a different level. I believe women may have more then one husband as it is taught in my religious beliefs.

    I just wanted to commend you and your wives for being strong in your beliefs and I wish you all the best. It is a rare thing these days to see a man back and not shy away from his belief system just because society dictates otherwise.

    Thank you for a wonderful website

    JT (6 January 2000)

    2. "A Wonderful Blessing"

    What a wonderful blessing from the Lord is this website. Thank you... I certainly was very blessed by your website and thank God or all of the hard work that all of you have invested in that work (Hebrews 6:10)...I look forward to seeing you and worshipping with you.

    TB (14 May 1999)

    3. "A Great Ministry"


    Thank you for your input and your prayers. Up front I must tell you that your web site has been a great ministry to me.

    I have visited often and return for updates and new additions It's a great site....

    Thank you for your ministry and your prayers. Your web site is great and has been a blessing to me. It is also a great site!

    May God Bless You and Yours.

    SM (22 September 1999)

    4. From North California

    Hello from Northern California...My wives and I have enjoyed your site and have added some of your works to our home church classes. We have found it a blessing to find a group that has recieved very simalar and true revelations from our Lord.

    Thank you for your site.

    RC (22 January 2000)

    5. From England

    I am finding your articles fascinating. There is much for me to learn...I can indeed see that Yahweh has blessed you with much, and I am grateful that you are sharing with us - those who fear his name - what has been given to you.

    IA (31 October 1999)

    6. A Psychologist Comments

    Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

    I have written extensively on the positive virtues of polygamy in a Christian context as a part of my studies, and my wife and I have talked extensively about it. Please keep us up-to-date on how things are progressing with your beautiful family. Thank you for your kind consideration.

    In Christ,

    CPW (6 April 2000)

    7. Single Mother Wants Polygamy in US

    Personal opinion! I'm in favor of polygamy. First, anthropologically speaking, humans are NOT monogamous animals. Second,ÈBt seems to me that one of the reasons why monogamy has been shoved in our Western faces is that, back when the West was being settled, and the Mormons were inhabiting the area, many men from the East went out West looking for jobs and were unable to find women because they were being taken up by the Mormons. Maybe the reasoning for that is because the women were being provided for and the men from the East were......inadequate and inept... and would have made horrendous husbands. Of course, it is reasonable to assume that the Mormon men were ALSO attempting to keep 'finances' within the family also. I personally, would rather be the other wife of someone that has proven himself a good, loving man, than to get stuck with a jerk. As an 46 y/o female with teenage children, my only options are: Stay alone, hook up with some jerk that no one else wants, become a 'player' and have temporary flings with various males just to get what I want out of them, become the 'one on the side', or to have a committed relationship with someone that already has a committed relationship with someone. If I could find someone appropriate, I would opt for the last choice. With all of the push behind supporting 'homosexual marriages', I think it's time we take a serious look at polygamy as a viable choice in the US also. Maybe this will get the men's attention and they will learn to be better people . Then, maybe we will get some of the violent, inadequate genes out of the gene pool.

    Linda (13 March 2001)

    8. Lovely Site

    Dear Królewiec family,

    First let me tell you how very much I love your website!~

    Is it immodest for me, as a single poly-positive woman, to post an ad on your website? I do not have any male relatives who can do so on my behalf.

    If you feel it is acceptable for me to post, would it be immodest for me to include a link to my yahoo page that contains my picture?

    You can't imagine how shy I am...it's taken me nearly a year just to ask this question!

    Thank you, and thank you for your lovely site,

    D (12 March 2001)

    9. The Polygamy I Saw ...

    I remember seeing something on TV a few years ago. I don't remember the particulars but a few things stood out.

    One was that this group was self sufficient and had their own business. They needed to rely on the outside world very little, but that's not to say they kept to themselves.

    The other thing I found interesting was the way the wives dealt with each other. They were very supportive of each other, and they all enjoyed the companionship and support of the other women. There was no cattiness or petty jealousy between them, and after a while, even their parents and other relatives began to support their daughters when they saw how well they were doing in this environment

    Anon (3 April 2001)

    10. HEM's Historical Help

    One of the things about the European Polygamy site that I am thankful for, is the information on historical aspects of the Reformation era, and all other leads to the historical distortions of the biblical truths. I am a direct descendant of Martin Luther, whether from his loins or his close family I do not know, but it is said in my family that it is true. So this is a very interesting thing to me, and being a believer, this even takes a more special meaning, to know how truth was perverted. A good soldier knows the tactics and weapons of his enemy.

