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    Spiritual Warfare
    & Human Allegiances

    I have never known a time such as this one where such an intense spiritual battle is on for human souls. And though Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christians/Messianics have always known that our warfare is principally in the invisible realms (Ephesians 6:12), when it comes to warfare on the homefront I have never met a Christian/Messianic - lay or minister - who was not spiritually unprepared and blinded in some way or another.

    When the final separation of the wheat from the tares, and the sheep from the goats, takes place, and the final judgment of Yahweh descends upon the world, we are told unmistakably that it will begin in the Household of Elohim (God) - in the churches and assemblies, and in Christian/Messianic homes. Those who are true to Christ are purified by this fire whereas those who are not are consumed by it.

    Wherever there is a genuine move of the Spirit - a bona fide work of Yahweh - Satan is there with the intent of destruction. Without fail. Any manifestation of divine power, light and truth disturbs the realm of darkness. Whether that darkness is in a nation, a government, a home, an individual, a believer or an unbeliever is entirely irrelevent - wherever there is unrepented sin, wherever there is deception, wherever there is unholiness, there darkness abides to one degree of another. And so long as Satan has a seat in any man's or woman's heart, be it an infant's stool or a giant's throne, there the spirit of chaos will reign to some degree.

    Part of the end-time refiner's fire spoken of by the prophet Malachi (3:2-3) has, as its purpose, to expose false doctrine. And false doctrine is any teaching or practice that would minimise sin and separate a believer from his Lord. These teachings and practices need not be blatant like, for example, the belief of many sects that Christ is not fully Elohim (God), but can be subtle and practically invisible. Whatever would diminish sin and prevent a soul from fully repenting is part and parcel of a kalleidoscope of 'small' sins which, on the spiritual plane, are not actually so small and which give Satan legal grounds to harrass and to blind.

    Though I knew it was coming, and have been prepared for it for a number of years, I am still anguished in my soul as I watch Satan rip into the Body of Christ (Messianic Community) to sow division, chaos and destruction. That he does this does not, as some suppose, mean that those under assault are simply innocent victims in the Jobian sense, but because he has legal grounds to be there. And because this is the end time, he will stop at nothing to accuse believers of what to us may seem the most trivial sins but which to him are a golden opportunity to turn a hairline crack into a gaping chasm. If we read the scriptures carefully there can not be the slightest doubt that no excuse exists to minimise even the smallest of sins. John the Apostle makes it abundantly clear that those walking in the Holy Spirit are supposed to be walking blameless, and that such a walk is not only possible but is what is expected of us (1 John 5:18). The Scriptures allow no room for spiritual laziness and indifference, and Satan will by no means overlook such ommissions in his bid to wreak his final destruction.

    I imagine the same story could be told everywhere. My special interest and current calling is, in particular, in Patriarchal Christianity which includes especially Christian/Messianic polygamy. From the very beginning this work of Yahweh was polarised, as I prophesied it would be, dividing into various factions based in part on erroneous teachings and in part on the fleshy desire of leaders to wield unrighteous dominion and control. I knew that a time would come when judgment for this kind of behaviour would descend with a vengeance, mediated by Satan and his demonic angels claiming their legal rights, to expose what was true and what was false. We are graphically told in the Bible that all hidden agendas, secret machinations, and fleshy fortifications against the truth will come under violent attack. This attack, which has been underway now (2001) for some months and which seems to be reaching a peak (though many other peaks are likely to follow, so such warfare invariably takes place in waves), is already seeing the opening throes of destruction of reputations, families, ministries and churches (assemblies) within this patriarchal movement.

    By the time I closed this ministry, the carnage was mounting and not so long after that one of the three leading polygamy ministries (messianic) totally collapsed with its leader abandoning three of his four wives and their children, that included a police investigation into child abuse, and a dramatic 'flight-by-night' from one state to another. Another Christian polygamy minister (pentecostal) brutally murdered his second wife and is serving a life term in prison. Exploiting the state's viruently anti-polygamy attitude, ex-wives, both those with legitimate grievances as well as those cowardly resorting to 'fake rage' to get support and sympathy of one kind or another, have prosecuted their husbands and got some imprisoned, failed polygamy hopefulls have pressed ahead against the warnings of others and brought devastation to their families. All of this was in the United States. I know one decent polygamous husband whose health was totally wrecked and which nearly cost him his life because of the troubles he had at home with jezebelic wives. It soon became clear to me that the prompting of the Spirit to get completely out of the American 'Christian' polygamy scene - partially in 2001 and full in 2003 - was an act of divine providence which I do not regret. What has happened since 2003 and up to 2016 I do not know, neither do I have much interest, as I consider myself permanently removed from all that insanity.

