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    The Little Known Sin of

    As Yahweh vigorously sets about cleaning up the Body of Christ (Messianic Community) in preparation for the full separation of the wheat from the tares, and in particular separates those truly called into polygamy from those who are not, it behooves me to turn the spotlight of revelation on yet another sin which is definitely impairing the full functioning of the Body, namely masturbation.

    Masturbation is auto-eroticism or self-stimulation. Until the sexual revolution of the 1960's there was an unwritten law against this practice, a taboo if you like. Then the liberals told us that there was nothing wrong with it and that it was a perfectly 'natural' form of sexual release, especially for those who were unmarried. In time, it became very much a part of the sexual 'scene', with increasing numbers of churches yielding and minimising the seriousness of this transgression. Nowadays most people, including Christians, think nothing of it.

    Our own Order received a revelation on this subject some years ago warning of the adulterous and idolatrous aspects of homosexuality. But I didn't realise that masturbation was a form of homosexuality until Yahweh revealed it to me in a graphic dream two nights ago which I do not propose to share here other than to summarise its basic message.

    'Onanism' is the polite term we often use for masturbation and is used interchangeably with it though strictly speaking the sin of Onan had nothing directly to do with masturbation but with a man spilling his seed on the ground. In the circumstances in which this account is related in the Bible, Onan was required by the Law of Yahweh (the Levirate Law) to marry his late brother's wife because he had not had not raised up any sons to inherit his property. Because he wished to keep his late brother's property all to himself, he attempted to defraud him by spilling his semen on the ground after having had intercourse with his wife. It was for this act of dishonesty that he was cursed by Yahweh by being supernaturally executed (Genesis 38:4-10). I mention this only to avoid confusing the sin of Onan (onanism) with masturbation though Onan presumably masturbated at some point in order to spill his seed on the ground.

    Masturbation is the act of having sex with yourself. What this means in spiritual terms is that you enter into a marriage covenant with yourself. Since such can never be fruitful (since you cannot possible fertilise yourself, if you are a man) it runs contrary to the mandate to multiply and replenish the earth. And there can be no doubt that this kind of activity creates a perverse form of fulfilment that can under certain circumstances lead to a man defrauding his wife in the natural expression of sex for which Yahweh made it. The same is also true of a woman masturbating. If a person can fulfil himself, what need of a spouse?

    Important those these issues are they are not the most important ones as Yahweh revealed to me in my dream. For I was shown, in an unmistakable and undeniable way, that masturbation is a form of HOMOSEXUALITY (in men) or LESBIANISM (in women). Not only are you having sex with yourself but you are having sex with a member of the same sex. And in the dream I saw that there was a demon assocociated with masturbation which, because of its presence, made masturbation compulsive and addictive. By the time I woke up there was not the slightest doubt in my mind that masturbation can lead to one degree of demonisation of another. It leads to a defilement of the spirit of man and is an open invitation for an evil spirit to build a stronghold in the soul. It is an invitation to trouble.

    As I said, until the day before yesterday I know that masturbation was not godly but did not realise that it was also demonic. It has no place either before or in marriage. It is not a harmless sexual release valve which is why it is no doubt a feature of the culture of pornography which assaults society. It is undoubtedly a contributing factor to the explosive rise of bisexuality and homosexuality/lesbianism in our permissive and demonised world.

    There is really no room for compromise on this subject. We all know what sex is for and how it is to be performed. There shouldn't be any need for me to spell it out to either a Christian/Messianic or those in, or contemplating entrance into, the Christian/Messianic polygamous community. But unfortunately, as we all know, Satan is not one to sit around and leave simple truth unchallenged. So long as he can build demonic strongholds in Christians/Messianics such as through urging masturbation, he can not only harrass them but diminish their ability to discern the Ruach (Spirit). You don't imagine that demons sit around idly in a Christian's/Messianic's life, do you? They are constantly trying to sow the seeds of confusion by whispering lies and urging believers to break more and more commandments. A demon given access to a man or woman through masturbation is going to be urging them more and more into the sin of homosexuality and lesbianism if it can. And in the case of those living the holy practice of Christian/Messianic polygyny, the women into more and more overt acts of bisexuality. In a word, that demon, whether in the husband or one or more of the wives (and remember, that sexual demons can be transmitted by sexual intercourse from one spouse to another) is going to create a compulsion for lesbian sex. And it isn't going to let go until it is expelled.

