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    FAQ 73

    Are You Interested in
    Having Non-European
    Wives in Your Family?

    Q. Are you interested in having non-European wives join your family? Does it matter what skin-color they have or what race they come from?

    We are absolutely positive about non-European wives joining our family and expected them early on. It doesn't matter to us what country or race a woman comes from, or what skin-colour she has, so long as it is Yahweh's will. Yahweh is no respector of persons. The only consideration is that she is walking in the apostolic faith.

    I have known for a very long time now that I would marry outside my home country and whereas all my first wives came, or come, from Poland, they have been coming from far afield as well. I am, and always have been, open to whomsoever Yahweh sends, from whatever nation and of whatever skin colour.

    Our Gospel Mission has always been an international one, and the fact that our family is now international fits well with our calling to be a witness to all nations. Though beginning in Europe, we are not a European family any longer, but a multi-national one. The greatest interest in our work has in any case come more from North America than from Europe, and for some years from Africa too. We have had several polygamous congregations from East Africa be a part of us for a few years.

    So, yes, we will welcome with open arms women of all races from all over the world called by Yahweh to be a part of our family.

    Author: SBSK

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