    The first decade of the 21st century saw spiritual, emotional
    and physical carnage in the Christian polygamy community

    In recent weeks (2001) I have been involved in some very painful and draining ministries of intercession for individuals and families experiencing this force of demonic destruction. Throughout this time I have sought, with all the strength I could muster, to be impartial and to administer justice as an ex temporare judge in Israel. Because I, like every other fleshy incarnation am human and liable to error, I have deliberately rushed nothing and resisted the temptation to prematurely judge, in spite of the at times unbearable pressure brought upon me to be partisan and 'take sides'. This article is primarily a response to this pressure and to set before those involved the issues that are relevent and where precisely I am coming from. And the principles I lay down here are applicable to any situation. This article is not addressing one particular case, for there are many that I am currently involved in.

    My allegiance is first and foremost to Christ and His truth, a claim which I have no doubt every believer makes and desires to be true to but which in practice is rarely so. Rarely have I found in even the most seasoned of ministers - those who have considerable experience, even in spiritual warfare - total committment to Christ, though I believe a time is coming, and is being prepared by the current fire, where increasing numbers of such ministers will be found.

    I want to especially place before everyone who may be reading this essay and is involved in one of the current (2001) crises to read the following passage very carefully several times until it has fully sunk in:

      "If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple" (Luke 14:26-27, NKJV)

    Without going into all the theological nuances of this passage, what we are being told is that our love and committment to Christ as Lord and Saviour must be of such height and depth that our love and committment to husband, wife, children, family members, and friends must seem like hatred in comparison. In short, unless the love-gulf that we feel between man and Yahweh is sufficiently broad we are going to be deceived. I guarantee it.

    What this means in practice, for me at any rate (let every man and woman judge what applies to him- or herself) is that my committment to Christ must be so great that should a discrepancy exist between what Christ says and, say, what a wife whom I dearly and passionately love says, then I must unquestiongly and unhestitatingly come down on the side of truth even if such a decision were to cost me marriage, friends, career and everything that I have. This, and this alone, is the only kind of discipleship which will ultimately prevent us from being deceived and destroyed in the days of final weighing and judgment.

    As one who has been in the ministry for many years, I have seen many deceptions which in my earlier years I would never have credited as being possible - deceptions in the very heart of Christendom and the most devout of Christian/Messianic families. Wherever fallen flesh is to be found, there you will find a snake in Eden.

    Characteristic of this serpent-nature which is in everyone is the tendency to rationalise away sin and accountability, and promote self-justification. All of these sinful tendencies cause the manifestation of certain symptoms which we dare not pass over.

    To begin with, the Adamic serpent-nature has, as its unconscious tactic, the tendency to polarise people in its bid at self-justification instead of bringing them together. It creates scape-goats by finger-pointing away from self and towards others. Since there will always be sin in 'others' it becomes a relatively easy exercise in self-deception to zoom in on others' sins and to zoom out on ones own sins. We see this devilish tactic in action all around us. It is a fruit of pride. And when its intent becomes character-assassination, it becomes the spirit of murder. Polticians - and especially corrupt ones - are adept at it. One of the sure hallmarks of demonic activity in anyone - believer or unbeliever - is the spirit of accusation, for as it is written, "the accuser (haSatan) of our brethren, who accused them before our Elohim (God) day and night" (Revelation 12:10, NKJV) is constantly amongst us an in us.

    Let us be quite clear about something - and you will find plenty of scriptural support for this without my needing to cite chapter and verse - the Spirit of Christ seeks unity, healing, restoration, and oneness - whereas the spirit of the devil seeks division, deep wounding, destruction and fracturing. As Christian brethren and sisters we are under a commandment to bear one another up and to love our enemies, real or imagined, both within and without the Body. And if there are 'enemies' within the Body then we are under a MORAL OBLIGATION to seek reconcilliation with them.

