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    An Anti-Polygamist Asks

    Hi Stanisław

    I have been reading your story on the internet and it truly got my attention because I'm am a born again Christian who does not believe in Polygamy at all, from my opinion I think it is an exuse for men to have lot of women to fulfill their sexual desires .

      In the majority of cases you are probably right. However, we are strongly opposed to this kind of polygamy. We do not represent all forms of polygamy, only Christian/Messianic Echad Polygamy. Only those genuinely called into it with a proper Christ-like disposition are mandated, in our view.

    There are a few questions that came to my mind about your life style at home and the wives demand (sexual demand). How do cope going around from bed to bed each night trying to meet all these women's demands because man comlpain having one wife they say that she can be a bit too demanding.

      It is precisely those men and women whose focus is sex that we do not feel are called into this lifestyle. We live for Christ, not sensual gratification. By following the rules established by Yahweh (God) in the Bible - no sex during menstruation and (optionally) no sex for one week afterwards - such matters are balanced, manageable and fulfilling for all.

      Since the vast majority of people are called into monogamy, those with rapacious sexual appetites are best suited to that lifestyle anyway.

    I hope this does on sound mean but that was the only I could get answers I have been longing to find.

      I hope this has been helpful.

    SN (21 July 2003)


      Stanisław Królewiec

    Hi Stanisław

    Thank you very much for that answer, another question I have in mind is the attraction with all your wives do you love them the same, because from my opinion I think it is impossible for you to love them the same way and is they any of these women that you favour the most .

      These things I have written at length about on my homepage. If your life is consecrated to Christ and the Kingdom is #1 in your life, and you are daily crucifying your flesh in Christ as Paul taught, there is no problem treating them equally and fairly. Of course, the wives are all different personalities with different strengths and weaknesses so the qualitative relationship varies. But in terms of favouritism, this I eliminated from my household a long time ago. To me they are of equal worth and equally loved and cherished.


    Thanks SN (22 July 2003)

    Thank you for your answers Stanisław. I really appreciate you being honest with me. It takes a wise man to have solid reasons for every answer. God Bless especially your Family.

    SN (22 July 2003)

      Dear SN

      You are most welcome. Feel free to come back with any other questions if you find the website deficient in any way.



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