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    Independence and
    Freedom in the Truth

    In a world where where truth is regarded as situational and relative, so concepts such as 'independence' and 'freedom' have little meaning. Both communism and nazism claimed to be liberators - ideologies bringing freedom to people - and hedonistic liberalism makes exactly the same claims. So is Islam today. The Nazi Horst Wessel anthem confidently proclaimed:

      "Es schau'n auf's Hakenkreuz
      Voll Hoffnung schon Millionen
      Der Tag für Freiheit
      Und für Brot bricht an!"

      "In hope, to the Swastika
      Raised eyes of millions,
      Dawn breaks for freedom
      And bread for all man."

    All politicians of every stripe proclaim liberty and independence based on man-made value systems. What is astonishing is that mankind has never learned from the errors of history, and is seemingly doomed to repeat them. Freedom is soon traded for abject slavery, whilst still calling it freedom.

    Totalitarianism in the guise of freedom

    Our freedom to choose - given us by the Almighty - is an awesome power. I don't think most realise just how much power we have actually been given. This is true both in the every day decisions that we make concerning our own and others' destinies as well as in choosing marriage partners. When you look at a person you see an outer form and at once suppose that that form is the summum bonum of that person. In fact, I would venture to suggest, that within each single form of a human being, bound as it is by limited dimensions (of usually no more that about 5-7 feet high), there is the equivalent of an entire universe. Within this fleshy capsule is a world of such astonishing proportions that were we to see it in its entirety the experience of it would not be unlike hurlting through space exploring new worlds and star systems. When we were made in the image of Elohim (God) that image consisted of a reflection of the Ultimate Reality.

    The most intimate experience that any human being can have is when in heaven and on earth he is reunited with Christ and with loved ones and on earth when he enters the mystery of marital union. Our relationship to Elohim (God) and the divine picture of marriage are therefore, not unsurprisingly, the two images that Satan seeks to deface. This he does by encouraging blasphemy of the Most High and the degragation of marriage and sex. And usually the two are intimately connected.

    The Great Reunion

    I was, the other day, studying an anti-Christian website in which I expected to find a reasoned explanation for unbelief. The writers were all former Christians though they had borrowed from other sources too. They professed to be humanists holding up the best interests of humanity. Not content to simply express a position different to Christianity, they freely mocked the Bible, God and Christ, and laced the vast majority of articles with sexually immoral pictures, which even included those that placed Divinity on the same level as rapacious man. The writers were clearly erudite and well-educated but there was a power within them that simply could not restrain them from sinking to the level of bestiality. It was, in fact, impossible for them to be intellectually neutral and they certainly made no apology for their lack of morals. Though speaking of the freedom and independence that rejecting Christianity had supposedly given them, it was all to plain too see that they had lost one of the hallmarks of an independent and free soul: the ability to exercise self-control. More than that, it was plain that they possessed nothing of biblical shalom or peace.

    Yah'shua (Jesus) taught that the Truth makes a man free (John 8:32). It is the only liberation. When you are truly free you are truly independent. There is a story in the New Testament of a young man who demanded his inheritance before his time and squandered it in riotous living. He believed that with the power that money brings in the world he could truly be free. His end is depicted in very sad terms for he was, finally, reduced to eating the food of unclean beasts, reminding us somewhat of Nebuchadnezzar's fate for his haughtiness and arrogance. In that moment of total depravity the young man learned that there were two types of freedom and two types of independence: there is the freedom and independence to do whatever you want without regard for Yahweh's will and the effects of that freedom on others, and there is the freedom to choose Him and His Way. The first leads to spiritual bondage and slavery, and the latter to freedom of soul in the empowerment of Yahweh.

    Pursuing the world's 'freedom' always ends in the hog pit

    As we have tragically seen, there are many who view polygamy as a carnal means to anarchistic freedom and independence. Many men view it as a base for power and more sex, and many women as a place to share out responsibilities they would rather not assume for themselves. Polygamy also provides an environment in which to blame more people for personal failings. In monogamy there is only one partner to blame. Unlicenced power and sex does not, however, bring liberty, because these things are not of the Spirit but of the flesh.