    The Adamic nature is partisan in spirit. But the spirit of Christ is no respector of persons (2 Chronicles 19:7; Proverbs 24:23; 28:21; Acts 10:34, etc.). There is nobody on the face of this earth, whether a bosom companion or a friend, to whom we owe so much loyalty that it clouds our judgment and alienates us from the truth. So dangerous is this condition, even in those who may be the most loving family-centred people you know, that Christ warns us not to neglect cultivating our relationship with Him first and above and beyond any earthly allegiances. It is not enough to say that we are commandment-keeping or loyal, loving believers at home, in church (assembly) and in the community. This is simply not enough so long as there is a wrong perspective when it comes to our discipleship in Christ. Without the 'gap' that Christ taught, there is going to be deception, blind-spots and ultimately division and conflict when Satan is allowed to step in and test, possibly even destroying.

    I have seen this blindness in even the most spiritually-anointed deliverance ministers, those who work tirelessly and selflessly in the invisible war against Satan and his hosts. I have seen it in the most sweet-natured sisters. And the reason this vulnerability exists is because we are not as free of sin as we would like to believe. Once one mountain of sin has been crossed and conquered in the blood of Christ, others loom up to confront and challenge us, often suprising, counfounding and discouraging us, especially if we have been active witnesses of Christ for the better part of our lives. The reason that Yahweh permits this serial unfolding of darkness in our lives, and not all at once, is because He knows we could never cope with it all at once. This is why it often takes years for those who have been in demonic bondage to come fully out of it as one layer of bondage is dealt with at a time. (There are those who not only have demons but multiple personalities and sub-personalities too, all of which can take a long time to deal with and heal - most believers have no clue how to handle these). And whilst it is true there are spectacular examples of souls supernaturally delivered from deep bondage in very short periods of time, presumably done as a witness of the power of Yahweh (e.g. John 9:3), in by far the majority of cases this is not so. Not all of us experience dramatic interventions as Saul of Tarsus did on the road to Damascus, and when such abundant grace is shown, there is usually a high price and a weighty sacrifice to be made subsequently. The lives and martyrdoms of the apostles attest to the full reality and consequence of cross-bearing when grace has been revealed in overflowing abundance.

    Multiple or split personalities (MPD/DID) are not uncommon in our day

    It is important that we all realise that every Spirit-led individual and congregation is a daily target of the enemy. There are almost no true Bible-believing congregations which do not have satanist plants in them, usually a minimum of two. Their mission is to infiltrate the hierachy of the local church or assembly and to destroy the activity of the Spirit there by a variety of techniques. Their spiritual presence and Christian demenour can be so convincing that all but the most spiritually alert and experienced tend to be deceived. I have come across congregation after congregation that has been destroyed by them all over the world. A recent attempt was even made to plant a satanist into my family with the purpose of destroying it. She had all the outward credentials of being a Christian - humble, teachable, open and transparent - but she was anything other than what she appeared to be. I invited her to visit us here in Poland and she was due to visit us when one morning Yahweh woke me up and showed me a vision showing the extent to which this woman was demonised, and what her secret mission was. I subsequently confronted her and never heard from her again. There are always certain 'no-go' areas in people who have secret or hidden agendas which, if you tresspass on, provokes rage and accusation.

    Brethren and sisters, men and women like this are in almost every church (assembly) and ministry. They are very active in the Christian Patriarchy movement right now because this end-time restoration is a great threat to the devil's spiritual domain. They have infiltrated youth groups, deaconates, pastorates, and are even evangelists. They are often well-respected and liked by millions of Christians. They teach enough truth and show enough (false) signs and wonders as to almost convince the very elect:

      "For false christs and false prophets will rise and show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. But take heed; see, I have told you all things beforehand" (Mark 13:22-23, NKJV).

    I say these things not to toot my own horn for in truth I have no horn to toot. I have learned, through a very difficult and refining walk with Christ, which is by no means over, that I am nothing. I have learned that even my ministry is ultimately dispensible and must (and already has) been laid on the alter of sacrifice. (It was laid down in 2003). There are some I know who are clinging on to their ministries and churches (assemblies) as though they owned them, defending them with their lives almost. We own nothing. Even disciples can be raised out of inanimate stones if that is what Elohim (God) wants (Matthew 3:9). None of us are indispensible to Yahweh. None of us is irreplacable. We are, like Adam, ultimately dust, and have worth and value only because Yahweh has breathed the breath of life into us. We are not nearly as important as we may think we are, but inspite of this, we are dearly loved and cherished by a loving Heavenly Father, who demonstrated that love by sacrificing His Only Begotten Son for the remission of our sins and the promise of an eternal inheritance.