    You may have had encounters with bisexual polygamist women on the internet: I know my wives have and it has became very clear to them how unnatural sex was the driving force in in those women's search for bisexual 'sister-wives'. It would not surprise me, therefore, that the reason many women are entering Christian/Messianic polygamy today is because they are seeking for a legitimisation of sinful behaviour. And as such, what more crafty way could Satan enter the movement to corrupt it, especially as greedy men, facing a shortage of women interested in polygamy, might be willing to compromise with sexual standards?

    Only the other day I was reading an advertisement on the net inserted by a woman who wanted to enter into polygamy. She made two stipulations that sent the warning bells ringing in my head. Firstly, she only wanted to enter into a polygamous marriage where there was one sister-wife apart from herself, and secondly, she would only contemplate such a union if she could sleep in the same bed as the sister-wife. Now I am not saying that all three cannot sleep in the same bed if they want to (for I know this is the preferred arrangment in some families) but the fact that these were her conditions strongly suggested that there was some sort of bisexual tendency, whether conscious or unconscious. I could have been wrong, but in any case it is not for wives to decide how big a polygamous family should be or to dictate sleeping arrangements with the others: Yahweh decides the former and the husband the latter by consensus.

    What we are dealing with here is one of the enemy's methods of subversion. Any kind of homosexual or lesbian sex in a polygamous marriage is going to undermine it which is why the husband must be strict. If a woman entering a polygamous family is known to be an habitual masturbator, then I guarantee you have a problem on your hands. It's a vice that has got to be broken! And so long as a wife is masturbating I would under no circumstances allow her to sleep in the same bed as another wife nor permit any kind of physical intimacy (long protracted hugging, for example). If a sister-wife who does this is, or was, an habitual masturbator and this sin has not been properly dealt with, then this is an open invitation to contaminate the marriage with bisexual lesbianism. And if the husband has this problem, his discernment will be impaired and he may be tempted (urged by the demon of masturbation) to compromise the sexual standards of Yahweh in his polygamous marriage by granting his wives 'freedoms' with each other which he has no right to grant. Indeed, it is part and parcel of his stewardship as husband and head of the household to make sure that such matters are properly dealt with.

    Sexual sins can never be ignored or treated lightly. Unless dealt with, they expand in their influence and destructive nature like a viral contagion if not quickly eliminated. There are, sadly, going to be many polygamous families which Satan will assault in this way and render them ineffective in their call to be witnesses of Christ, which, I believe, is the primary reason polygamy is today permitted in the first place. Needless to say, it is the husband who will be called to account by Yahweh if he is aware of a problem and does nothing about it.

    Remember also that sexual demons do not yield easily, and why sexual perversion has always been one of Satan's preferred methods in infiltrating and destroying Christian/Messianic lives ... and why it is his preferred method (apart from murder) in bringing souls into the bondage of satanism and devil-worship. Because sex is so holy in terms of what Yahweh intends it for, it has also been a prime target of the legions of darkness.

    Accordingly, we have got to keep all sexual abberation out of the Christian/Messianic
    polygamous community. This means openly alerting people as to the dangers of masturbation, breaking any such habits, encouraging former transgressors to enter into covenants of permanent abstinence, and to pray for them until the demon has been kicked out. No abiding stability will ever be found in a polygamous marriage where masturbation is present, or where those who have practiced it previously but not dealt with it as a sin-issue and had the demons associated with the practice removed, have entered into such a marriage. Moreover, dealing with this issue is not only right but will, I guarantee, clean out the spiritual air of such a marriage and bring in a new, deeper and more permanent presence of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Not only that, but other problems in your family will start to be released and solved, seemingly almost instantly. Any kind of cleansing brings blessings from on high. Guaranteed. And remember also this: that recognition of sin, confession, and covenant to cease it, brings forgiveness through the blood of the Lamb. And once dealt with, it is dealt with forever.

    I realise that many questions will be forthcoming as a result of this article. These I will deal with as they come up. The important thing is that this subject is broached, confronted, and dealt with. Expect resistance and recognise that this is a sign of a demonic stronghold. Not until the sin is actively hated and opposed (not the people/sinners themselves, I hasten to add) will it be effectively extirpated.

    May Yahweh bless you as you actively root this sin out of your homes and so bring blessings upon all your family members.

    Author: SBSK

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