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    A Vision of the Way:
    My Accountability

    As no human being is infallible and because those in leadership positions in ministries and churches (assemblies) have a great responsibility towards those who look up to them for counsel, and indeed receive a stiffer judgment from Yahweh if they mislead anyone or take them off the Way that leads to Eternal Life, so accountability is absolutely critical. In secular circles they say that 'no man is above the law'. Unfortunately, when those in ecclesiastical and ministerial leadership positions sit at the apex of any hierarchical structure with no-one to account to, there is a real danger of a fall. We see it all the time, don't we? And all because those who run organisations and churches (assemblies) aren't anserable to anyone but themselves or (as they suppose) to Yahweh.

    As I am both minister of a Chavurat Bekorot congregation as well the overseer here at this ministry (2001) so I am potentially in great danger of going the way of other ministries where a papal spirit has set in.

    I could, of course, say that I am a conscientious man who spends a lot of time checking myself against the Scriptures and seeking correction from Yahweh in prayer. And these would be true statements. However, they are not enough. Every man is open to temptation and deception no matter how noble his aspirations or serious his intent may be. And the moment he declares that he is accountable only to Yahweh, the chances are high that he will fall somewhere along the way.

    Back in 2001 I organised the Council of Patriatchs for responsible leaders wishing to support this ministry. This Council was not a rubber stamp for everything that I say and do. Indeed all the other ministries were from different churches to my own. Moreoever, it did not exist to 'pat-Stan-on-the-back' and say nice things about him, though they are more than generous in this regard. It was a Council where I consulted with those whom I believed to be mature ministers in the Gospel for advice and spiritual direction and confirmation. This council disbanded in 2003 when I closed the FICP ministry down.

    Heinrich Stoltzenhagen was a highly respected Pastor of a mainline Christian denomination in Germany and Thomas Ladek was a senior member of the Christian Patriarchy movement with five wives and a generous handfull of children, not to mention experience! As members of the FICP Council one of their responsibilities as brethren in Christ was to keep me accountable for all that I said, wrote and did. In this they were marvellous and tremendously supportative. Both helped me navigate through difficult waters in the rough times that were the early 2000's and both gave me sound scriptural advice in my personal conduct. They knew that they could criticise and upbraid me in a spirit of Christian charity and that this is what I expected them to do.

    At the Chavurat Bekorot I was a pastor but was accoutable to a senior minister who, though retired, was my 'Elder' to whom I deferred. He also served as a spiritual 'father' over my family and I when my own father passed away many years ago. In the Chavurat Bekorot retired, experienced and wise ministers are used extensively in this sort of rôle. No Pastor is 'alone' or unaccoutable. Sadly, that senior minister has since passed away and I have come under accountancy to two other brethren since.

    I could, of course, have selected cronies who did no more than lick my boots. However, neither Thomas nor Heinrich are under my authority in any way. They were not members of my 'Order' or 'Church' and were not bound in any way to do what I asked them. They were entitled to leave the Council whenever they wished and indeed could have choosen to do so as a protest if at any time they felt this ministry was being mismanaged or heavy-handed. And this was the way I intended to keep this particular ministry running for the forseeable future prior to its closing down.

    Every single believer, 'high' or 'low', should have at least one person they are accountable to, to whom they can confess sins and confide generally. Where this accountability is absent, the danger of the spirit of priestcraft rising is strong.

    In addition to these precious brethren, I wish our readers to know something of the way I approach my accountability with Yahweh, our Heavenly Father and Elohim (God). A day does not pass when I do not approach Yahweh to ask Him to correct me when I go wrong and to show me the Path I should be walking on. There have been times in this ministry when I have truly wondered if I haven't strayed in some way - I used to get enough criticism and flak from both within and without the Christian/Messianic Polygamy Movement to make sure that I avoided a spiritually laid-back attitude. I also had, and still have, several wives who counsel me and they are not above critcising too, though invariably in a true spirit of grace (that much I expect!). My first words upon wakening every morning are: 'Father, where have I gone wrong?' and 'Father, what do you want me to do today?'


    For the last three days (2001) I have woken up and been in vision, and I'd like to share with you what has happened. Every morning these last thee days I have been shown a narrow path. It is not particularly spectacular except that it is incredibly long and seems to head off into the distance and into infinity. It is as straight as a rule most of the time and passes through many different kinds of terrain like a never ending ribbon. This morning is was running through a luscious green meadow, only the meadow was so enormous that it stretched as far as the horizon. The grass was fresh and slightly damp, such as one expects in the early morning. But today's vision was different from the last two because on either side of the path, suspended in the air, was a window like a fresh piece of white paper in landscape format in a thin frame. You couldn't see through the windows because they were like film projection screens more than anything else. And although on this occasion I did not hear Yahweh speak, the following was made very clear to my mind as I watched this scene: "If ever you turn to the left or the right out of the way, I will show you in these windows where you are going wrong".

    Throughout my life as a disciple of Christ I have needed much correction, some gentle and some not so gentle. I believe that is true of every single one of us. But someone in my position clearing new ground in an international ministry I have to be especially careful. I am accutely aware of my responsibilty towards every one of you who reads these pages and of the influence my writings may have. Where I have speculated, I try to indicate as such so that no dogma crystalises where there is no biblical warranty for such. But where I have been absolutely sure and have more than ample Scriptural backing (as, for example, on the very controversial teaching of the femininity of the Holy Spirit), I have spoken boldly and unapologetically.

    My desire, through this ministry, was to create a community of spiritually free patriarchs and their wives where truth was sovereign. For without truth you can't possibly define what love is, and that is what abides forever. As you know, tradition cuts very little ice with me, and I prefer to let the Word do the teaching, no matter how unpopular or marginalised I or this ministry become as a result. FICP did not exist for public accolades and we have never courted media attention, nor will we ever do so. In fact, we consciously flee from both. We were never here to campaign to make polygamy 'legal' but to quietly live it unobtrusively without anyone else's consent or approbation. We want to raise a new generation of godly men and women who are aligined to all of Elohim's (God's) Word.

    I do not expect this message to be accepted by any of the organisations which call themselves 'churches' or 'messianic synagogues'. I recognise that denominations have their temporary place in the chaotic system of things which is this fallen world ('Babylon') and accept that many of us must work within them until Yahweh calls us out of them (which I firmly believe He will do, and is doing). Like buildings, churches wear out and can be modified and restored. But the Millennial world I have my eyes on has no place for any man-made organisations at all, where everything that has not received the divine imprimatur will most certainly be torn down or become a part of the Whore Church's grand and sinful estate. My own counsel has always been to "come out" of the churches, not not convert them to polygamy, but to do so when Yahweh gives each individual man and woman the green light to do so. And in most cases, for those of us who espouse Christian/Messianic Polygamy and declare it (as we must eventually do), the exit is not usually gracious. Even today they delight in throwing people "out of the synagogues" and onto the proverbial street.

    It is our prayer that those coming to this website can have confidence that we view our stewardship with the utmost seriousness. We know only too well that there is a Judgement Bar at which we must all give account, and that those in leadership positions will be judged all the more severely. And because we know this to be true, we live in reverent fear of the Most High. We know that Yahweh is not to be trifled with and that His Torah (Law) is Just.

    Author: SBSK

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