    R (6 April 2001)

    11. Amazing

    You have achieved an amazing amount of success in your life in reconstructing a purely Christian/Biblical life style and value system along with what it takes to protect it against its enemies and perpetuate it through the website and the Trilogy.

    How different my life would be if I had read this material 20 years ago. I broke off or never pursued several wonderful relationships because I was caught in a monogamy-only mindset. Things will be different for my children.

    I am concerned about the present immature state of Christian polygamy and am quite reluctant to encourage my daughters to venture into what looks like a mine field of polygamy experimenters who could end up doing a lot of damage before some basics are worked out such as you are doing ...

    Your brother in Christ

    AJ (12 June 2001)

    12. An Inspiration

    I recently found your website through the link on TruthBearer's site and am very impressed with your site. You're definately an inspiration - keep up the good work!

    JH (28 April 2001)

    13. A Women's Paradise for Learning

    If you are a true virtuous woman who is searching for some place to learn the truth about plural marriage, then it is a must that you browse this site! For the five of us have gained such Godly wisdom from Stanisław.

    HTW (4 July 2001)

    14. By Far the Best Christian Polygyny Site

    Dear Stanisław,

    I visited [your] chatroom on Yahoo last week for the first time ... It was interesting. I didn't get to stay long, but I enjoyed being able to participate.

    I have two wives myself. We all agree that your site is by far the best one for those interested in learning about Christian Polygyny. Your site has helped us very much. As you know full well, plural marriage is not child's play! It really does take a solid base of understanding of and commitment to God's truth in order to successfully handle the complexities of the relationship.

    Anyway, I wish I would see others contributing to your ministry. Surely, there are others who have benefited too.

    May God Bless You, Your Family and Your Ministry.

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Sincerely, In Christ,

    MS (20 July 2001)

    15. No One is Doing More for Biblical Polygyny

    I just read your wonderful reply to the monogamaniac “Pastor Hud” and his ilk. Truly righteous indignation is a awesome thing to behold. It is a shadow of how God himself will hold in contempt those who have despised His Word on that Day.

    But it is also a relief to those of us who have come under similar such attacks. On the http://freebooks.forums.commentary.net that I run I was continuously grilled as to whether my wife was in agreement with me (which she is but I wanted to maintain my privacy on the forum and just discuss the Biblical case for polygyny) implying that I was unhappy with my marriage (we have easily the best marriage of anyone we know). My main antagonist went so far as to say that God merely tolerated Abraham’s (and the other patriarch’s) polygyny, as it was a godless custom of the day. Then the attacks just got more and more personal when the Biblical case for polygyny became irrefutable.

    God bless you and Stanisław, et al, for the great work you are doing. No one is doing more to re-establish Biblical polygyny than you all are.

    AJ (27 July 2001)

    16. A Very Good Website

    You have a very good web site... I don't necessarily agree with patriarchal polygamy, I know I couldn't do it with any kind of grace, but live and let live.

    SS (24 July 2001)

    17. You Have Helped Me More Than You Know

    Thank you for your page ... I really enjoyed reading it and you have helped me more than you will ever know. I've been struggling with many issues lately and God is showing me little by little and tonight He just showed me more ... thank you for taking time to write this.

    God bless you!!

    RWC (15 August 2001)

    18. Holding HEM's Ground Against Slanderers

    I am very sorry to learn that you have been subject to a vicious personal attack by another minister in the Christian Polygamy movement. I know how deeply in can hurt to be misunderstood and maligned by others - especially when your heart and motives are pure. It's obvious to me that you spend considerable time writing articles and ministering to others and I can't imagine that you would be doing this just to try to make money. The articles you write reflect a man who is deeply committed to God's Truth and who earnestly strives to be Holy. Most likely, you are too deep and too pure for those who don't want to let go of this world and it's ways .... if you know what I mean!

    Your recent articles have been excellent - I particularly got a lot out of the one dealing with: Must a Priest Marry a Virgin.

    Anyway, I know your faith with sustain you. I will stay in touch. Through your example, you help me to want to grow deeper in Christ.


    MJS (31 August 2001)

    19. Sharing Eternal Truths

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for sharing this eternal truth with the world. As I am by the grace of Yah'shua been allowed to see a portion of these truths, and it blesses my soul to hear another brother speak these truths. I want to continue to grow in the nurture and admonition of the Father, may you have some more letters and thoughts, Thank you so very much. YAH, bless.

