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    The United Nations
    and Polygamy

    I am obliged to a brother in our former Christian Patriarchs in Polygamy Club who drew my attention to his former Yahoo website, Save Polygamy and to a rather odious resolution (which no doubt will eventually become International Law in a New World Order State). He points out that the United Nations, through its Human Rights Committee has called for polygamy to be "abolished wherever it continues to exist" in the world.

      “…equality of treatment with regard to the right to marry implies that polygamy is incompatible with this principle. Polygamy violates the dignity of women. It is an inadmissible discrimination against women. Consequently, it should be definitely abolished wherever it continues to exist.”

    The arrogance of the United Nations 'Human Rights Committee' (today - 2016 - presided over by one of the worst Human Rights violators in the world, Saudi Arabia) is quite mind-shattering because of its ethical and moral implications. If men and women sleeping around in non-committal polyamorous relationships that offer no stability for children born in such relationships and creates psychological problems is not a crime (as it isn't according to the UN), presumably because they are free to choose the relationships they want, then why should it be a crime for men and women to enter into committed polygynous relationships of their own free will, that brings stability and good psychological health to the children born in such relationships, by the same logic? What this statute (as it will eventually become, I am sure) is, quite apart from being hypocritical, is a licence for anarchy ... and the big-wig ultra-feminists and occultists behind it know that. For we must remember that their goal is, ultimately, the destruction of marriage and the family unit.

    I remember many years ago laughing when the Jehovah's Witnesses told me that the United Nations was the Beast in the Book of Revelation. For all their sins, heresies and errors (and there are many), they were at least prophetic in this regard, for the UN is indeed turning out to be a hideous monster (and not just because of its stance on polygamy).

    Though I am not sure that the United Nations can be stopped ultimately, except by the Lord upon his return, I certainly think that Steve Teichner, who is organising resistance to this devilish conspiracy, should be supported, and I recommend our American readers in particular to take a look at his wedsite. This is a crusade that I think Americans, who have superpower status for the present (2002), can do something about whilst democracy lasts. (Steve Teichner's whereabouts or relationship to polygamy are, as of 2016, unknown).

    Author: SBSK

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    First created on 7 February 2002
    Updated on 5 March 2016

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