    The world of the born-again Christian/Messianic is a closed mystery to the unbeliever and nominal Christian/Messianic alike. Some of the first men in space said that the experience of seeing the earth could not be remotely compared with anything man had before written on or even photographs taken by unmanned satellites. To actually be 'there' was what made the experience real. To be 'in Christ' is even more awe-inspiring that to hear of, or read about, others who have experienced His salvation and freedom, just as being in marriage is not remotely comparable to reading, or hearing, about it from others. People come to this webpage wondering about echad polygamy and go away dreaming what it would be like or concluding that I am making it up or idealising it. Or they may have experienced some of the droll and lifeless alternative modes of polygamy and conclude that echad cannot possibly be any different.

    To make echad polygamy work requires an investment of time and an absolute committment to Christ and His Torah. It means an earnest quest for purity. Just as the best wines are those which have sat longest, so the best Christian/Messianic polygamy is that which has been carefully prepared and matured beforehand. Many people are impatient to jump into this lifestyle without much thought as to its consequences and bewail the suffering they experience. They needn't.

    Yah'shua (Jesus) taught that to attain eternal life you must be prepared to lay down your own life and rank yourself as least in the Kingdom of Heaven. The glory of Elohim (God) is not something aspired to or pursued as one might a career. To attain the Kingdom of Elohim (God) means to renounce the kingdoms of this world and all its base principles including sometimes that which is lawful. To become free in Christ and truly independent of the elemental spirits of this world whose aim is enslavement one has likewise to renounce, when required, the freedoms offered by the world. Every human being, without exception, is presented in his or her life stark and life-changing choices. We remember the story of the rich young man whom Christ offered eternal life to if he would go and give his wealth to the poor. He hesitated because of the power, influence and life of luxury he had and had led. The Scriptures record that he went sorrowfully his own way (Matthew 19:21-22). What was remarkable about this young man was not that he was a profligate or evil man for he was neither. Rather, he was a good man who loved Yahweh and His Torah ... or so he thought. He discovered in one terrible moment that money was, in fact, his god, and that he was unwilling to change allegiances. This man stood at the very brink of salvation, eternal life, and the Kingdom of Heaven, but was tripped up by his idolatry. Not without deep sorrow did Yah'shua (Jesus) declare that it was easier for a rope ('camel' in Greek versions) to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

    There is, for every man and woman, something or somethings that prevent them from entering into everlasting life. Many are professing Christians/Messianics who would vigorously deny that they are idolatrous and yet whose behaviour - usually anger and irrationality - betray their spiritual bondage. The honest amongst these begin to apply the lens of truth to their lives and start the process of repentance and true liberation from worldly bondage. Most, sadly, do not, and that because they have never realised just what the prize Heaven really is.

    There are many men who, anxious to enter polygamy for base motives, start progressively abandoning the Gospel in spirit if not in word. A new 'spirit' overtakes them. It is little different, in fact, from the kind of dizzy drunkenness that afflicts men and women of power and wealth. What is it that makes people vainly confident? What is it, for instance, that leads rational, spiritual Christian/Messianic men to suddenly go over the edge of common sense and rationality and start proclaiming themselves as messiahs and gurus? What is it that steers them away from a life of humility and loving-kindness and makes them into selfish brutes? What is it that turns sweet-natured gentle women into vengeful tricateurs (the women who sat by the guillotines day after day furiously knitting away whilst the French aristocrats were beheaded by socialist revolutionaries)? How do people so quickly turn from being humble servants to apotheotic brutes?

    From sweetness to apotheosis

    When the Truth conflicts with our artificial realities all hell breaks loose. I do not know how many times I have seen it. As Christians/Messianics we are called to proclaim the Truth unapologetically in a spirit of love and humility irrespective of the consequences. What surprises many people is the often violent response returned by those whose artificial realities are challenged. This is not only resented on the part of those challenged but seems to awaken dark forces within possessed of the spirit of murder. And that is because every untruth connects to unseen powers whose power is assured by keeping people in darkness.

    We have all seen, have we not, how polygamy awakens such irrational hatred and venom in the majority of Christians/Messianics for in truth it has stepped on a lie propagated and nurtured for centuries by the whore church. The longer a lie remains in a people and culture, the greater power is accrued by unseen demonic powers. When disturbed, its reaction is predictably vicious.

