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    Polygamy, the USA,
    and Nuclear War

    The talk on the lips of most Bible-believing Christians these days seems to be terrorism, Afghanistan, Islam and the conspiracy of the New World Order (NWO). Since September of this year (2001), when the USA was attacked by Bin Laden terrorists or insiders (depending what you believe), the focus has been on these things. But I would like to suggest that within a very short period of time the world, and in particular, the United States, is not only going to be subject to a far more devastating attack but that the attack which comes will have profound implications both for Christianity and the polygamy movement in the New World.

    The result of the WTC and Pentagon attacks spiritually, in terms of revival, has been minimal. People are running scared to be sure but instead of turning to Christ they are mostly trusting in the gods of the New Age to save them. The other day I received this poignant email:

    • NOW that the PRESIDENT has called us to PRAYER...
    • NOW that CONGRESS has called us to PRAYER...
    • NOW that our GOVERNOR has called us to PRAYER...
    • NOW that the city MAYOR has called us to PRAYER...
    • NOW that the "LIBERAL" MEDIA & most other branches of our American society have called us to PRAYER...
    • AND NOW that our CHURCHES are assembling in special PRAYER...
    • 'Honorable' Justices of the Supreme Court, I have only one question ... "Would it be O.K. to PRAY in our schools...?? "

    The response to the attacks thus far has been, let's bury our religious differences and pretend that there are none. Let's have candle vigils to indicate our solidarity. But nice-sounding though these seem to be, they do not address the core issue of a once Christian nation in apostacy which refuses to repent.

    I am in contact with a number of believers who are endowed with the prophetic mantle and the message I am getting from them - which confirms my own hunches - is that the attack on 11 September was just a prelude to a catastrophe that is going to change America forever. (This has indeed turned out to be the case 15 years later). For the last 50 years or so prophets have been saying these things (see, for example, The United States Soon to be Utterly Destroyed). But in recent months their voices have grown more urgent as they have begun warning believers that this loathed for scenario is imminent.

    More than likely, of the believers who survive this war, the vast majority will be women. Whether the ratio will be as high as 7:1 remains to be seen but whatever the figure, the need for polygamy will be obvious even to the most die-hard monogamaniacs.

    That Yahweh has been preparing this and other Christian/Messianic ministries I have not the slightest doubt. The need for polygamy education by the churches (assemblies) will be great and doubtless many will turn to us. At the same time, the churches (assemblies) themselves will be shaken up to start modifying the positions in other areas too as (hopefully) they begin moving towards more of a New Testament model. We can't know at this stage precisely what will happen but we can at least be making our own preparations.

    The need to establish self-sufficient polygamy-accepting Christian/Messianic communities away from the cities and the the scenes of mass destruction (where there will be massive nuclear fallout) now becomes even more imperative. And there aren't frankly very many who are presently doing it. I know there are some of you who want to but are being prevented by poor health and poverty. Nevertheless, be prepared for Yahweh to suddenly open the neccessary doors to establish these things, especially in America.

    We for our part stand in readiness to counsel and help in whatever way we can. A tremendously wide range of skills is needed which no single individual can provide. The absolute need for patriarchal community with shared skills will soon become glaringly obvious. We are trusting Yahweh to provide us with teachers, medical personell, computer experts, and those with the required skills to establish market gardening, business, and other projects.

    The world following the next war will be far more different than the world that resulted following the Twin Tower attacks. The move towards fascism and a one world dictatorship will doubtless accellerate though not before Yahweh has given us the time to establish the communities necessary for survival and continued evangelism.

    Out there are women who have been called to various families who have been procrastinating. There are also wives who have been placing obstacles to their husbands' practicing plural marriage. But perhaps even more importantly there are men out there who have been called into plural marriage but who have not got their act together, and who are not giving a particularly noble witness of what a Christian/Messianic patriarch should be. For men and women alike, a speedy repentance is now needed. Put your hands into His, obey His commandments, and let Him do the rest.

    Author: SBSK

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