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    FAQ 35

    When Women are
    Driven Away by the
    Perversions of Polyamory

    Q. I've heard that the main reason so many Christian women are turned off polygamy is because it seems to attract bisexuals, homosexuals and other deviants too. Is this true?

    This is certainly a factor. I continue to be horrified when I visit so-called Christian/Messianic polygamy web sites which allow prospective polygamists to advertise for husbands or wives to see the webmasters of these sites allowing bisexuals, polyandrists and polyamorists to put up advertisements too. The moment such advertisements appear, Christian/Messianic polygyny is immediately associated with sexual perversion. If I were a spiritually sensitive Christian/Messianic woman and went to a polygamy site and saw advertisements placed there by sodomites and perverts I would run a mile!

    A very, very clear, thick line has to be drawn between Christian/Messianic polygyny and 'all the rest' -- the deviant polyamourous relationships (bisexual, homosexual, lesbian, communal, polyandrous, etc.). At this ministry we have always drawn that line in order to discourage perverts and curiosity seekers. (This does not mean we are turning away such people from Christ - we do, of course, happily minister to them - but it is to say that the Christian/Messianic Polygyny fellowship is only for 'insiders', viz. born-again heterosexual Christians/Messianics). This ministry exists for believers only, and when we get enquiries from unbelievers, our first response is always to invite them to consider the Christian/Messianic way before anything else. Most visitors to our site know what we stand for and do not presume to approach us except on purely Christian/Messianic terms.

    Author: SBSK

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