    Nazi Germany was constructed around a philosophy of racial superiority that was saturated with lies from beginning to end. And yet it preached freedom, independence, and peace. So did the French revolutionaries at the end of the 18th century, the Bosheviks in 1917, and the Maoists in 1948. So are the neocons and liberals today. Indeed, who isn't? And yet, if you confront the lies, all hell breaks loose. The instruments of torture and death are at once brought to bear and the Kingdom is threatened with violence.

    The response to deep truth is usually vileness

    I have found that this kind of devilish reaction in people to be an almost infallible guide that I am on the right path. Whereas the truth frees souls, it challenges Satan and his demons to their very core. Conveniently for the latter, they have instigated a most successful campaign over the centuries to downplay their own existence and threat by having inspired fanatical semi-believers to over-exaggerate their real form in the Dark Ages. Once you tread on a snake it is guaranteed to bite you. Fortunately, we have the promise that whilst vipers may well strike our heels their heads are destined to be crushed, and one who is in the Truth can disarm and chase away thousands who are not. The powers of Heaven are not to be disparaged.

    Because polygamy is, when lived in the proper way, probably the nearest to heaven one can get on earth for all concerned, it becomes all the more important that it is lived righteously and by those who are truly called to live it. Since few carnally-minded polygamy-wannabees will ever admit that they are not called to live it, it also follows that a lot of 'wrong' people will try to enter this principle and may try to enter it by force. They would be advised to think twice about such a course of action. There is no place for dreamers in this lifestyle for it is cultured for the ultimate realists. There is no place to hide in true polygamy for it lays bare all that is in need of redemption in man.

    Thus it is I advice women who come to me for counsel who wish to enter this lifestyle to be prepared to have their inner world shaken. And I say the same to men. Of course, this is mostly laughed off or dismissed as an exaggeration but I have found few who have not found my words to be prophetic in this regard. And I give them, not to discourage them, but to invite them to plunge even more deeply into the Gospel because nowhere else will they find the tools to live this way of life successfully and joyfully. Many there have been who have not heeded this advice, dived into polygamy, severely burned themselves, and then lampooned the practice as being at fault along with all the males of the species whose between-leg organ is held up to mockery and riddicule...as if that somehow made them more holy and respectable.

    American society has already negatively branded
    polygamy in the national conscience

    There is no freedom and independence in polygamy without the true Independence and Freedom that comes from a life lived in Christ. And there is even less independence and freedom in the world without Him. The "eat, drink, and be merry" (Luke 12:19) cry pales and dies as you ages until at your death bed you are faced by the terrifying and all-consuming realisation that life has been wasted in an orgy of fleshy consumption. All has been vain (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Let none be like the prodigal son for whom much suffering lies in the way - suffering that does not sanctify but adds stripes of misery and discontent. The prodigal did at least repent - and that is our hope.

    There are so many people whom I carry in my heart and prayers who have not heeded sound advice and entered the polygamous lifestyle filled with vain confidence, only to pay a heavy price. There are things which need to be done which, if done well, can take time, before entering plural marriage. It does not pay to be rash. And though this counsel will continue to be scorned by many, I continue to give it with ever greater conviction. No-one likes to view the carnage of a battle scene.

    I can truthfully say that (in 2003) I and my wives here have found our rest and happiness, but it was not won easily or without considerable struggle. A key ingredient for all the parties concerned has to be sacrifice, for nothing that was ever built by man that was of any worth was ever accomplished without sacrifice. We have been persecuted more than once, and indeed it continues to this day in various waves. In that we are by no means alone. Polygamy at this time of intolerance and hatred of the things of Elohim (God) is not, then, for the feeble-hearted or the lukewarm, or for the nominal Christian/Messianic. What is required is complete consecration of all things, as the apostles taught in the Acts of the Apostles. If you are of that disposition, and are willing to be humble, teachable and submissive to the authorities placed over you - whether Yahweh, Pastors or husbands, and are willing to bear all things - be they trials and tribulations or simply bearing the crying needs of lost souls - then you will flourish. If not, run away - and run hard!

    Author: SBSK

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