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    The Polygamy
    Obsession Revisited

    Contintued from Part 1

    This short article is by way of a footnote to the previous one in which I shared a parting message to those interested in the echad Christian/Messianic polygamy lifestyle. It's been several months since I last wrote and a number of significant things have happened in our family which I felt called to share.

    As our 'interest' in polygamy per se has given way to a rededicated interest and engagement in the Kingdom work, we have noticed a significant change for the better in our lives. For one, a deeper communion with our Father in Heaven, and for another, an intensifying of the bond between family members. Part from occasionally posting online and answering the a few enquiries, our engagement in polygamy matters has been minimal.

    Well, almost. Having resolved in our minds not to consciously pursue expanding our family but to focus our lives on general ministry and let Yahweh take care of any ungathered wives, we were suddenly vigorously pursued by a woman dead set on becoming a part of our family at almost any cost. Though we kept contact down to no more than a couple of exchanges per week so as not to be overly occupied with the matter, or to be distracted from our many other callings, the woman was most persistent. In many ways she displayed the 'ideals' we were looking for as she was as much engaged with my wives as she was with me and seemed to own none of those possessive, teritorial weaknesses that others who have been interested in us have been either weighed down or consumed by. And so it was we engaged in dialogue with this lady for about six hours a week.

    Anxious to know whether this was 'too good to be true' or a major deception, I went to Yahweh in prayer and enquired of Him about her. I was shown a vision which greatly alarmed me. I saw a dark sky with thick, black, menacing clouds like a thick blanket over the earth. In the midst of this blanked was a parting of the clouds and I could see a bright light trying to desperately shine through. The light was intense and brilliant and I knew at once it was the Light of Heaven.

    At once my attention was drawn to the ground below. I saw an enmormous green left arm bent inwards as though it were invisibly embracing something, and in the that area I saw a swirling mass of light coming up from under the ground, like a hurricane. The light was very different from the light above, lacking its brilliance and purity, and I at once discerned that it was counterfeit and devilish. Moreover it was gaining in strength and vigour, and it was plain that at length is would successfully compete to be the dominant light in the person's life.

    To cut a long story short, we at length uncovered yet another attempt by the Adversary to both waste our time and waylay us. Coming as this did in the Season of Teshuvah (Repentance) it was soon apparent that Yahweh had another message to give us about contemporary polygamy. That message came today and which I am sharing with our readers as a warning.

    I was awakened this morning and saw a vision of a hangman's noose shaped like a heart made of pink flowers. This was a representation of the allure of carnal romance, monogamous or polygamous, which would tend to either lead souls away from the things of Elohim (God) or otherwise waste their time. We should never underestimate the power of romance nor of the relatively easy way in which it can be transformed from something spiritual to something carnal. Our lady friend, as it turned out, all that we had believed her to be - indeed that first vision catalysed me into probing with greater resolve than usual into her spiritual state. She had successfully danced around some of my more forthright questions about her committment to the Gospel which had additionally set of alarm bells, and it soon became obvious that were she to be a member of our family the centre would shift away from Christ and into more mundane things. For her, the polygamous relationship was the #1 priority with the spiritual life a concession to get what she wanted. The vision of the hangman's noose was followed by another of a Bible wrapped in barbed wire. That was easy enough to understand too.

    As we refocus our interests and prioprities, the things that do not occupy our minds as much suddenly and paradoxically come into sharper focus as well, because they are no longer viewed with the same intensity and interest. When your mind turns its interest elsewhere, the perspective of one's inner universe changes also. It's like changing position and gaining a new perspective. During this period of time I also dropped by one of the biggest polygamy chat rooms on a number of occasions to see what was going on and it was more than evident that the polygamy community (at least in the USA) was in major retreat. Finding examples of successful Christian polygamous marriages was almost impossible, and the number of disasters more than outnumbered them. I was seeing the same holocaust as before.

    My verdict is that late 20th and early 21st century Christian polygamy well fits the parable of the sower:

      "Some fell on stony places, where they did not have much earth; and they immediately sprang up because they had no depth of earth. But when the sun was up they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away" (Matthew 13:5-6, NKJV).

    When Christian polygamy first hit the public it was met by a wave of enthusaism by its rootless sympathisers and people were scrambling to practice it. Twenty years on (2003) it is practically dead. Destroyed marriages litter the landscape. And the 'wannabees' are still hanging around the internet searching, and searching, and searching, having not got the message which is plain:

    Christian/Messianic polygamy can only thrive where there is deep spiritual soil!

