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    FAQ 72

    What is Your View of
    Polygamy and the Media?

    Q. You have written that you would never give TV or radio interviews about polygamy because you don't want to see polygamy become a legal, secular institition. Does that go for newspapers and articles too? And what would your view be about giving interviews to the Christian media? Isn't there some justification in doing that in order to spread the word of truth to the churches?

    As you rightly say, it is my view that polygamy in the West, at least, should not be made a legal institution because quite frankly I wonder even if the average Westerner is capable of even living monogamous marriage properly, let alone polygamy. But I most definitely want to see the repeal of any anti-bigamy or anti-polygamy laws. In short, what I want to see, is a restoration and/or greater profile given to common law marriage. I do not believe in the state's sanction of, or intervention in, marriage though I do believe that laws and agencies need to exist to protect anybody open to abuse in any relationship.

    The media is mostly interested in sensationalism and that frankly does not interest me at all. I have been approached by news reporters and film makers to give interviews but have refused. I frankly do not want to give the wicked a justification to live this lifestyle under any circumstances. And the state's imprimatur is, quite honestly, worthless.

    Then there are Christian/Messianic polygamist ministries who want public exposure by the media because they are promoting their private causes without, I feel, due regard of what Yahweh's will actually is in this matter. It is quite possible that I am wrong here and that Yahweh has a purpose in what they are doing, but I have such misgivings about this from the results I have ssen so far that I do not presently feel disposed to change my mind. (My mind remains unaltered still in 2016). Certainly I would lend them my support in whatever way I can and permitted to do in their campaigns to overturn anti-polygamy laws like the Edmunds-Tucker Act in the USA, and in giving equal rights of employment (for example) to polygamists. All I want is for polygamists to be left alone by the state. I don't want the state to bless it because I know they will bless polyandry, polyamory and other sinful practices (like "homosexual marriage") at the same time (as has indeed happened in the case of the latter), and I frankly do not want to be associated with their abominations. And that is the way most other patriarchs who share a similar vision of polygamy to my own feel too.

    I would rather that polygamy be left to individual choice and not made 'easy' by the state where it will be open to certain abuse, justifying the already extant licentiousness and compounding existing problems, and giving the state the right to interfere in polygamous marriage as they already are doing in monogamous ones. All I want the state to do is mind its own business while I mind mine. If they want to go and create immoral laws that's their business for they will get no support from me (not that they would want it, I am sure).

    The Christian/Messianic world is a different proposition because there is a moral obligation to defend and propagate the teachings of the truth of Elohim's (God's) Word. But there is a similar problem. The vast majority of the churches (assemblies) simply aren't ready for polygamy and, in my opinion, never will be. That is because I take the theological position that the only ones directly called by Yahweh to live this lifestyle in our day will be those who have left the churches (assemblies) and are the small Remnant which Yahweh is going to remove from the main body of fallen Christendom. And because they are going to be a persecuted minority, the last thing they should be doing is blowing their trumpets and sending out a clarion call which the wrong people are likely to hear. Yahweh's own people will quietly get on with what they are supposed to be doing without seeking the accolades of Babylon or the Whore Church.

    It is my prayer that the church denominations do not accept the practice of polygamy at this time because I don't believe it's for them! I certainly support them in tolerating it in Third World countries where polygamy is legal. But I would strongly oppose any church (assembly) which tried to break up a polygamist convert's family. My belief is that we should bear witness of this principle to them, as we at HEM do, so that those who have been called can hear their call and come out of the churches (assemblies) in order to live it.

    In an ideal world (which this is not) I would want the churches (assemblies) to convert to polygamy but not before they have converted to Patriarchy and are properly Torah-observant. I am all in favour of denominations converting lock, stock and barrel, but I just don't believe it is likely to happen. Where I am more optimistic is independent local churches (assemblies) coming to the truth (as is now happening in Africa and Asia), though again I do not believe the odds are very much in favour of this in the West. I do know of independent churches (assemblies) coming over to patriarchy and that is indeed wonderful news, though some have, alas, cultic tendencies. And our own Order has itself witnessed the complete conversion of a small denomination in Asia to patriarchy (along with dozens of independent congregations in Africa) which has joined the Order's church/assembly-building effors, so such things do sometimes happen though very rarely. (This program has since been abandoned for a number of practical reasons, our Order prefering conversion of one individual or one family at a time).

    That is why we have such a big webpage on Christian/Messianic polygamy. And there are other webpages which focus more on the legal aspects of polygamy, or on scriptural exegesis which can be consulted too. If journalists wish to use information from our website in any campaign to repeal anti-polygamy or anti-bigamy laws then I am more than willing to negociate generous terms. And, of course, I am more than willing to engage in any open and serious discussion with other Christians/Messianics on the scripturality of Christian/Messianic polygamy and must, as a matter of duty towards the Word, oppose anyone who seeks to deny what the Bible says. Judgment must come to the House of Elohim (God) (Messianic Community) first (1 Peter 4:17), which is the Christian's/Messianic's responsibility - judgment of the world is up to the Almighty Himself (Acts 17:31).

    Author: SBSK

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