    There are many very young, inexperienced and na´ve people - both in terms of age and spiritual maturity - who are at this moment being deceived. That they and we (all of us) would be put to the test is unavoidable, for one of the purposes of this stretch of mortality is to test us. It isn't easy and frequently is not enjoyable, but is is absolutely necessary for our refinement and ultimate salvation. And we have not made it until we have completed the race. Remember that. And please don't give Satan a victory by allowing him to divide us. Ultimate walls of partition are not Yahweh's idea. Christ came to remove such, not erect them (Ephesians 2:14).

    I repeat, and I repeat it most soberly because for many it will be a matter of life or death in the eternal realms, we can only have one loyalty, and that is to Christ. Scripture very plainly teaches that if Christ is to live in us that we must die to self. That means all self-interest and all self-allegiances. As witnesses of the Messiah we were not recreated to be partisan, cliquey, or in any way divisive. We have an inescapable obligation to seek to build up, edify, reconcile, and forgive, no matter how seriously wronged we may have been. And if we refuse to do these things, we are bearing open testimony that we are not properly in Christ and that the enemy is controlling us in some way. For Yah'shua (Jesus) said:

      "Forgive us for doing wrong as we forgive others" (Matthew 6:12, CEV)

    I don't care how badly wronged or abused you have been ... and I know some of you have been through some of the most horrendous things ... but unless we forgive those who wrong us, and seek reconcilliation with such who are of the Body of Christ (Messianic Community), we cannot be forgiven by Christ and will depart from this world still in our sins and with a terrible judgment in prospect:

      "Since you call on a Father who judges each man's work impartially, live your lives as strangers here in reverent fear" (1 Peter 1:17, NIV).

    It is not as easy to be impartial as you may believe. We are easily deceived, easily fooled. And we are often led by feelings which belong to our psychic nature and not the spiritual:

      "The heart of the righteous weighs its answers, but the mouth of the wicked gushes evil" (Proverbs 15:28, NIV).

    This is one reason why Yahweh has not given the headship of families and churches to women because they are much more centred in their feelings than men. Worse, they often resent this, believing that their feelings are more centred in righteousness and truth. And modern man, brought up on a daily diet of feminism in our witchcraft-saturated Western culture, has been taught to judge in the same way. Hence the importance of this end-time restoration of Patriarchy which consititutes a major threat to Satan's feeling-based New Age system.

    Judgeship has accordingly been given to Spirit-filled men who have been willing, and have learned, to crucify the flesh:

      "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. And those who are Christ's have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another" (Galatians 5:22-26, NKJV).

    There is nothing worse than the intrusive and biased mediation of passion in counselling. Passion, I guarantee, blinds. Absolutely. It is partisan and has respect for persons. As ministers of the Word of Life we are to crucify these passions and allow truth-principles to replace our bias in favour of personalities. Our biases are often gender-specific (particularly in the case of women who have been programmed by the feministic media (e.g. Revelation 18:23) to always give women credance over men) and family-orientated. If you wish to minister to someone, then when you are ministering, you have no family and no friendships. You can't afford to because such will always cloud your judgment. Time and time again I have been surprised as how far off target I have been and how first appearances (and even second, third, and fourth appearances) have turned out to be illusiory.

    This essay is an appeal to all who may be reading it, and who love the Lord Yah'shua (Jesus), Patriarchy, and Polygamy, to recentre. The enemy is amongst us and he isn't about to stop. I have seen many families inexplicably devastated recently. Honesty, transparency, self-accountability, strict adhesion to the Word, renoucement of the spirit of feminism and anti-patriarchy, instant obedience when Christ speaks, crucifixion of the flesh and passions, renouncement of personality-biases, full yielding to Yahweh, and immediate confession of sin MUST be the order of the day. If these things are not done, destruction and suffering are coming in even greater measure to this movement. I guarantee it. Ministries and their leaders will be toppled (a prophecy that came to pass), more families will be ripped apart, and the anti-patriarchy and antichrist camps will gain more recruits. Already there are embittered ex-polygamists roaming the net stirring up trouble.

    I am willing to be reconciled with anyone in this movement from whom I have been estranged. I am offering the right hand of fellowship to anyone who names the Name of Christ and is committed 100% to His Word. And it is my prayer that the rest of you will do the same. It will requite courage, for pride will always transpose itself and block the way, and not a little love.

      "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13, NKJV)

    Author: SBSK

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