    Its success will be measured in proportion to the depth of that spiritual life in Christ. Where the carnal man (or woman) is not daily being crucified, it will only bring heart-break and shattered families.

    It is therefore my overwhelming testimony that polygamy NOT be brought to the churches at this time! The churches are simply not ready for it. They must themselves first be purged and their soil deepened.

    It's like handing out a precision engineering instrument to a kindergarten full of infants who have no idea how to handle it. Our Western culture is probably one of the worst places to restore this lifestyle. If Christian/Messianic polygamy is to be successful, it must be birthed in Christian/Messianic communities separated from the world which have had time to develop spiritual depth. And I suspect that will take at least a generation to accomplish. That is not so say that no one is called into this principle at this time, but it is to say that the only ones who will be able to accomplish anything with it must be those irrevocably committed to the Kingdom, who are willing to forsake the world (which the Word says is an enemy to Elohim (God) and all righteousness), who have learned to crucify the flesh and start putting to death all that is unspiritual and ungodly. In short, these will be people who are not seeking to become 'polygamists' but to be obedient servants of the Most High.

    A number of people I know have had the same revelation as I have. Some couples, who were seeking for sister-wives, have realised that their desires were carnally-based and have stopped. Yahweh is speaking to those who are willing to listen. He has allowed the débâcle in the 'Patriarchy Movement' to occur as a warning to those who will listen: and those who will not listen will, I'm afraid to say, be badly burned.

    I believe that serious Christians/Messianics - those who are working out their salvation with fear and trembling - now understand that polygamy isn't just a 'fad' but a high and holy calling for Yahweh's servants. They have also understood that 'desiring' the principle - even if it is the wife doing the desiring - doesn't necessarily mean that it is right for them. Emotions have never been the ultimate yardstick for determining Yahweh's will.

    Furthremore, the argument that polygamy is permitted by Torah doesn't necessarily mean it is right for everyone in all circumstances. As we have seen in some of the articles on this website, those who were biblically so obviously called into polygamy (like Jacob) didn't actually want to be polygamists at all. Jacob, the carnal man, was driven by (lawful) romance in his passion for Rachel but he was so consumed in his passion for her that he did not 'see' Leah as either his or desirable, and certainly had no prophetic vision of his sons that would be born through her and who would play such a vital rôle in the history of the Tribes, and are still playing that rôle today. Jacob wanted to be a monogamist but Yahweh had other plans for him.

    What is Yahweh's plan for you? That is the question. Why would He want you to be a polygamist? In every case of clearly divinely approved polygamy, it has been to raise up a godly seed. Almost every family in the time of the Exodus was polygamous (the baby boys had been slaughtered by Pharaoh leaving a surplus of women) - there was a nation to build and a land of inheritance to populate. So what would you say of modern polygamists who use contraceptives? What would that tell you about them? It would tell you that their primary interest is sensual.

    A person who enters polygamy should do so with the primary view of bringing glory to Yahweh, and the only way to do that in polygamy is to:

    • (a) Raise up a godly seed; and/or
    • (b) Be an example of the harmony and love that should exist between Christ and His Bridal Messianic Community.

    There are no other reasons! For the man to have more, or a great variety of, sex is not the reason! That can only be one of several blessings for fulfilling the two mandates mentioned above. A third reason often offered is that:

    • (c) Take care of widows and their children.

    However, that can only be valid within the context of (a) and/or (b) as a subset: polygamy is not a sanatorium for the damaged and not a social welfare institution!

    Desiring polygamy because it is 'cool' or any other worldly mindset is not in the Creator's will. Only mature, committed godly men who have a surplus of love are able to handle this lifestyle, and only women who are likewise godly and desirous to bring glory to Yahweh in the way they live. Men and women whose spiritual-soil runs deep and is well broken up by adversity and the purging of Yahweh's House are likely to be the few who qualify to live this lifestyle in these end times. The rest are just playing with fire.

    The question everyone has to be able to honestly answer

    So, again, I ask you to ask yourself these questions: Why should Yahweh want me to practice this advanced form of marriage called polygamy? Who will benefit, and why? Will it encourage me to sacrificially give, or will it lead me to become even more greedy, carnal, jealous and envious than ever? Am I willing to live a life of greater sacrifice and repentance as a polygamist? Am I willing to crucify self, which is dead, so that only Christ can live in me? These are still the questions I would be asking as a monogamist or single investigating Christian/Messianic polygamy.

    Author: SBSK

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