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    The Pseudo-Prophetic Allegorising Away of Christian Polygamy

    The following article, which was posted on a Christian 'prophetic board', is an attempt to allegorise Christian/Messianic polygamy away by claiming that its institution by Yahweh was no more than a prophetic sign. There are many false assertions in this article. I invite you to read through this carefully, send me your replies, and then I will post my comments later.

    Three weeks ago I had a vision. I was in the back of a military plane lying down on what seemed to be a couch, relaxed and peaceful that I was OK, but having no idea where I was going. The scene changed, and I saw a prince of darkness standing before me in the air. Considering it was a time of deep testing and trial in my life, I was not interested in looking at one of the devil's leaders. I prayed and said: 'God, I'm not interested in seeing the devil. I want to see Jesus. I want to see light, not darkness.' This did not change the scene, unfortunately. So I waited. I noticed above this prince was a square door, and I could see light coming from cracks around the perimeter. Finally the scene changed, and I was in a cave and saw sand or dirt that was moving like in an hourglass. It was like I was watching the movie Time Machine, and that many years were passing before my eyes instantly.

    The next day I was in the shower, and I began travailing really hard, and praying in tongues. I saw this same prince again, but this time it was in my mind's eye, rather than an external vision. I saw the trap door open above him, and like a vacuum, the light just sucked the prince up and out of sight.

    Then the Lord began speaking to me. God said his name is the Prince of Fornication. He has perverted and twisted the Word of God by changing the definition of marriage. According to the Bible, marriage is defined by sexual intimacy, not a legal paper from the State. God called Adam and Eve man and woman before they were 'one flesh'. But afterward, they were defined as husband and wife. In Jewish wedding practices during Biblical times, the man and woman went away to be intimate first, and then, returned for a wedding dinner to announce the union. In contrast, marriage in the world today is define by a legal 'piece of paper'. It is the results of the mastermind of the Prince of Fornication.

    God's commandment is: "Thou shalt not commit adultery". It is not: "Thou shalt not commit adultery or fornication". So, by defining marriage outside of intimacy and creating a new word 'fornication', today society does not view sex outside of 'marriage' as a serious error. It's OK to have sex before 'marriage' with various partners, as long as each one willingly agrees to it, and it is 'safe sex', and it doesn't produce children outside of 'commitment'. On the other hand, most everyone in the world will agree that 'adultery' by the world's definition is seriously wrong and is harmful to society.

    The military plane that I was in represents my life's mission regarding this Prince, and God has me resting safely in his purposes for me. I don't know where He's taking me, but I'm at peace knowing that there is a purpose in where I'm going. The image of the changing dirt or sand in the cave represents the earthly concepts this prince has messed with over many centuries. He is now being exposed.

    After travailing in the shower, I spent some considerable time in prayer asking God to have his Spirit start falling upon his people all over the world to teach them the truth about marriage out of the Bible. The Prince of Fornication has been sucked up into the light of God, and now, God can move to correct the error in his church.

    Creating the word 'fornication' produces many different kinds of problems. For example, it destroys responsibility. People are free to have sexual pleasure and not have the responsibility of marriage that goes with it. In addition, if two people are 'living together' and love each other, but have not been legally married, the false religious spirits in the church will incorrectly condemn these two as 'living in sin', which keeps them away from God and Jesus. Finally, the State's 'legal definition' creates a disaster wedding night situation for two innocent virgins. After all the pressure of the wedding day, two virgins are suddenly thrown into a forced sexual environment, feeling very awkward. It spells disaster. Couples are to be intimate when the Holy Spirit directs it, before having a public ceremony. That puts the Holy Spirit and God in charge regarding love and intimacy, not man and the devil.

    I need to end with a few comments about plural marriage. Abraham did not commit 'adultery', even though he slept with another woman. His first wife gave consent. Abraham and his first wife probably should have waited on God, and not tried to manipulate the promises. But God was in complete control. God allowed Abraham and others to have more than one wife, for a symbolic representation of God and his church. For example, Paul explains in Galatians 4:22-24 that Abraham's wives represent the old and new covenants. In addition, God has shown me that (1) Saul's, (2) David's, and (3) Solomon's wives are types and shadows of (1) the Jews at the time of Jesus, (2) the New Testament church, and (3) the many churches we have today. The Jews sought to kill the Christians just as Saul sought to kill David. David received Saul's wives, just as The New Testament church received the Jewish converts. Finally, David and Bathsheba had a first child that died, representing the Gnostic baby born in early Christianty, that also died. Bathsheba had another child, Solomon, who had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Likewise, the New Testament Church gave birth to the one Universal Church, Catholicism, which has birthed many different Christian churches all over the world.

    After the death of Jesus, the plural marriage order changed to reflect God's desire to have only One Wife, not many wives. Paul's direction for us today is to have only one wife. God is seeking for his One Bride to be called out of his many wives or assemblies that exist at this time, the churches being the wives of Solomon, symbolically. So the symbolic purpose of having plural marriages no longer applies today. Considering what happened to Solomon and his wives and kingdom, we ought to pay attention to what God is saying through his prophets what He is going to do with the many Christian religious organizations of today. It's all prophetically repeating itself. It's all going to change soon.

    Author: SBSK

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    First created on 6 July 2002
    Updated on 18 March 2016

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