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    A Gut Reaction
    to Polygamy

    I will pray for you. Actually, I will pray the Good Lord will give your (sic) bless your wives with some wisdom. Although your situation is interesting, it also makes me want to throw up. Have a nice day. (Anonymous Christian woman)

      A gut reaction only confirms to me that you live in your guts to some extent, which is not the best source of revelation.

      As you are praying for me, I assume that you are a Christian, which is wonderful. That being the case, I wonder if you'd care to comment on the fact that in the New Testament Christ is depicted as being metaphorically polygamously married to His Church (messianic Community, consisting of millions of souls) and in the Old, Yahweh is described as being metaphorically married to two sisters, Jerusalem and Samaria. Since Yahweh and Christ didn't mind the allusion of polygamy (and saw no stigma in it), mightn't your gut reaction derive from a spirit that isn't biblical?

    There was no reply to my letter.

    Author: SBSK

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