    The blessings of polygamy and blessed seed in the land. I am a babe in this portion of my growth, but the implications of foundational wealth are without measure, beyond anything man and his form of money can ever imagine! Thank you for your encouragement in the WORD of YAH.

    JR (2 October 2002)

    20. A Family We'd Love to Know

    Hello... We are from the USA and have had a recent interest in Christian plural marriage. We've been reading articles on the website for two nights in a row now. Your family seems like a family we would love to get to know. Our hearts are quite convinced that your family is truly submitted to the Lord's will in your lives.

    Although we both are very open to plural marriage, we cannot envision my beloved taking another bride or brides due to the probable fact that we would be rejected by our family members and many friends also. We don't feel that keeping a secret about a second bride or children would be practical or fair in our situation. We are not condemning your decision whatsover, just the opposite, we admire your strength!!!!

    It's too bad [you] is so far from us...it would be a blessing if we could meet your precious family one day!! We will in aradise....praise the Lord!! Isn't the Lord wonderful!!!!!

    ... We are 'charismatic' christians, we believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we attend a non-denominational 'charismatic' church.

    As a family, we have begun being what we would call 'Torah observant'. We know that Jesus is the final sacrifice for our sins! We also believe that observing the Sabbath, biblical feasts, tithing (for example) are valid for today. And we've been so blessed as we follow God's Word regarding these teachings. Our daughters and I also wear headcoverings for prayer and worship, in accordance with 1 Corinthians chapter 11...

    I would like to correspond with you regarding your experiences as a plural wife, if that would be alright.

    May the Lord continue to bless your precious family and marriage. My beloved and I will lift your marriage and family up to the Lord in prayer!!!

    In HIS mighty and awesome grip,

    K (6 October 2002)

    21. Echad Sex

    I read your article Contemplative Intimacy in New Covenant Plural Marriage. It was so beautiful. I have always wished that I knew how God meant for sex to be like. I have always hated the way people think it has to be dirty in order to be good. I thank God that he has used you and your family to bring truth into this dark world. I also feel sad that because of the things that have happened in my life I have missed out on the beauty of purity. I will pray that my husband's heart is softened and his ears opened to hear the truth, but for right now he is very disconnected spiritually.

    BK (18 October 2002)

    I have never known anyone to have such a pure understanding of the truth. I do not want someone else's opinion, just the truth. If I had not found your site I would still be wallowing in the thoughts that women were only created to serve mens desires whether good or bad. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me see the truth, and I thank Yahweh for getting to me.

    BK (22 October 2002)

    22. Dealing with Issues Frankly Yet Delicately

    Dear Stanisław and Family!

    Thank you so much for your website. I only found it by accident when I misspelled polygyny, polgyny.

    Some friends and I have been considering setting up a family and have been doing some research into the practice. Obviously, there are many, many issues to deal with here even though all of us are in our 50's and 60's, are widowed or divorced, and our children are grown.

    In my seeking, I have found on most polygyny chatrooms and websites a reluctance to discuss the very issues that concern people who are considering entering into such relationships. For us, issues of fairness, privacy, sex are more important that knowing that people have found a way to live fulfilled lives in a poly marriage.

    You have touched on such issues frankly, yet delicately. Please continue!!

    D (16 September 2002)

    23. A Pastor's Comments


    I want to say that I appreciate your heart and love for Christ. It shows in all your writings. I am kind of new to the issue of Polygamy and was wanting to get a bit different perpective on the issue.

    I am a minister of a Church of Christ in ... USA and was wanting to get in touch with Heinrich Stolzenhagen to discuss the issue among our churches. I really want to restore the biblically truth priciples to the Churches which is what the Church of Christ was all about. However, I feel we have lost our way and need to restore Christianity back to New Testament standards.

    Though I don't personally agree with all your theological stands, I think you are right on when it comes to liberty in Christ over the Polygamy issue. Your view of it is well thought out and deep spiritually and is much better than the Truth Bearer approach.

    I wish you had some audio tapes (or CDs would be better) that would explain your position on the Polygamy issue so that others can listen to it. I purchased the ones from Truth Bearer, but if you had some I would definitely get them. Have you done and have a radio interview that would explain your position a little better? Trying to explain the depth of your position to someone, like say, my wife is very difficult because if is very deep spiritually. Though, I was able to understand it, it took a little bit of time (was not used to that way of thinking. I had to deprogram my Greek thinking mind to a Hebrew way of thinking).

    By the way, do your wives wear a headcovering as prescribed in 1 Corinthians 11?


    Pastor PS (27 June 2003)

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